Hello! Your name is JADE HARLEY, and you AREN'T crazy! Well, okay, maybe a LITTLE BIT, but isn't EVERYONE? You're nearing your SIXTEENTH birthday. You've been here for about HALF A YEAR, nothing big compared to some of the others who've been stuck here for YEARS. Including your friend JOHN EGBERT. In fact, you had something VERY, VERY IMPORTANT to tell him. However, you keep FORGETTING. In fact, that's a PROBLEM OF YOURS. Your MEMORY, that is. You also have PREMONITIONS in your sleep. They're mostly just SMALL THINGS like some RANDOM FLIT OF SOMEONE'S LIFE. However, they've been getting PROGRESSIVELY WORSE. In fact, you've been getting REALLY BAD DREAMS and PREMONITIONS that leave you A SHUDDERING MESS. You need to learn how to CONTROL THEM.

Your name is JADE HARLEY and you HATE the DREAMS.

You're dimly aware that this is just a dream. In fact, you find yourself reminding over and over again that this is JUST A DREAM. But it's hard now. It's really hard after a month solid of these kinds of dreams. In fact, you're lucky that you haven't broken down yet so far. You usually have one every month, but its been a while since it's happened. Was that a good sign? You hope, especially since what's happening now. You can't open your eyes, can't move. You can only watch fearfully as a tall man with blond hair and anime-style shades heads down an alley, head down and a hat on it. What he probably can't see, but you most certainly can, is that someone is following him. Following him down an alley. You figured this could just be some weird prostitution thing, but when you see the glint of a knife your heart almost stops. You know this man. You friend Dave had mentioned him enough.

His name was Dirk Strider.

And you just watched him die. While you had been thinking and hadn't been focusing on the premonition. Now there was a knife in his chest, and a slim body was running away from it quickly. Blood was pooling around the body now, and you felt like throwing up. That wasn't good. You hated the death premonitions for that very reason. Part of your mind recognized that you needed to tell John something VERY IMPORTANT, but that flew away as you continued to attempt to wake up. And when you finally did, you decided not to tell your roommate, Feferi Peixes, about the dream. You didn't want to scare her any. So when you noticed her up, you proceeded to HAVE A CONVERSATION YOU'VE ALREADY HAD, which ended with her leaving the room.

And you were trying to forget about the dream. Anything to forget about it. But you just couldn't. Not until you were able to tell someone at least something relatively like it. This you knew, since you had dealt with it many times before. You stand up with a soft sigh, getting changed and going to the music room.

Now you had you guitar in your hand, smiling to yourself. It had been a while since you were in here, and you liked it. It was calming. You hadn't been in here for a while, and you were just getting used to the feel of the guitar in your hands when Dave himself walked into the room. You look up at him, smiling before proceeding to have another conversation already had.

Now you were left in an empty room, very much troubled by your sudden realization of what you needed to tell John. You barely had time to set your guitar down before you were struck with the horrible memory.

A middle-aged man was walking down the street. He was holding hands with a very pretty woman who seemed to be a bit older than he. They were heading for the man's house, and only a few minutes later they were seated at a table in the backyard. It was something very romantic, and they seemed happy. But then, everything went wrong.

A man appeared almost out of no where, moving in to attack before the man was even aware of the intruder. Several stabs later and the murderer was running away. You knew who he was, with all the wanted posters up and news on the TV you had seen.

His name was Jack Noir, a notorious serial killer.

Your body starts shaking and you know you're about to start freaking out. Soon enough the small fits of yelling are escaping your mouth, and then you're full-out screaming, tears running down your face as you yank uselessly at your hair. You're aware of someone running to the room, and a gravelly voice yelling.

"Shit! Someone get a god damn doctor! Harley's freaking out! What the hell, hurry up you douche nuggets!"

As you start hyperventilating and feeling faint, you very much hope that after this, you won't have to remember the premonition. You never want to remember them.

You turn to face the voice, feeling your energy draining out of you. How is it that he always manages to find you when you're pissed off? Or having a breakdown. You muster the strength not to yell or curse at him, and instead try to take a kinder route.

"Shut the fuck up, Vantas." Whoops. Seems like there's not really a kinder route for you at the moment. Not that anyone could blame you, really. At least, blame you at the moment. Everyone knew not to mess with you then. Everyone but Karkat, who was continuing to glare at you.

"Seriously Harley? Just calm your ass down so that you don't have to go back to the damned isolation." Wait. Did he just show some sort of pity for you? Looking back to his scowling face you decide no, it was all just in your head.

What isn't nowadays?

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