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The first weeks were the worst for Jeff.

He shot everyone down again. He never smiled, he barely talked- even with Blaine and Flint- and he just couldn't stop thinking about Nick's words.

What had he done wrong? What had he done that he couldn't even keep Nick near him?

He had sent multiple texts, asking him to come back, or at least answer his multiple calls. He had left voicemail messages; some of them with tears in his eyes, his voice wavering towards the end. Nick never replied.

He started to sleep at Flint or Blaine's, because his silence was driving his parents insane.

Around the third week of Nick's absence, Jeff was himself again.

The Jeff before Nick. He stopped listening to the football team's insults towards him and started to throw punches and kicks towards them.

He completely ditched the rest of the hockey season and spent his evenings and late nights in the dance studio.

Josh kept on hitting on him and Jeff, after countless no's, punched him hard on the face, breaking the boy's nose. He never really tried anything again.

Flint, who always thought that the happy Jeff was weird, just wanted that Jeff back.

He'd crack jokes, hoping Jeff would at least try to smile. He didn't. He would just smirk, and it was not even real. His expressions became all fake.

Blaine had tried to find Nick. If becoming a private detective was what it would take to find him and make Jeff happy again, he would.

He searched coffee shops, job centers, night clubs, but he never found him.

It took one night, a week before graduation, when Jeff had fallen asleep on Blaine's couch, for Blaine to take that vulnerable time to catch Jeff's cell and take Nick's number.

He called him and Nick finally picked up with a "Hello?"

"Congratulations, blondie," someone called at him. Jeff turned around and saw the last person he expected. "Missed me?"

Nicholas Duval was smiling at him. Nick.

Jeff could feel all the wall he put up during his absence falling down. They weren't needed anymore, he finally had had Nick back and he could try to be happy again

Jeff's face lit up when he saw the brunet, and he immediately ran to him He pushed aside a couple of people to reach him, wrapping his arms around his neck when he collapsed against him.

Nick laughed and hugged the blond. He wasn't expecting that warm of a welcome from Jeff.

"I will take that as a yes." Nick smiled again

"Asshole, you left me in this shithole for two months without any contact, of course I missed you!" Jeff laughed. He couldn't help but smile when he was near the brunet.

"A couple of birds told me your parents weren't coming to your graduation, so I decided to fill in for them." He glanced over Jeff's shoulder.

Jeff followed his gaze and found Blaine and Flint winking at him before turning to hug the rest of their families.

Jeff felt a hole in his chest. His own parents didn't even care enough to see their own son graduate high school. He shook his head. It didn't matter, he had Nick there.

"Why did you come? I thought that you needed to get away from me," Jeff asked.

"Two months were enough and too much. I've missed your flirting," he confessed, looking at the ground. "I can't be away from you," he said more quietly.

"Good… because I missed someone to flirt with." He wrapped his arms around Nick's waist and rested his head in his shoulder. He took a deep breath, taking in the brunet's scent.

Nick pulled away from Jeff, looking at him with his brows raised. "You didn't flirt with anyone in these two months?" he asked

"Sounds awful, doesn't it?" Jeff ran a hand through his hair. "I flirted with Flint but that doesn't count."

"Just when I think you can't surprise me more, you do!" Nick smiled, blushing slightly. He thought that once he got out of the blond's life, he would go back at being the man-whore he was. Flirting with anyone that walked and having sex with whoever he wanted. But he didn't, and somehow it made the brunet very happy.

"I decided to start teaching in that dance studio downtown." Jeff gave the news he'd been keeping, even from Blaine and Flint

Nick's eyes widened. "Really? I'm so happy for you!" Nick hugged the blond again.

"Yes, they were amazed by my skills and hired me. They didn't even care that I wasn't going to college," he smiled.

"What do your parents think about it?" Nick asked, worried about the blond's life that he'd missed.

Jeff shrugged. "They don't know, but even if they did, they wouldn't care. They kicked me out this morning. They were waiting for me to turn eighteen and finish school before doing so…" He couldn't care less; his parents were dead to him. He couldn't wait to get away and search for an apartment for himself.

"Where are you staying?" Real worry was obvious in Nick's eyes. He was sure the blond hadn't found a place to stay, and he was too stubborn to ask to stay at Flint's or Blaine's.

"Maybe a motel, I don't know. I'll worry after graduation lunch." He shrugged again.

"Stay with me," Nick offered before thinking about it. I mean, not like he never thought about what it would be like to live with the blond, no, of course not.

"What?" Jeff smiled. Did he just ask him to live with him?

Nick coughed awkwardly, running a hand through his hair, half smiling. "I mean, if you want to. Wes moved in with Laura to a suburban house and left his room empty, and I can't really afford an apartment like that alone with the salary I'm getting at the coffee shop." Well, that was a lie. Nick could easily pay it. And even if he didn't, his parent's had a lot of money they would like to spend on their only son.

