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Mike Mizanin, aka The Miz, was enjoying his day off. He'd slept in, (getting much needed rest) enjoyed the hotel Jacuzzi, taken a long shower, and driven to the nearest Arby's to get the beef sandwich that he was craving. He knew that it was going to taste great, and his mouth watered. Because he needed serious "Miz time", he drove around looking for a secluded spot that he could relax and eat his snack in. Mike found the perfect spot. It was a nice little secluded wooded area where he could watch the creatures of the woods scurrying around as he ate. Ahhh, the fresh air that he was taking in! Mizanin was thankful that his Mustang was a convertible.

Tonight Mike was going out and he would party hard. He'd worked his ass off for the last month with no time off. It was time for some well deserved fun. As he sat there, he had no idea that just a few blocks away Leonard "Lenny" Roberts, an extremely disturbed individual, had killed a security guard from the mental hospital where he had been locked away. Leonard had taken the guard's gun and baton. He had raided the staff room and obtained a duffle bag of supplies as well. The duffle had a tazer, stun gun, bullets, pepper spray, and a cattle prod as its contents. For good measure, he'd punched out the medicine supply staffer and threw as many different kinds of drugs as possible into the duffle, including some syringes. Leonard was on a mission. He shot his way through the security gate and ran as fast as he could while carrying the bag of supplies. He needed time to think, and catch his breath. He needed to hide, and he needed clothes. Lenny knew that he would stick out like a sore thumb in his hospital pajamas.

Mike had finished his sandwich, and was now listening to Nickleback on the radio. He was so relaxed and this was a great feeling. While he was considering getting himself a massage, on his return to the hotel, Mike felt something hard press against his temple. "Don't look at me, and don't move. Just do as I say." A voice ordered him. "Turn the radio off." Mizanin did as he was told.

Roberts recognized this guy. They were allowed to watch Monday Night Raw on the lounge TV at the hospital. His original intention was to simply take the dude's car. Now the plan was changing. "The Miz" was kind of a celebrity, and would be a good bargaining chip if he needed one. He tazed Miz in the arm until the wrestler was helpless. Then , he picked the young man up, and put him in the trunk.