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So, this is the first chapter, just to get you guys interested in the story.

This is in a AU where Jeff is a student in a public school and Nicholas (we'll get to Nick) is the new sub.

I hope you guys enjoy this one because I've been putting alot of effort in it :D I'll updated it every week, at least one. Once I've written it all, I'll post it every two days :)

Now, behold!


It was a sunny Friday afternoon and Jeff was stuck in the middle of a sub English class, with Blaine and Flint throwing small pieces of paper at his head.

He sighed and rolled his eyes. Since he was dying of boredom, and the random teacher he didn't even looked at gave them a couple of questions that Jeff wasn't going to answer, he threw the small paper ball back, hitting Blaine square in the face.

"You're on, Sterling!" Blaine hissed under his breath, playfully. The make a bigger ball of paper, throwing it a Jeff's back.

Jeff grabbed his notebook, hiding behind it, throwing the papers that fell on his desk, back to the boys behind him.

In the middle of the silent war, a strong, yet soft voice called Jeff "You back there, with the orange beanie!" the sub called.

Jeff, that was turned back at Blaine, hand in mid hair, dropped it and put on the fakest smile possible, before turning to the sub.

"Yes?" he asked. As he eyed the sub, his fake smile turned into a smirk. First of all, he was too young to even been teaching. He had soft brown locks, a golden skin, full pink lips and was dressed with a light-blue, button-up, short-sleeved shirt and a pair of dark jeans. His brow was raised over the trimmed black glasses, that framed his almond shaped hazel eyes.

"What's your name?" He asked, frowning at Jeff.

He leaned back on his chair "You can call me whatever you want" he winked. Blaine and Flint started laughing behind him and the rest of the class was silent, waiting to see the reaction of the new teacher to Jeff's usual flirty personality.

"Quit playing!" the sub warned softly.

"I'm not playing, Mr…?" he left the end of the sentence hanged in the air, waiting for the brunette to complete it. He really wasn't paying attention when this sub entered the class. If he had, he'd been checking the brunet out instead of having a paper ball war with his friends.

"Duval." He answered coldly, narrowing his eyes slightly. He sounded offended that the teenager didn't even acknowledge his name.

"Mr Duval!" Jeff continued "You have Jeff, Sterling, Jeffrey, you decide" Jeff grinned at the young man.

Mr. Duval sighed quickly "Mr. Sterling, did you even tried to answer the questions I gave you?" he asked, scratching the bridge of his nose and sighing.

"Nope." Jeff answered, shrugging.

"And why is that?" the sub leaned against the black board, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Too busy checking you out." Jeff winked, making Mr. Duval turn a light shade of red. Blaine and Flint kept laughing, trying to hide it through obviously fake coughs.

"If you keep playing with your mates back there I'll have to put you out!" he warned one last time. He picked up the open book he had on his desk and was read to restart the lesson, until Jeff spoke again.

Jeff shrugged again "Good, I like it rough!"

"Mr. Sterling! I will have respect!" Mr. Duval slammed his free hand against his desk.

"Uhm…dominant. Me gusta!" Jeff's expression didn't changed a bit. His toothy grin was a characteristic of the blond boy, yet, the sub wasn't bothered by it.

"Out!" he ordered, pointing to the door. Jeff's eyes widened at the tone of the sub's voice.

"Okay, I'm sorry! I'll shut up" he raised his hands in defeat. Even though that growl that came from the sub was hot, Jeff also found it extremely intimidating.

Mr. Duval thought for a second, looking at the blond with his eyes narrowed, before nodding "One more word and you're going to visit the principal." He warned, before turning back to the board, where he proceeded to correct the questions he had given earlier.

The rest of the class went calmly. Jeff was leaning back on his chair, watching every movement the brunet made, watching as his muscles clenched as he rose his arm to the board and most importantly, how the hell a guy that didn't looked older than 20 was teaching a bunch of 17 and 18 years old.

Nicholas Duval was trying to correct the questions he gave the students, watching the blond from the corner of his eyes at every moment, but not really looking at him.

He felt a bit uncomfortable at being watched by the teen as if he was a prey, but he couldn't deny that he felt flattered.

When the bell rang, the teacher sat at his desk, scribbling a couple of notes in his papers, that was scattered in the desk.

Jeff packed his things as slowly as he could, trying to be the last student in the classroom. He waited until the last student left and until he saw the brunet glanced in his way, before walking to the front of the classroom, wiggling his hips seductively as he walked.

He smirked as he saw the sub's eyes blowing with lust and licked his lips unconsciously, as he watched the teenager's hips swaying.

As Jeff walked to the door, a voice called him softly "Sterling…" he left the rest of the sentence hanging in the air.

Jeff knew that kind of tone, he heard it all the time and he was sure. The brunet was thinking about doing stuff that he shouldn't.

He turned back at the sub "I'm turning 18 in a couple of weeks. If that's what you are implying" he locked his gaze with Mr. Duval.

He saw the hazel eyes darkening with lust and anticipation, until the brunette shook his head. He couldn't be thinking that about a student. He was barely 22 and this was his first job. He couldn't lose it all for a random fuck. "You can go now." He waved his hand, looking down at the papers in front of him.

Jeff laughed before doing what he was told "I hope to see that nice ass of yours walking around in my classes." He left quickly before hearing any answer.

"What the hell was that Jeff?" Blaine asked when the blonde joined him and Flint in the school gates. "You were one joke away from being arrested by sexual assault!"

"His expressions were hell worth it!" Jeff smiled "He's so freaking hot!"

"Is this going to be like the French teacher from last year?" Blaine asked as they walked over to the coffee shop in the end of the street.

"Who asked to transfer earlier this year" Flint added. Blaine nodded.

Jeff hated when one of his friends brought that story into a conversation.

Yes, he had lusted after his French teacher last year. Yes, he had got her down in her desk screaming his name in less than two weeks. Yes, he had blackmailed her to give him straight A's in French, that was the only subject he sucked at.

But he got sick of her after a few fucks. She would act all 12 year-oldish when he was around. It's was sad to see such a grown woman act like that towards a boy 10 years younger than her. Jeff just got bored, like he always did.

"She giggled and blushed every time she saw me in the hallways. She was no fun" Jeff shrugged "This one will pull a fight, I know it. But he'll give in, just give him time. Everyone caves in!" That was something about that sub that clicked something in Jeff's. Jeff wasn't going to stop until he got that brunet on his knees.

He also knew the look in his eyes. He wasn't going down without a fight, and Jeff knew it was going to be one hell of a fight. He saw how his eyes had grown twice his size as he eyed Jeff, but he also saw control, something that he never saw in all the other people he had had a fling with.

"Oh Jeffrey dear, can your ego get any bigger?" Blaine sang, throwing his arms around his friend, ruffling his blond hair and pulling him closer to him.

"Probably!" Jeff laughed, pulling Flint by his forearm and wrapping his left arm around his shoulder "Now, let's grab some coffee!"

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