"You're working at a coffee shop?" Of course he would get a job after being fired, Jeff, stop asking stupid questions to avoid answering! "I bet you look super hot with an apron!"

Nick laughed. He had really missed Jeff. "I do!" he joked. "Girls have been all over me!"

Jeff's eyes were filled with a sudden jealousy and possessiveness over the brunet.

"I'm kidding!" Nick watched the look on Jeff's face soften.

"I hope Wes left his bed, because yours is going to be damaged really quickly!" The double meaning in Jeff's sentence made him blush once again. That night felt like it was yesterday, not two months ago.

"I'm gonna take that as a yes," Nick smiled.

"It's a yes!" Jeff nodded again, closing the gap between them and giving Nick a gentle kiss on the lips. They couldn't afford more. They were surrounded by people that were probably homophobic and kissing in such public place would only raise problems.

But he was kissing Nick again! He though he'd never do that again, and now that he was with the brunet again, he didn't want to let go.

When they parted, Jeff settled with intertwining his fingers with Nick's, pulling him to where Blaine and Flint were, walking between groups of people get there.

Jeff finally felt like his life might not be as crappy as he thought. He was with a guy that actually liked him and made him happy, he got himself a job and a new place to live…

Jeff Sterling's new life was about to start and he was welcoming it with open arms.

After a big lunch with the seniors and their families in a restaurant near the school, Nick and Jeff were hanging near their vehicles.

"So..." Jeff started. "Do you really want me to live with you?" he smiled at the thought.

Nick reassured him with an enthusiastic nod. "Of course. I've missed you and I think that's a great way for us to interact outside the school... Even though you almost lived there for a week..." He grabbed Jeff's hand, which was lying on his knee.

Jeff smiled at their hands, a nice pale/tan contrast, and intertwined their fingers. They somehow seemed like they fitted perfectly together. "It's just so weird, you know? Having someone caring for me like you…" he trailed off, pulling Nick closer to him, and then grabbing his other hand.

"Blaine and Flint care. If they didn't they wouldn't have called me saying that; 'Jeff is miserable without you, he looks like a zombie, please come back!'" Nick mimicked Blaine's voice.

"That isn't true, just the first few days were hard..." Jeff cursed Blaine under his breath.

Nick laughed and wrapped his arms around Jeff's waist, pressing him against his motor bike. "C'mon, just admit you like me and that you missed me!" Nick mock pouted and kissed Jeff's neck gently, earning a soft purr from him.

"If you keep doing that, I can even say that I'm nothing without you," he said quietly.

Nick laughed against Jeff's neck, pulling away with a smile. "So, do you wanna go home?" he asked with a smile.

Home, it sounded nice. "Can we just stop by my parent's to pick up stuff? I just have a backpack with personal stuff under the seat, but since I'm moving in, I can pick up more stuff." Jeff looked up at Nick through his lashes.

Nick bit on his lower lip. "Aren't your parents home? I don't want any problems," he said, looking deeply into Jeff's eyes, his own full of uncertainty.

Jeff smiled and shook his head. "They have a dinner or something, they aren't home right now. Don't worry," Jeff reassured, kissing Nick lightly.

Nick sighed and nodded slightly. "Wanna leave your bike at my house and take my car?" he offered, heading to his car.

Jeff smiled. "Yes." He hopped on his bike and put on his helmet "Lead the way, gorgeous," he winks at Nick, before putting down the piece of glass, covering his eyes and starting the engine.

Jeff followed behind Nick's car, sometimes stopping in a red light next to him, flirting with him until the light turned green or Nick closed his window with a playful smile.

Before he knew, Jeff was parking his bike in the side walk in front of Nick's apartment and entering Nick's car.

"Missed me much?" He asked, putting on his seat belt.

"You wish!" Nick laughed brightly and turned up the volume of the radio, some random tune blasting through the speakers.

"Shut up, you missed me like hell!" Jeff turned to Nick, supporting his face in his hand, elbow resting near the window

Nick smiled and took his eyes from the road for a second and turned to Jeff. "You'll never know," he turned back to the road, turning left on the end of the road.

Jeff shook his head and smiled softly. He looked out of the window and appreciated the view, watching the people walk by, thinking how their lives are like, what their dreams were.

He lost track of time after a while, the car speeding and blurring his vision.

Jeff started to tap his fingers against his leg, humming a random tune under his breath.

He had spent so much time away from the brunet that he didn't even know how to act around him anymore.

He was more than a flirt now, more than a random guy or a random fuck. He actually liked Nick and didn't want to screw everything by saying something inappropriate and very Jeff-like.

Jeff looked down at his hands when he felt something warm wrap around them.

Jeff smiled softly and turned his hand so it was palm to palm with Nick and slowly intertwined their finger.

He looked up at Nick and found him focused on his driving, but the small smile on the corner of his lips didn't go unnoticed to the blond, making a smile turn up on his own lips.

