Made for Each Other

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Please note: I don't really know anything about the adoption process and I'm probably way off base with this, but it is fiction and this little plot came into my head. I had to get it down on paper. It's going to be family fluff with a little drama mixed in.

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Bella's point of view

I'm so nervous. This has being a long time in the making with so much paperwork and red tape to cut through and it could all be a waste of time, if this little girl doesn't like us. Please, please let her like us. I really want to give her a proper home. After all, she's been through in her short life she deserves it. No child should have had to see what she has, no adult should either for that matter. Poor little lady needs some love.

Adopting for us was an easy decision to make. We knew we wanted to have a baby of our own but there was always a part of both of us that wanted to give a child with the same start as Edward a life that they could only dream about.

He was orphaned as a child and was adopted by the most amazing couple I've ever met. They've brought him up to be the man he is today and he's amazing. They gave him love and brought him back to life when it seemed like an impossibility. All the case workers said he wouldn't speak but they brought him out of his shell and in weeks, he was playing the piano to express himself. I hope we can do as well as they did. I know there will be tough times ahead but as a family, we can beat anything. We're strong and we have a good support unit.

Seth is so excited that he might be getting a little sister. He can't wait to be a big brother. He's already planning days out and how he's going to teach her everything he knows about Ben 10 and Power Rangers. I keep trying to explain that she's a girl and might not like it but he won't listen. He just says "mommy, it's okay it's for girls too, she'll love it."

Everything hangs on the meeting we're going to today. They have to tell us some more background information before we meet her. I'm sure our case worker is holding something back but I can handle anything... I hope. When we got the phone call to tell us there was a child suitable I swear to God I nearly passed out. If Edward hadn't had his arms around me, I would have sustained an injury. I really have to stop taking phone calls in the kitchen. There's too many sharp objects and my clumsiness is a nightmare.

We've waited so long and this has all happened so quickly. I just hope I don't wake up and it's all been a dream. That would kill me.

''Baby, what are you thinking about in that pretty little head of yours?'' Turning towards Edward, I sigh at the beautiful man before me. I swear he dazzles me every time I see him; even after all these years, he's still perfect. ''Stop worrying, this is just the first meeting of many. If we're not right for her, there are plenty of other children we can help.''

Sighing, I slap my leg in irritation, ''I just really want this to go well. If she doesn't like us for some reason, I'll be gutted.''

''I know baby, me too, but you heard what Angela said. She thinks we're the perfect match and once her meetings out of the way, we can meet little Miss P and try and woo her.''

''Little Miss P?'' I hope he's not still delusional from his early wake up call. He's had plenty of coffee. We don't even know the little girls name yet and he's nicknamed her.

''Little Miss Perfect. I have a good feeling about this baby, trust me.''

''I do trust you, with my life, you know that.''

''Good, so stop worrying. It's going to be a good day.''

''We're nearly there now anyway so we'll know soon enough.'' As we start manoeuvring through the lanes of the highway towards the exit, I take a deep breath and start to repeat this will be okay in my head like a mantra over and over again.

We're going to a children's home in Seattle for our meeting. That's the part I'm dreading. I'll want to take them all home. I'm the reason we have a very hyper Labrador. I saw him in the pet store and couldn't leave him there so I brought him without even asking Edward. It's a good thing he loves me because that dog chewed everything before we trained him. He even got a pair of Alice's heels which was a disaster. The only thing Alice loves more than her husband Jasper is her Jimmy Choo's.

''Baby, we're here.'' Looking up from my lap, I take a look around. The house is what you'd expect of rural Seattle. It's a good size and it looks nice enough. I hope they're well taken care of. This is going to be harder than I thought. God dammit Bella, pull yourself together.

As Edward opens my door, he smiles his crooked grin at me and helps me out. Taking my hand in his, he kisses it gently before pulling me towards the door. Before we've even had a chance to ring the bell, the door in question swings open and our case worker Angela steps out with a wide smile on her face.

''Edward, Bella, it's so good to see you. How's my little man Seth? Has he got all his Ben 10 figures ready for another round of show and tell?'' I can't help but smile at her. She's got an infectious grin almost as powerful as Edward's.

''Oh yeah, he's got them all lined up and ready for your next visit Angela. I think my son thinks you're the modern day version of the stalk. He thinks you walk on air half the time.''

