Chapter 1


"I'm not lying"

"I can tell by the look on your face"

"No, Seb, please"

"Shut up!"

Emily's eyes flashed open at the memory, her nightmare ending in an instant. Small tears were flowing down her cheeks already, and she hiccupped slightly as the thought re-entered her mind. She had experienced multiple nightmares like this, but the most recent ones had been more terrifying and realistic than ever. She sat up, took a deep breath and calmed herself down slowly. She had found it to be the best way to deal with things like this, rather than freak out. Suddenly, her boyfriend began to stir in bed next to her, and she quickly lay back down and closed her eyes. She wasn't quick enough however, and soon she felt the warming presence of a body being pressed against her back.

"Em? Are you okay babe?" he asked tiredly, his breath ghosting over her ear. She turned over and nuzzled into him, grasping onto his t-shirt tightly as they relaxed.

"Fine Seb," she spoke quietly, closing her eyes and attempting to go to sleep against his chest. Sebastian hesitated for a moment before wrapping his arms tightly around his girlfriend's waist. She often woke him up in the middle of the night; she had a habit of suffering from nightmares and even though he tried to get her to open up about it, she never did.

He sighed quietly, before shutting his eyes gently and falling into a deep sleep. He was not woken again that night, and slept through until morning, where he was welcomed by the comforting presence of his girlfriend nestled into his side. As much as he wanted to stay with her for the rest of the morning, he had to go to school. He tried his best to slide out of bed without disturbing his girlfriend's peaceful slumber, but he was unsuccessful, and soon Emily was groaning and stretching at his side.

"Sorry Em, I need to get ready, go back to sleep," he whispered soothingly, brushing the curly brown hair out of her eyes. Emily nodded slowly as she fell back into a deep slumber and Sebastian took his chance to slip out of bed. He greeted Trent, his room-mate, as he walked out of the bathroom fully dressed and ready for school.

"You're going to be late," Trent sang, grabbing his satchel off the desk and walking swiftly out the door.

"I don't care," Sebastian mimicked after him, rushing into the bathroom to get ready. Ever since he had started at Dalton Academy School for Boys, a lot of the boys had grown to resent him, especially Trent. This was a problem seeing as they were dorm mates and both members of the schools glee club, the Warblers. But as soon as Jeff, a fellow warbler, introduced his friend, Emily, to the group, Sebastian's world was lifted.

He had started flirting that very first day they had met and of course his natural boyish charm and model good looks seemed to sway her. Maybe a little bit of French dialect was involved too, but eventually Emily was his, and they were both incredibly happy. Or so he thought.

Eventually, he was ready for school, even though he was already late. He rushed out of the door quickly, his satchel banging against the back of his leg as he went. He arrived in class soon after, interrupting his History teacher in the middle of his sentence. Mr Holmes looked at Sebastian disapprovingly before speaking.

"Welcome Mr Smythe, care to explain why you are lateā€¦again?" the class around him snickered quietly. Sebastian gave them all stern looks and sat down in his seat at the back of the class between Thad Harewood and Flint Hall. He found Flint and Thad to be the most accepting of him, Thad only spoke his mind when needed and Flint was kind, yet confident enough to stand up for himself, so Sebastian hung around with the two often. They were both extremely loyal, something which Sebastian valued highly.

As Mr Holmes continued to speak, Flint leant over his table towards Sebastian.

"Where were you?" he questioned, keeping one eye on Mr Holmes at all times, who was not one to let talking in class go by easily.

"I woke up late," Sebastian replied, copying down the notes he's missed from Thad's page.

"You were up late with Emily last night, weren't you?" Flint asked, already knowing the answer. He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

"Maybe," Sebastian smirked, passing Thad back his notes. Flint laughed quietly and leaned back into his seat, continuing to write up his notes. The rest of the school day was dull and boring, but as always, Sebastian looked forward to glee club. It was one of the only good parts to his day and he felt honoured to be part of the Dalton Academy Warblers.

After his last lesson of the day, Sebastian practically skipped into Warbler practise, as if he had not a care in the world. He took a seat on one of the sofas around the room and waited for one of the council members to begin talking.

"Welcome Warblers!" said David Thompson, a council member, "Now as you know regionals is approaching, and we have not yet decided on an opening number". The room was filled with quiet mutters and murmurs as the Warblers discussed this. Sebastian looked around at the many confused faces, all deep in thought and decided to take charge. He stood up suddenly, the Warblers still in mid conversation.

"Michael Jackson," he spoke loudly, causing all the Warblers to stop and turn to face him, "We should do MJ at regionals". The murmurs started once more as the Warblers conversed excitedly. Many of them nodded agreeably. David, however, did not look as pleased.

"The council is responsible for song choice," David spoke, the irritation evident in his voice. Sebastian smirked menacingly and stuffed his hands into his pockets, "I think it's time we had a change of council, perhaps, just one head council member". The murmurs stopped, and David looked like he would attack at any minute. Thad was another council member, and ever the suck up, decided to agree with his friend.

"Sebastian's right," he spoke out, "A council just causes arguments". David turned his head dramatically towards the short boy, looking at him disgusted.

"How dare you? The Warblers are fair and just in their decisions!"

"And isn't that the kind of attitude that lost us regionals last year?" Sebastian spoke. David looked at him angrily for a moment; he had never been so insulted in his life. Sebastian had not been here for long, yet he was already trying to take over. The council member shook his head before questioning the tall Warbler.

"And who do you suggest would take this position?" David said, practically laughing at the thought. Sebastian looked around the room at the many Warblers, all incredibly intrigued with the situation. He looked back at David, and stared him straight in the eye, not forgetting to show a smug grin, and spoke clearly.