Jeff shook his head slightly, bringing their hands up, kissing Nick's knuckles.

"I wasn't expecting you to hold it…" Nick stated after a while, his smile falling a bit, his eyes still focused on the road in front of him.

"Why?" Jeff asked curious. Why wouldn't he? Weren't they is a sort of relationship now? Aren't "hypothetical boyfriends" supposed to hold hands? Is he doing something wrong?

Of course he was. Jeff Sterling didn't know how to handle a relationship and he was doing everything wrong. He wondered why Nick even liked him.

Seeming like he noticed the blond's internal struggle, Nick squeezed his hand "It's fine I just…it's something I never thought I'd do with you…or you'd do with me!" the brunet shrugged.

"There's a first time for everything isn't there?" Jeff offered and turned his eyes again to the road.

"Yes, and I'd love to discover a few with you…" Nick confessed, a blush creeping to his cheeks. He still wasn't used to how easily the blond could make him blush

Jeff laughed and squeezed Nick's hand back, kissing his knuckles, enjoying the rest of the ride to his parent's house quietly.

When they got there, they went to Jeff's room, memories hitting them both in the face and neither could swipe the smiles of their faces.

Jeff got a few cartoon boxes from his closet and started to pack a few things. More clothes, books, memories, and other random stuff, Nick helping him pack, since he could organize things better.

An hour or so after, after a lot of packing, flirting and kiss stealing, Jeff and Nick put every box on the trunk of the car and closed the front door.

Jeff didn't even said goodbye or took a second look at the house when they drove away. He just grabbed Nick's hand again and ignored his past, thinking now about his future. With Nick.

Jeff placed the last box next to the pile they had made near the front door and stretched his back, a low groan coming from his mouth. He really wasn't expecting to practically bring his whole room to Nick's.

"Lazy!" Nick jokes behind him, placing his own box over the Jeff just put down, turning back to lock the door

"Says the one that didn't even help me pack!" Jeff threw back with a wink, walking to Nick to wrap his arms around his waist, pulling him closer "You now need to make up for it!"

Nick rose a brow at him, but wrapped his arms around his neck either way "Make up for it Jeff?" he smiled softly, getting closer to Jeff, his bodies already pressed together.

Jeff nodded, hiding his head on Nick's shoulder, slowly sucking on the exposed skin, whispering "Oh yes…it's been two months after that awesome night…I want to repeat it…"

Nick pulled away, a blank expression on his face, making Jeff look at him with a brow raised and a confused expression. All of a sudden, Nick's expression changed. A smirk grew on his lips and his pupils blew in anticipation and lust and before Jeff could even said something, Nick had already pulled him down to kiss him passionately, his hands cupping Jeff's face to keep him close to him.

Jeff yelped a bit but when he realized what Nick was doing, he smiled into the kiss and kissed back, tilting his head slightly to the side, deepening the kiss.

Now it wasn't about being cute and actually liking each other. They missed each others' bodies and warm touch and they couldn't wait to relive that night again.

Jeff started to walk back, Nick pushing him in the general direction of his bedroom, never breaking the kiss, pushing him by his chest.

Jeff ended up banging his back against a wall and Nick moved his mouth from Jeff's lips to trail open mouthed kisses down his neck and collarbone

"I missed you so much!" Nick whispered against Jeff's collarbone, biting down the soft skin. His hands ran up and down Jeff's sides, then moving them under the fabric, touching the blond's warm skin with his cold hands.

Jeff moaned softly, Nick's tongue running over the bite and pulled the brunet closer to him by gripping his hair.

Nick pulled away from him with a smirk and Jeff could have sworn that he lost all his balance there. Nick looked so much older, his eyes almost burning and even his expressions showed that he had missed this as much Jeff did, but now the brunet was in charge and Jeff was loving every minute of it.

With that smirk, Nick kissed him again, sneaking his tongue inside the blond's mouth without any permission, exploring it like it was the first time, then tangling his tongues together as he pulled him near him, walking back to his bedroom.

Before he knew, Nick's knees hit the edge of the bed and he fell backwards on the bed and Jeff wasted no time to climb on top of him, connecting their lips again, a shiver going down his spine.

Jeff pinned the brunet under him, gripping his wrists next to his face, before moving to kiss down Nick's neck

"I love you" he whispered against his neck, sucking a spot under Nick's ear, making the brunet moan loudly and buck his hips up.

"Wha- What?" he asked, breathless, looking up at the blond with a strange look in his eyes.

Jeff cursed himself for even feeling that -that's what he felt right? Nick cared for him and he did too- and he tried to cover it up "Uhm…" he stuttered "I said I missed you" he gave a small nervous smile.

Nick looked up at Jeff and his expressions softened, a small smile appearing on his lips as he understood what Jeff was saying. He cupped Jeff's face and brought him down.

He whispered against Jeff's lips before kissing him passionately "I miss you too!"

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