''Haven't you heard Edward, I'm magic. Seth told me so and my husband Ben agrees with him.'' I can't help but laugh at there exchange. We've become good friends with Angela over the years. She's really kept us grounded and in the loop with everything we've gone through. She's like our own fairy god mother. ''Are you ready to have our little chat then? I can take you through to my make shift office but if you need more time, it's fine.''

''No, no, we're good Angie. I'm just nervous that's all.''

''I can tell. Your death grip on Edward's hand is enough to show me how nervous you actually are.'' Shooting my eyes up to Edward, I start to apologise.

''Oh baby I'm sorry. Am I hurting you?'' even as I say the words I don't loosen my grip and I feel like a complete cow.

''You're fine baby girl. Seriously I can get dad to get me a prosthetic one if you stop the blood circulation for too long.'' Giving him a light slap to the chest, he winces slightly and laughs. ''Come on love, lets go talk so we can meet Miss P.''

Once we've all sat down and got coffees in our hands, Angela looks between us curiously and then glances down to the file in front of her. She repeats this sequence three or four times. Before I start to get agitated on the fifth round, Edward finally speaks up.

''Come on Angie, what's the deal?'' Taking a breath, Angela looks down at the file once more and begins to speak.

''Well as you know, we have a new little girl here that's gone through a lot of things in her short life. Her name is Faith. She's three years old and adorable. She was underweight when she first came into the care system but she's getting better everyday.'' She takes a sip of her coffee before continuing. Edward squeezes my hand in comfort letting me know in his own way that he feels the same way I do.

''The thing I didn't tell you is that the little girl has a sister, Lizzie, who is also in the care system. Her and Faith are very close and have been through a lot together. At ten years old, she's the only kind of family Faith has ever known. We don't want to split them up if we can help it. When I and the other councillors spoke to Lizzie, she told us she knows that little kids get homes easier than big kids so she wants Faith to go, even if she can't go with her. She wants her to be happy.'' Angela stops mid flow to hand me a box of tissues. I didn't even realise I was crying until she passed me the box.

''You okay baby?''

''Yeah, I'm okay. She just sounds so grown up. She's sacrificing her only family and happiness for her little sister's.''

''I know she sounds too grown up for her ten years.''

''I agree Edward, she really is.''

''You can't split them up Angie. They need each other. I don't know what I'd do if anyone took someone so close to me away, especially if I'd been through what they have. It might put them back.'' Luckily I hold in my sobs long enough to get my sentence out. I feel like I'm going to break down at any minute. How could anyone let their babies get into this situation?

''I know and I know this is a lot to take in but I believe these kids are perfect for you both. In all my years I've never thought a set of potential parents who would suit two kids so well, it's like they were made for you.''

''Angela, this is big. We've never discussed taking on more than one child.'' Looking over to my husband, I realise he's fighting with his emotions as much as I am.

''I know but I believe if anyone can do it, you can. I'll give you a minute before we continue okay?'' She quickly walked out of the room, shutting the door behind her.

As soon as the door was securely closed, Edward moved onto his knees in front of me. "Bella, baby, what are you thinking?''

''God Edward, I'm so upset for those kids. I can't even imagine what the two of them have seen having a drug addicted for a mother and a dealer for a father. It doesn't bare thinking about.'' Shaking my head to rid myself of the images running through my mind, I lift my eyes up to Edwards. ''This is a decision we have to make together. Do you think we can cope with two instead of just one? A ten year old, a six year old and a three year old?''

''Can't be that much different, can it? I mean, they're going to need special care and attention but we can give them that. You work from home and my practice can run without me for a while whilst we get them settled in. It's not like we can't afford it either. I can't see any reason in my mind to say no to be honest. We'll have to adjust but it'd be no different if you got pregnant with twins, like Rose did.'' And that's why I love him so much. ''And Seth will love getting two kids instead of one to play with.''

''Really? You really think that?''

''Really. If they're as perfect for us as Angela says, I can't say any reason not to adopt them both. If they're happy for that to happen. Angie obviously believes in us.''

''Angie does believe in you, both of you.'' I didn't realise she'd come back into the room, that girl is too quiet sometimes. Taking a seat back at her desk, she looks me straight in the eye. ''I know we only discussed multiple adoption in very little detail but I have it down on file that you wouldn't be opposed to it. That's why I brought you here today.''

''What about their parents? Are they out of the picture for good? This is an adoption case right, not a foster first with a maybe for adoption later?'' I'm glad Edward thinks the way he does. I would never have asked that. Just give me the babies and let me love them.

