I am literally the worst updater in the world and i am really sorry. This chapter has a flashback to the events that happened with Sebastian. I hope i did it justice. Slight M, has slight graphicness and cursing. enjoy peepz.

Chapter 11

"Tell me you're joking?" Jeff begged as he watched Emily dejectedly. What Sebastian had done was unthinkable. He truly was a monster. Jeff slowly shuffled closer to EEmily and wrapped her in his arms. He was suddenly full of emotions. Sadness, as he watched his best friend cry silently next to him; fear, as he realised what Sebastian was capable of doing and anger. No-one should be able to hurt Emily like that and get away with it.

He stood up immediately and stormed towards the door, one person in mind. Suddenly, he stopped and turned around to Emily. His hands were beginning to clench into fists as he got himself worked up, and his eyes, though unintentionally, were boring into Emily's angrily.

"Is he still there?" he asked, looking to the floor and back up again, his body leaning slightly towards Emily. He didn't mean too, but it was scaring Emily to see him like this. He was angry, very angry, and in the state she was in, it terrified her.

"Jeff…" she spoke, trying to calm him down. It came out as a quiet plea.

"Is he still there Emily?" Jeff asked, louder than expected. Emily watched him fearful. Jeff wasn't usually like this, but she could tell he was livid. After what had just happened, even Jeff could panic her. Jeff sighed loudly as he realised he was frightening her, before walking over to the bed and sitting by her side. He looked down at Emily's hand, before gently slipping his into hers.

"I'm sorry. Just… just tell me what he did," Jeff said, staring at their interwoven hands nervously.

Sebastian stepped slowly towards me as I watched him. I was scared. The look on his face wasn't that of forgiveness. I was foolish to believe that he could change. A young, foolish, in-love teenager. Jeff was right. But I was too naïve and ignorant to listen.

"I told you never to talk to him again," Sebastian spoke maliciously, pulling me up so I was standing in front of him. I tried not to resist, it wouldn't have made the situation any better. Now eye level, Sebastian could come closer to my face and manipulate me even more, just by the cold deep look of his eyes.

"I'm sorry, Sebastian. Please, I'm sorry," I repeated the same reply I used every time I was in this situation. It was the only one I knew, the only one that I thought would give me any chance. But it never did.

Sebastian strong hands wrapped around my biceps, holding them tightly. I assumed it was to stop me running away. It wasn't like I was going to, I wouldn't even make it too the door before he'd reach me. Besides, I was too scared as to what he'd do to me if I tried.

"After all I've done for you; I treated you like a fucking princess. You were mine. And then I asked for one thing in return… One thing. And now, you're with Jeff behind my back. You fucking whore," Sebastian spat, pushing me down on to the bed behind me. The soft mattress provided good cushioning for what could have been a painful fall, but his previous grip on my arm would result in bruising soon enough. Sebastian followed me down on to the bed, pinning me between his knees before I had chance to shuffle away. He straddled me as the water began to form at the corner of my eyes, a pure sign of the fear I was feeling. I tried to push the thought of what Sebastian could do next out of my mind. He couldn't; he wouldn't. He wasn't like that. I love him, he loves me. He would never even try.

Emily paused her speech and glanced at Jeff nervously. A part of her didn't want to continue; should she really be telling her best friend about this? But another part of her wanted to let it all out, wanted to tell someone and be free of the pain it had caused her. She had never described to anyone what Sebastian had done to her. Jeff had only seen a couple of bruises and assumed, to which Emily had agreed. But this was different. And it helped. Jeff, sensing that she needed support, squeezed her hand tightly, urging her to continue.

"So Emily, tell me, did you let him touch you?" Sebastian questioned angrily. I was too scared to ever let Sebasatian touch me like he wanted. But he usually respected that, although with a bit of irritation. But now, he was straddling me as I lay beneath him, and I felt incredibly vulnerable. His grip on my arms was tightening with every second, and my arm was beginning to pain me much more.

"Jeff's just a friend Seb. He never touched me, I swear," I whimpered beneath him, my struggling no match for his strength.

"Don't fucking lie!" he yelled, leaning towards my face, so his forehead was almost touching mine. It was strange how a usually romantic position could terrify me so much. His eyes stared into mine furiously, and for a moment I saw a flicker of a cruel idea forming in the back of his mind. His hand quickly slid down towards my jeans, and all too quickly he was touching me. I began to scream, but Sebastian's hand quickly clamped over my mouth. I bit into it harshly. I wouldn't let him do this to me. He pulled his hand away and slapped me hard across the face.

"You'll shut your mouth or Jeff will be getting what he deserves," Sebastian threatened. I gulped. I definitely didn't want Sebastian touching Jeff. He may give me some bumps and bruises, and mental scarring, but I knew that Sebastian was capable of putting Jeff in hospital. I stayed silent, thinking of anything but Sebastian as he constantly insulted me and harassed me. I was more terrified than I had ever been. I just wanted to go home; away from here, away from Sebastian.

Emily stopped the story, fearing to go on any further. The events that came afterwards were already beginning to play in her head, like a scary movie. She had never been more scared in her life during those moments. But it had knocked some sense into her. Sebastian was not safe, and now Emily realised that. Jeff was speechless in a mixture of shock and disgust. Of course Emily had not gone into as much detail as her mind had, it wasn't necessary, Jeff got the idea anyway.

"Your arm, does it still hurt?" Jeff asked worriedly. Emily nodded her head lightly and continued to stare at the blank space on the wall in front of her. It was as if Sebastian was in front of her, still taunting her even now. After all Sebastian had put her through in the past, she still put up a strong façade, but now Jeff witnessed her crumbling apart in front of him, wasting away.

Jeff's arm slid delicately under her legs, while the other supported her back, and he pulled her on to his lap. He held her in his arms for a moment, just comforting her and keeping her close. He looked at her tear stained face glumly.

"Listen to me Em. This is not your fault; he had no right to hurt you like that. And I promise he'll never touch you again." Jeff allowed Emily to nuzzle her face in to his neck affectionately, and he reciprocated by rubbing her back slowly and softly, as a calming gesture. Jeff watched her wistfully. Never had he seen such a heart breaking sight. Emily looked up at him, and that's when he realised it was now or never. He needed her to know. She needed to know she was loved. She was wanted. By him. And with the most passion and love he could muster, Jeff kissed her.

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