I had just been reading some Animal Crossing creepypastas, when I realized that I had my DSi and my own copy of Animal Crossing: Wild World in my hands. Shuddering, I booted down my computer and started the game, ignoring the fear that gripped me.

'Note to self: No more creepypastas.' I thought. I smiled slightly, knowing that I would most likely read another creepypasta sometime soon. I walked around my town, Home, before deciding to visit Elmer. He was new- having just moved in the day before- and I wanted to kill time. I went into his house, and chatted with him, before walking to a chest of drawers. I opened it, and skimmed over the text:

'You saw something you weren't intended to see. Well, it's been nice knowing you!'

I blinked, then opened the drawer again, thinking it was some sort of mistake, a trick my eyes were playing on me.

'You saw something you weren't intended to see. Well, it's been nice knowing you!'

Okay, so this wasn't a trick. My mind immediately thought of the creepypastas I had read. I walked over to Elmer, but something had changed. I cringed as the chestnut-brown horse glared at me, his eyes crimson, like blood.

"You weren't meant to see that!" he shouted. Instead of the meaningless words that I normally heard, his voice came through loud and clear. It was deep, cold, and cruel.

"W-what w-was in there?" I asked, voice shaking. As if he heard my question, Elmer stormed over to the chest, and pulled out a body. Wait…was that…Victoria? The beautiful horse girl? She was covered in long, ugly scars, I felt myself wanting to barf, but I managed to keep it down.

"You thought we were made for each other, didn't you, Rose?" he snarled. I gulped. That was actually what I thought! But how did he know that? Cold fear gripped my gut, and I quickly hit the power button.

Mistake number two. When I booted the game back up, Ressetti didn't come yell at me. I looked around for the mole- who I was quite found of- and found him. I wanted to scream. His body was bloated, his skin and fur blue as he was washed up on shore. I could only assume that he had drowned. But why did he leave his tunnels?

"He tried to stop me." Elmer said. I slowly turned around, and saw him. I felt my face flush with anger.

"W-why did you…" I asked.

"That moron tried to stop me. He said being with you, something just clicked. Or some other romantic trash." Elmer explained, casually. I felt my face pale, as tears formed in my eyes.

"Why?" I asked. There was a flash of red on the screen, then it went dark. I booted it back up.

Mistake number three. I saw my character lying in her bed, but with her throat slit, red blood seeping onto the floor. Two sentences flashed across the screen:

'You left us before. Are you happy now?'

I understood at once. I had owned this game about a year ago, but sold it. Now I had bought a used copy, and apparently the residents from my old game were not happy.

"No…" I whispered, as a tear slid down my cheek and onto the screen. It seemed to melt into the game, and soon I saw Goldie, one of my favorite friends, standing there. She looked at me with big, sorrowful eyes, shook her head, and slowly vanished. The screen went dark, then booted back up. There was no "Continue" option. All it gave were the options of a new game. I shuddered, and looked at my desk.

There was a picture of my old friends, from my first town, on a frame perched by my books.

Now, how did that get there?