''Yes most definitely. The father, James Riley is in prison for life without the chance of parole and the mother, Victoria Riley is on trial for armed robbery and possession on top of a sentence already being served for dealing coke. An accomplice in the robbery sold her down the river when she got arrested for dealing."

"How could they have kept the kids when they were that messed up? Who let that happen?"

''Lizzie and Faith were with a relative but she couldn't cope at all and they were taken into care two months later. The woman looking after them didn't feed them or love them. They were locked in their room most of the time until we sent a care worker around to check on them and Lizzie begged us to help her.'' A sob escaped my chest and Edward pulled me onto his lap and stroked my hair.

''It's okay, they're safe now baby.''

''I know but that doesn't stop me wanting to hunt the fuckers down in jail and slap them stupid! Those poor, poor babies.''

''Calm down momma bear, they can't hurt them any more. We have them safe and sound, just up the hall.'' Taking a deep breath, Edward's scent fills me and I start to feel calmer again. As the seconds tick by, once I feel okay again. I turn in Edward's lap to face Angie. ''You okay there momma?''

''Yeah, I'm good. Sorry Angie.''

"So how do you feel about all this? I know it's a big decision and I don't expect you to decide today. If you need to consult your family...''

''We'll do it.'' Edward spoke with no hint of doubt in his voice and an air of authority I've only heard him use at work. ''We'll talk to Seth and the family tonight and maybe take home some pictures if that's okay, just so he can see them and put a face to the names?''

''That's fine Edward, I have one here.'' Opening the manilla file in front of her, she pulls out a small photo and hands it to me across the desk.

My breath caught in my throat at the site in front of me and Edward's grip on me increased as we looked at the two little girls. The older girl, Lizzie has a beautiful head of red hair with the bluest eyes I've ever seen and Faith, the smaller little lady has a head full of blonde hair and brown eyes.''

''They're beautiful. Lizzie's eye's ... look haunted like mine were when I was taken into care. I hope we can make her sparkle again.''

''Lizzie has seen a lot more than Faith but her therapy is working wonders and a good home would cement all the work she's been doing. She needs love and to be able to be a kid again.''

''Can we see them? Do they know were here? Oh God, does Lizzie think we're here for just Faith?'' I started to panic and nearly got up from my spot on Edward's lap to find them but he held me down firm and snuggled me closer.

''They know you're here but they don't know you're here to potentially adopt them. Do you think you can wait outside their room patiently whilst I talk to them a bit or would you rather wait and I'll bring them here?''

''No, no, no, I can be patient.'' I said standing pulling Edward with me. Angie laughed and shook her head at me.

''Okay, well, I know they're in the play room at the moment. It's quiet time so this is a good time to introduce you. Follow me.'' We followed Angie up the stairs. Each look passed between myself and Edward was like a silent conversation; him telling me he loved me and that we could do this and me telling him how much I adored him and that I believed in us and our family.

As we neared a door at the end of the corridor, Angela turned to face us. She pointed at two chairs just behind her as she started to speak. ''Take a seat, this is their door. I'll leave it ajar but if either of them gets upset, I will have to close it, okay? I need to have their best interests in mind and this might be a shock especially Lizzie.''

''Okay.'' Edward spoke as I nodded and we moved around Angie to take our seats. She went to knock on the door once we were comfortable and shot us one last smile before leaving us. Edward's hand in mine kept me grounded whilst we waited for Angie to do her thing.

''Hello beautiful girls.''

''Angela!'' A small voice squealed and I heard Angie laugh at something.

''Hi Angela.'' Another voice spoke when the small one calmed down, ''what's up? Is something wrong?''

''No silly, nothings wrong, everything's great. I have to really special people outside that want to meet both of you.''

''Ooo who they?''

''They're a mommy and daddy and they'd like to meet you both to see if you would like to get to know them better.''

''Both of us?'' I barely heard the whisper that came from Lizzie. I looked up to Edward and saw the hurt in his face for the poor girl. how could she think anyone wouldn't want her? Oh that's right because her supposed parents treated her like shit.

''Both of you.'' Angela continued ''They're names are Bella and Edward Cullen and they have a little boy named Seth who is six years old.''

''Why do they want us then?'' Lizzie asked with shock in her voice.

''They want you because just like you, Edward started out in one of these places and they both want to give special children a home.'' I noticed the word children instead of child which made me happy. Lizzie is way too old for her age. We need to make sure she's able to be a kid again.


