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It has been ten days since the death of Ryoma Echizen. The mortal world was in sorrow and grief for losing such a man of many talent's so young.

Ryoma was walking amongst the clouds. He wondered where he was and if he was really dead. He didn't feel dead at all. He just felt a little cold and wanted Ponta even if he wasn't thirsty. As he walked further into the clouds, he saw a door and couldn't resist but to open it. "I'm dead anyway… What else could go wrong?" he thought and pushed open the door. A blind light shown so bright that he had to close his eyes as he went through the door.

When Ryoma was able to open his eyes, he saw a huge golden glow at the end of the room he was in. "Does this place have any other color aside from white?" he asked out loud without expecting an answer. A manly and deep laugh startled the young Echizen which made him frantically look around.

"Who's there?" he asked with a tone indicating his irritation for not seeing anyone else to whom he could associate the deep laugh to. The golden glow began to move a bit closer to Ryoma which made him move a step back.

"Even after death, you still retained you living characteristic and attitude. You have truly amazed me, Echizen Ryoma." spoke the deep voice again. This time Ryoma could hear it coming from the direction of the golden glow.

"Who are you? And where am I?" Ryoma asked. He just wanted to get away from all the white and sit under a tree somewhere and rest.

"I am surprised that you do not know who I am. I am the great Kami-sama." The golden glow spoke again. This statement made Ryoma's eyes widen in shock and disbelief. He was in the presence of Kami-sama.

"Why am I here?" Ryoma asked with annoyance. He was really getting a bit irritated with all the white and clouds everywhere. There was nothing but clouds.

"You are in my presence because I willed it so. You have amused me with how you used the life you were given and have touched people without even knowing and trying. So before you leave for paradise, I will bestow upon you twelve nights to visit people you wish to bid good-bye too. You have left the mortal world unexpectedly for them and I shall grant their prayers and wishes to see you before you pass on." Kami-sama explained.

Ryoma was in total repudiation. He died but was given twelve nights to visit people in their dreams. After a long pause, a smirk inched its way across Ryoma's face. "Twelve nights you say…. Meaning I can visit people's dreams within twelve nights?" Ryoma asked cautiously. Kami-sama laughed again.

"Yes. Twelve nights. You may visit the people you want to in their dreams. I shall give you the power to weave their dreams together if you wish to visit more than one mortal a time in one night. However, you cannot visit them during the day. Even if they are dreaming. You may only visit at night." Kami-sama spoke again before Ryoma was unwillingly pulled out the room by an invisible hand.

Outside the room, Ryoma turned around and saw a path down to the land of the living and smirked. He already knew where and who he wanted to disturbed first. He just couldn't resist since he was dead and was only given twelve nights to have fun. Ryoma went down and walked on the path leading to Okinawa, to visit and mess with Higa's Tennis members dreams. And he was just in time. The sun was setting and he saw the members of Higa-chuu walking out of their school gates.

"It's been ten days and yet I still feel that the brat is still alive somewhere." He heard Hirakoba speak as Tanishi looked away. It was still a touchy subject for him, the death on Ryoma that is. He and the rest of the players that the young prodigy defeated were in agony. They would never be able to repay the brat back for their lose.

Ryoma smirked, "Yeah, messing with these people for the last time with indeed be fun." He thought and disappeared for a few hours, waiting for all of them to be in their bed and go to sleep.

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