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Current Location: Town Square, Disney Town

Timeframe: Years After the entire Main KH Storyline

Word Count: 1381 words.

As Time Goes By

Donald shivered as he walked through the snow-infested sidewalk. The winds were really starting to pick up, and today it was made extremely evident.

Ever since the darkness has finally been conquered, and there was nothing left to do, the worlds began to get colder. Each, one by one. Started snowing, at first it seemed harmless. But the snow never stopped.

Donald shivered again. Sure, he had saved the worlds more than enoguh times, but at what cost?

Then again, that was ages ago. Donald was older, wiser, and reluctantly brittler. He wasn't sure how much time he had left in himself, and quite frankly, he wasn't sure if he wanted the answer to that anyway.

The duck sat on a bench within the bus stop in hopes that the public transport would come soon, It was worh nothing that his hatred of snow had slight fear mixed in with it. For if he had gotten sick from snow, he would have to go to the medical center.

For years, he had a personal vendetta against the place. He didn't know if it was pride or just fear. Either way, he wasn't about to go to one anytime soon.

Donald looked around the bus stop. "Hmm. Only one other person here." he thought. Whoever it was hung their head down, that someone was clad to a wheelchair, and did not look in the mood to talk. Besides, he was busy flattening old newspapers.

Donald decided that it was best not to bother him, and he went back to looking outside the window. The snow continued to fall, and in Donald's eyes, it only served to mock him for what he couldn't do.

Nowadays, his staff was more of a walking cane than a weapon of destruction. He couldn't fight as good as he used to. In fact, he swore he was developing Alzheimer's. He was never sure if Blizzaga was supposed to be stronger than Blizzara, or if it was the other way around.

Even worse, everyone he had contact with years ago disappeared. They all went their separate ways. Sora, Riku, Kairi, His Majesty, Her Majesty, Goofy, Pluto, Horace, and even Chip and Dale. The whole caboose, really.

In fact, the whole reason everyone split up in the first place was because Disney Town no longer thought a King system was necessary for their world. So Mickey's title was taken away, (He didn't really mind.) Disney Castle was closed permanently, and everyone just went about their lives outside of work.

In order to ensure that there was at least one person who would stick by him through thick and thin. He proposed to Daisy, which didn't shock too many people. In fact, it didn't really surprise anyone at all.

The mention of his spouse served only as a reminder of the duck's current goal. To get home in order to spend another dinner with her.

Donald sat there for what seemed like eons. But no bus came. Eventually, the lights were dimmed, emphasizing the bus stop's lack of use now that it was dark.

The duck heaved a sigh, it only got colder in the nighttime. Thankfully, the snow had lightened up for now and it stopped.

"You do know the last bus came here hours ago?" asked a voice in the stop. Donald perked up, it wasn't his voice, so he looked around for who was talking to him.

Donald gave a deadpan when he found out who it was. "Cripple guy." he thought.

"Then how come you're still here, wise-guy?" he retorted. He was quite unhappy with the situation he was in. Not only was the bus not coming, he now had to trek about a dozen or so blocks in order to get back home. At night no less. It was definitely a "good" day for him.

:"I don't have a home." answered the crippled individual. It was all starting to make sense to Donald now. The reason for his newspaper-related mishap earlier was because he was attempting to make a shoddy-looking sleeping quarters.

"Sad." Donald replied in a monotone voice.

"I guess it is. But I don't mind, I get to see new places, and meet new people. It's not all that bad really."

Donald clicked his tongue, he figured he had some time to kill before it was time to eat his wife's cooking, "What happened?"


"Your legs. What happened to them?" Donald pressed on. The crippled man was confused by what the duck was talking about at first. But once he understood, he told them what he had told everyone else who asked that same question.

"Oh! It was just an injury from way back when. I thought I could handle any damage back at that time, no matter how little or big. I was naive, said a lot of stupid things and catchphrases. So one day I took a chance. I got seriously hurt, and was informed that I was going to be like this for the rest of my life. Just shows how stupid I am, right?"

Donald chuckled drly with the crippled individual, "So, what are you here for?"

"Well, I was going to get on the bus to go home and meet the misses, you know how it is. But it looks like that's not going to happen since the buses are out." explained the duck.

The crippled man nodded understandably, "Nah. I didn't really have someone like that back then. I mean, there was this one girl. But it was more of a one-sided thing if anything. She had this other thing with this guy. It was too complicated to fight for her."

Donald nodded, a firm grip on his chin, "Sounds rough," the duck decided to check the time on his wristwatch. When he did, he gasped, "actually. I'm think I'm going to go now, if I don't start walkin' now, who knows what's going to happen out there."

The handicapped individual put both of his hands in the air, "No, no. I understand! You have a good evening now, alright?"

Donald got up to his feet, and pulled out his wallet. After much searching, he took out a five dollar bill, and handed it to the man.

"Huh? Oh! No, no, you don't have to-" the handicapped man started. But Donald interrupted him with a blunt voice that showed hints of generosity in it.

"Take it. Get yourself a sea-salt ice cream." he said, and Donald was on his way towards the sliding doors.

"But isn't it winter?" the man pressed on. But Donald refused to walk back and take his money back, " 'Course it is. Otherwise I wouldn't be freezing my rump off. Just think of it as an apology for something that happened to you years ago."

"An apology? What do you have to be sorry for? The ice cream you want me to get? We just met!" Donald ignored the man's further arguments. Despite the fact that they continued even as the duck was mere inches away from the sliding door.

The crippled man soon found himself cut off of his rambling by Donald, who gave him one final goodbye for the short time they had shared.

"Merry Christmas, Geoff."

Donald was gone from the bus stop.

He got up from his newspaper bed and onto his wheelchair. He went outside to stop Donald, but he was no where to be found.

A snowflake touched the man's nose, causing him to look up. It was snowing again. But for some reason, it felt like it was the first snow. The first snow in a real long time.

The man wheeled himself back into the bus stop, and he lied down on top of the thin, paper bed. He kept the five dollar bill close to him, and that's when he realized it.

He shot up from his bed. "I don't recall giving that guy my name... Or my real name, no less..." he thought.

Elsewhere, Donald smiled while he traversed through the snow again, no longer feeling cold from the nighttime snow. Daisy was going to have a hoot over this.

In the end, his theory proved false. And we leave them there in their seldom silence.