''Would you like to meet them?'' There was silence after that and I imagine a nod or shake of the head was used because two minutes later, Angela was outside the door again. Once she'd pulled it closed, she turned to us with a smile which slowly turned into a grin. ''Come on then you two, they're ready.''

I let Edward led me into the room as he followed Angela. When I saw the girls for the first time, I swear the air left my body. They're so small and beautiful and I want to hug them silly.

We all sat on bean bags just in front of the small table with a puzzle on it that the girls were playing with. Angela started to make introductions, ''Lizzie, Faith, I'd like you to meet Bella and Edward.'' Both girls smiled at us. Lizzie's was a bit more wary than Faith's but it was a smile all the same.

''Hello Bewa and Ehward.'' Faith waved from her spot behind her sister and I nearly split my face with my smile at the way she said our names.

''Hi sweet girl.'' I turned to Lizzie because the last thing I wanted was for her to feel left out. ''Hi Lizzie.'' I quickly glanced around for anything I could use as a conversation starter … a ... ha, a book. ''What book are you reading?'' Edward rubbed my back in encouragement as I waited for her to answer.

''Um Charlotte's web.'' She held it up a little so we could see the front page.

"That's a good book, do you like to read?''

''Yeah, I'm not very good though.''

''I'm sure that's not true and practice makes perfect. I write books just like that and I wasn't great at first but now it's my job.''

''You write books?''

''Yeah I write some books for children and some books for teens.''

''That sounds cool.'' Faith got out of her seat as we continued our conversation and made a beeline for Edward. Lizzie smiled at me and crooked her head towards her sister with a smile on her face.

'' Ehward, what your job?''

''I'm a doctor. I fix people when they get a boo boo.''

''I get dem all da time.'' Pushing a stray hair back from her face, Edward unleashes the crooked smile on her and she smiles just as big straight back. ''I hurted my pinky.''

''Let me see.'' She held up her pinky finger and he looked at it turning it around in his hand.

''You know what? I think it needs the magic blow.''

''Was that?''

''Well hold still.'' She nodded at him as he blew her finger and gave it a small peck, ''there you go, all fixed.''

''It all better now!'' She surprised him by throwing her hands around his neck and hugging him. I left them to have their moment and moved closer to Lizzie who's smiling sweetly at the exchange taking place.

''She doesn't usually talk to men after...'' She looked to the floor as she realised what she was about to say. I took her hand in mine and squeezed it lightly, happy when she didn't pull away.

''It's okay, you don't have to talk about it.''

''You know you don't have to take me too right? As long as Faith is happy, I'll be okay.'' Shocked by her statement, I pulled her towards me and wrapped my arms around her.

''You listen to me and you listen good. If you want us to be your family after you've spent sometime with us all, then there's no way you'll be getting left behind. I'm not taking one of you home without the other, we want you both.''


''Because we want you to be apart of our family because you're amazing girls and we want you to be happy.'' As I placed a kiss on the top of her head, I noticed Angela watching us all with tears running down her face.

After playing for and talking for the majority of the day, Angela made us all groan when she said it was time to say goodbye. We had plans to see the girls again the following day and then after everything was okayed by Angie's boss and the girls had met Seth in their environment, we would be allowed to take them for days out and sleep overs at our house.

Angela pulled us aside when the girls went for dinner and told us it'd all move along as quickly as she could and because we've already been assessed, it's just up to the social worker to say when the permanent move can happen. Who's ass do I kiss to make that happen? Yeah she wouldn't tell me ... she laughed when I asked as did Edward. What? I just want them out of this place as quickly as possible so sue me!

The trip home was filled with lots of planning and chatter. The conversation we had to have with Seth was a main topic as was telling our families who we knew would be ecstatic to have two more grandchildren/nieces/cousins.

''Looks like my parents have a full house.'' Edward had to park half way down the drive because my dad's cruiser, Emmett's Jeep, Carlisle's Mercedes, Esme's Beetle and Alice's Porsche took up all the space with their bad parking. As we got closer, the decibel level rose and I flinched not knowing what we would be walking into.

''Well at least now we can tell them all together baby.''

''I guess. You go find Seth, we'll talk to him first then we'll fill everyone else in.''

''Okay my love.''

Once Edward finally dragged Seth away from his cousins and the Xbox, we sat him down on the kitchen worktop so we could speak to him.

