You know, after realizing how much I enjoy writing Donald and Goofy stories. I've put it upon myself to write 100 themes about the two in a friendship-esque setting. Fear not, my other stories (Organization Variety Hour and Santa Clive) will continue going on. I'm just working a way out to balance the three so no ones disappointed or waiting for too long.

I'll try to keep these chapters short, about under 200 words per each. Managed to clock in 154 words, not counting the A/N's. Alright? Let's begin


"Firaga! Ha!" yelled a certain duck as the fireball sprouted from his staff. A homing ball that ignited briefly to strike down what it's caster commanded it to do. If one were to sneak in on the mage, they would deduce easily that he was training.

"Ha! I'll show ya!" he yelled another quote, and a fireball shot out once more. Hitting the dummy target with pure ease. It had been a few days after the defeat of Xemnas, so of course. Donald was training for his next big adventure with Sora and Goofy.

"Gawrsh! Uhhh, Donald. Maybe ya oughta tone down the fire spells? Maybe just plan 'ol fire? I don't think my shield can handle another Firaga!" yelled Goofy from his position. He appreciated helping his friend with his training. But he often times felt that it could have always gone down a bit safer. Especially since he was the target.