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Down on planet Earth, WordGirl was battling another robot army. She tackled one robot, which bumped into another creating the domino effect. Tobey watched as his robots plummeted to the ground one by one. He smiled when that happened. He didn't have any more robots with his so he just took off. "WordGirl!" he yelled as he got her attention. "Tag! You're it!"

WordGirl was caught off guard when he said that. She cupped her hands over her mouth and yelled, "that's not how you play Tobey," she yelled, "you have to touch me."

Tobey stopped running and looked at WordGirl. "How can I touch you if you're flying up high?"

"Huh," WordGirl said, "good point. Well then Tobey, you can run but you can't hide," she swooped down to the street and charged after Tobey who immediately took off.

Tobey ran as quickly as his legs could carry him. He found this unusual, for he was not active in sport activities but he found it pretty amusing to have WordGirl chasing after him.

"Gotcha!" WordGirl yelled as she grabbed him by the back collar.

"Guess you got me WordGirl," Tobey gloomily said.

"That's right," WordGirl answered.

"But…you have to catch me again! Tag, you're it!" he yelled as he shook away from her grip and ran down the street.

WordGirl groaned. What is this? A game? she thought. "Okay Captain Huggy Face," she said as she took Huggy in her hands and held up him as if she was going to throw him. "Monkey throw!" she yelled as she threw Huggy at Tobey.

Huggy held hi arms out. Once he made contact with Tobey, he wrapped his arms around him and they both crashed to the ground. "OW!" Tobey yelled.

WordGirl floated in front of him. "Well Tobey," she began, "looks like we have you surrounded!"

"Well it was fun while it lasted," Tobey said. He looked up at the sky and raised an eyebrow. "What is that? Some sort of spaceship?"

WordGirl turned around and looked at the sky. The flying object was gradually landing to the ground. "That spaceship looks very familiar," she commented.

The spaceship landed right in front of Tobey and WordGirl. The door opened and Colonel Giggle Cheeks jumped out of the spaceship and landed on the ground.

"Hey," WordGirl said, "that creature looks familiar."

Huggy jumped off of Tobey and stood in front of WordGirl to protect her from the creature.

"That's because he's supposed to look familiar to you WordGirl," a voice within the spaceship said as WordGirl drifted her eyes from Colonel Giggle Cheeks to the spaceship.

Suddenly, Miss Power jumped off of the spaceship and landed next to her sidekick. "Hello WordGirl," she glared at her, "we meet again."

WordGirl, Tobey, and Huggy gasped in unison. "Miss Power!" WordGirl yelled, "what are you doing here?"

"Trying to take over planet Earth…again," she simply answered.

"Then you know that I would have to defeat you again. Not even your insults will stop me," WordGirl warned her.

Miss Power rolled her eyes at the superhero. "Really?"

"Really," WordGirl nodded. She not going to give this woman the satisfaction.

Miss Power let out a sigh. "Well you would have to go through me and my sidekicks then."

"I'm sure that I can take them out in a jiffy," WordGirl giggled.

"Girls!" Miss Power yelled at the spaceship.

A small girl somersaulted out of the ship, while a woman cat walked down the slope, while the other flew out of the spaceship. The three of them joined Miss Power.

"WordGirl," Miss Power began, "meet Mischief Girl, Madam Faux Pas, and Lady Spite."

WordGirl looked at the three girls. "So you got a couple of aliens to work for you…is that it?"

"No this is only the beginning. Ma and my ladies are going to destroy you and take over planet Earth!"

"Well you have to go through me first!" WordGirl hollered.

Mischief Girl charged at WordGirl. Before WordGirl knew it, her wrists were in the little girl's grip and she was pinned to a wall.

"Good job Mischief Girl," Miss Power said.

Using the strength she had, WordGirl bought herself forward and shook herself out of Mischief Girl's grip. She grabbed Huggy and flew to the air as diamonds were being thrown at her by Madam Faux Pas. One look at those diamonds and they could make someone go blind for a while. She also dodged the green goo and Lady Spite was throwing at her.

The green goo hit a mailbox and it sizzled, causing it to melt.

WordGirl let out a sigh of relief, thankful that she was not the victim.

Lady Spite, Madam Faux Pas, and Mischief Girl jumped into the air and charged at WordGirl. Mischief Girl grabbed the superhero by the cape and flung her into a building where she crashed.

Huggy was disconnected from WordGirl's grip and he fell through the sky and into Tobey's arms. Tobey wished that it was WordGirl rather than the monkey.

WordGirl shielded her eyes with her cape to block out the shiny diamonds being thrown at her. One of the diamond tips tore through her ankle as it cut her cloth and skin. A red line was formed and blood seeped through the cut. WordGirl regained her strength and dodged Lady Spite's attacks. She knew that she couldn't keep up with them for now. She noticed herself growing exhausted by all of the flying and dodging. She felt as if her heart was going to explode out of her chest. With one last dodge, she flew away from the vilenesses.

She suddenly stopped flying. "Huggy and Tobey!" she gasped. She couldn't leave them there. She couldn't leave them there. She changed her direction and flew back to the city. However, Tobey and Huggy were not there. They had disappeared along with Miss Power, Mischief Girl, Madam Faux Pas, and Lady Spite.