''Did you meet my new sister?''

''Well little man, we need to talk to you about that.'' Seth's little face fell and tears filled his eyes, ''I'm not getting a sister now?''

''No we are little man, there's something else. How would you feel about getting two sisters? A big sister called Lizzie who's ten and a little sister called Faith who's three?'' Edward spoke calmly with so much love in his voice.

''Two sisters? That's so cool!'' I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding as Seth bounced around excited.

''Yep it is Lizzie's, the same age as Claire and Faith is three, she'll be the littlest.''

"So I'll have a big sister to play with too? That's awesome! Can we tell everyone? When can I meet them? Can I get them stuff for their rooms?''

''One at a time buddy. Why don't you go and call a family meeting and we'll tell everyone all about it.''

''Okay.'' Ten minutes later, everyone in the family sat around the table in the dining room looking at Edward and myself for information about our day.

''Well? Come on already!'' Emmett bounced in his seat waiting for information about his new nieces.

''Okay so everyone knows where we went today. Well we have some news. It turns out the little girl that we went to see has a ten year old sister.''

''I'm getting two sisters!'' Seth shouted from his place on my lap. Everyone sat with there, jaws hanging open whilst the news sank in. Carlisle opened his mouth to talk but could only smile. Esme is sat across from me in floods of tears and I can hear Alice's brain working from here.

''Two kids? You're adopting two kids?''

''Yes Emmett, I have a picture. Do you want to see?''

''I do dad! Let me see.'' Seth studied the picture carefully stroking his hands over it gently.

''Can Nana and Pap see Seth?'' He passed the photo over begrudgingly.

''Don't bend it. I want to put it on the fire place with my picture.''

''Umm Bells?'' Please be happy for us daddy. ''I am happy, honest. I cant wait to have to granddaughters. I just want to make sure this isn't a rash decision.'' I said that out loud? Brain to mouth filter must not be working today.

''No this isn't a rash decision. When you all meet them you'll know why. Lizzie is totally gorgeous and the same age as Claire so they'll be in the same year at school and Faith is just as adorable as her big sister and totally besotted with Edward or Ehward as she calls him. He did the blow kiss trick on her finger and she cried when we had to leave.'' Claire turned to Rose bouncing in excitement.

''Mommy, I'm getting a cousin the same age as me. We can be best friends. Can she be in my class at school?'' Turning her head to me so quickly I thought her head my fall off she continued, ''Aunt Bella, when is she coming?'' The room went quiet again and I kissed Seth's head before continuing.

''Well we're not sure yet. We have to get to know them a bit better first and they have to meet their new brother.''

''Yes dad. Can I buy them a toy for when I see them?''

''Yes buddy but I think Lizzie would prefer a book, she likes to read.''


''As soon as Angie says it's okay, we can take the girls out for the day so we need to make some plans and they can come for sleep overs too.''

''At our house?''

''Yes bud.''


''Edward, I'm going to meet these girls so I can get a feel on how to do their rooms and how to update their wardrobes.''

''Ali, I love you but stop. Lizzie, Faith and Bella get veto rights on their rooms and wardrobes. You will not be pushy or you will not be doing it. I love you but these kids have been through so much. I want them to feel comfortable.'' Edward gave her the bitch brow and she smiled. No one smiles at the bitch brow but Ali.

''Agreed. I just want to make it homely and perfect for them.''

''We know that Ali and I'm sure they'd like to go shopping with us to get their things for their rooms with you. Well I'm sure Lizzie will. I think she'd like to be involved in Faith's too although I have some ideas for hers.''

''Aunt Ali, Aunt Bella, can I come? Mommy, I'll be good and I won't be mean to the twins for a week.''

''This won't be for a while but as long as mommy says yes, it'll be fine.''

''Mommy says hell yeah! I'm coming to.''

''Aunt Bella.'' I turned to see Rose and Emmett's seven year old twins, Mikey and Tyler giving me the puppy dog eyes.

''Yes double trouble.''

''Can you get another boy too?''

''No little guys. That's down to Ali and Jasper. Three little ones is quite enough for now. It's about time they had a baby, don't you think?'' Ali visibly paled being Edward's youngest sister and having just opened her boutique, she isn't quite ready for babies yet but we like to tease her about it.


"Yes bud.''

''Do you think they'll like me?''

''Of course they will, they can't wait to meet you.''

"Really? I hope so. I can't wait to meet them too.''

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