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Elena slowly opened her eyes and looked around the room. Her room. She was laying in her own bed, and for a minute she forgot that anything had even happened that night. But then she saw Katherine sitting by her window.

Katherine noticed her watching her. "You're up. And I gave you some of my blood, so you should feel better."

Elena sat up. "Am I still a-?"

"Vampire? Yeah. Bonnie thought, and hoped, that the spell might make you human again, but it didn't. You're actually in transition. So you're going to have to feed. But don't worry about that, I'll get you some blood in the morning."

"What time is it now?"

"About 2 A.M."

"Ugh." Elena pulled herself out of bed and walked to her mirror. "I look awful."

Katherine was standing behind her now. "Well with everything that's happened to you tonight, actually no." She ran a hand through her hair. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a daylight necklace. "Here's your necklace by the way. I was afraid that something might happen to your ring during the ritual, and it did. So I had Bonnie make a necklace just incase."

"Thank you." Elena looked at Katherine through the mirror. "For not talking about it. And for saving Matt. And for just being there. And, for everything really."

"You're welcome." Katherine brushed her hair to one side and put the necklace on for her.

Elena's breath hitched a little. "Tomorrow I'm going to have a thousand questions for you, but tonight I'm just going to pretend like it didn't even happen."

"Ok, that's fine by me. But just so you know you already have three missed calls from St-"

"No. Also No S word and no D word for tonight."

"Deal." Katherine nodded. "Mind if I change into some of your clothes though? I ended up getting this outfit a little dirty tonight."

"Yeah, sure." Elena's eyes followed her as she walked.

As she was about to reach the closet, suddenly Elena flashed in front of her.

Katherine smiled. "Using your vampire tricks to stop me. What for?"

Elena searched her face. "No, never mind." She blushed and started to turn away.

Katherine stood in front of her this time. "Oh Elena just do us both a favor and put your hands on me."

Elena hesitated for just a second before she wrapped both of her arms around Katherine and started kissing her. Katherine quickly pushed her against the wall and started kissing her neck. She had to fight to keep herself from making any noise out loud.

When she couldn't take it anymore she grabbed Katherine's hair and pulled her lips back to hers. Just as her lips were starting to part they heard a knock on the door downstairs.

Elena made herself pull away. "What now?"

Katherine giggled a little. Then she stopped and listened. "It's Damon."

Elena sighed.

Katherine was already opening the bedroom door. "Do you want me to pretend to be you or just tell him to go away?"

"Don't pretend to be me!"

"Hey, it was just an idea." Katherine held up her hands. Elena rolled her eyes, but she ended up laughing a little bit. Katherine smirked. "I'll be back up in a minute."

Katherine got to the bottom of the stairs and saw Jenna already opening the door. "Hey Aunt Jenna."

Jenna turned around. "Oh, Elena. I thought you were already asleep."

"No, I was still up. And I kind of needed to talk to Damon."

Jenna looked back at Damon who was standing somewhat impatiently in the doorway. She nodded. "Yeah I actually thought I heard some voices from your room. Were you on the phone?"

"Yeah, with Caroline. She was having some problems with Matt."

"Ah. Goodnight Damon."

Damon faked a smile. "Night Jenna."

When Jenna was gone Katherine stepped out on to the porch and shut the door behind her.

"Katherine." Damon grimaced.

"Good job for figuring it out this time."

"Yeah I wasn't about to kiss you again." Katherine pretended to pout. "Where's Elena?"


"Can I see her?"

"No, I don't think she really wants to see anyone right now. I was supposed to come down here and send you away."

"Then why are you here with her?"

"I don't know. Maybe she just doesn't want to see any Salvatores."

"But I didn't do anything!"

"I know. It might just be a doppelgänger thing." Katherine shrugged.

Damon narrowed his eyes. "What are you up to with her?"

"Damon, if I was up to something you'd know it."

"Fine. But why does she trust you so much now?"

"I don't know. But finding out that your boyfriend may or may not be in love with the man who just killed you might mess with your head a little bit." Katherine had her hand on the door. "Sorry Damon."

By the time Katherine came back upstairs Elena was on the phone.

"No, I'm ok. And if I wasn't there's nothing you could really do about it." She was looking out the window. "No, kicking his ass isn't going to make me feel any better. Actually, I take that back. Maybe later." She laughed. She turned around and saw Katherine. She stuck out her tongue and Katherine laughed. "No I'm not going over there. I'm probably going to Caroline's tomorrow, so you can come there. Alright? Ok. Bye. Thank you." She hung up and tossed her phone on her dresser. "It was Damon."

"I had a hunch."

"Yeah I figured that if I didn't answer he would end up coming in through the window or something."

Katherine was standing in front of her now. "Eh, I could have kept him out."

Elena laughed. "You two would have killed each other." She looked at Katherine and lightly touched her hand. "What we were doing earlier, that was, crazy." Her voice had almost dropped to a whisper.

"I know. Surprise yourself?"

"Yeah." Elena could feel herself blushing. "If Damon hadn't shown up, then I don't know what would have happened."

Katherine smiled to herself. "Probably things that you wouldn't have been proud of."

"Ha-ha." Elena pushed her arm.

"But you should probably get some rest though." Katherine fell back down on Elena's bed. "Big day tomorrow."

"What do you mean?" Elena laid beside her.

"Well you'll have to face your friends tomorrow, and you know that you'll end up seeing Stefan at some point tomorrow."

Elena sunk her head further down into the pillow. "Right."

Katherine moved and turned off all the lights. Elena felt her lightly kiss her forehead and then settle back beside her. "Goodnight Elena."

When Elena woke up she rolled over and turned her head to see the space beside her was empty. Katherine was already gone. A part of her wasn't surprised. With everything she knew about Katherine and everything she'd heard, she wasn't the type to stay there and wait for you to wake up or leave cute notes like Stefan. That just isn't who she was.

Elena got out of bed and pulled her hair back with a hair bow. She walked around the house and found that everyone else was already gone, and she was grateful, because she was starving. And if Katherine wasn't back soon she knew she could end up doing something she would regret.

So she decided to go to the kitchen and make herself some cereal and start making coffee.

She pulled her cellphone out of her pocket. Three texts from Caroline, two missed calls from Stefan, a voicemail from Bonnie, a call from Damon, and even a text from Matt. Are you ok? Care's really worried about you. Elena smiled to herself a little bit. At least she felt loved.

There were two loud knocks on the door. "Great." She mumbled. When she opened it she felt suddenly very self-conscious in her pajama shorts and white tank top. It was Stefan.

"Stefan." She started to shut the door back.

He stuck his hand out. "No Elena wait. Please." He looked at her with pleading eyes. "I'm so sorry."

"Stefan don't."

"No Elena please. Please, just let me come in and explain. Please?"

Elena sighed and looked everywhere but at him. She messed with the hem of her shorts and finally looked at him. "Fine."

"Thank you."

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