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Summary: Eight months after Kurapika's encounter with the Genei Ryodan, she found her long lost uncle and finally focused in finding her clan's eyes. What she didn't know is that Kuroro Lucifer already found someone who could lift the nen curse. RnR!


Chapter 1: Norsalle

The whispers poisoned her mind as she travelled and grew. No, they're not whispers- they're screams of pain, agony and revenge. Red- all she can see is red blood spilt on the ground and the empty eye sockets of her people. It hurt. Everything hurts.

"Live… Kura.. pika… Live and… find them."


The voice pulled her back to reality as she abruptly snapped her blue eyes open. The fluorescent light glared at her slightly and she had to blink a little before turning to the person who called her.

"Yes, Sato?" she responded but did not tear her eyes away from the windows where she can see the beautiful ocean that waved at her like it was alive.

"Bethel-sama wants to see you." The guy named Sato replied and heaving a deep sigh, Kurapika stood up from her seat and walked out of her room to meet with the said Bethel. At the same time, Sato bowed a little in respect and followed her out.

The mansion where Kurapika lived is huge and beautiful. She can't even believe it herself. Just a few months ago, she was running around aimlessly, hunting for her clan's murderers under the guise of a male Kurapika but look at her now; back to her female self, living in an estate and being treated like royalty in the said estate.

She stopped in her tracks before opening the double doors in front of her. Kurapika didn't need to knock for Mr. Bethel must have known that she's already outside. She turned to Sato.

"Go back to you duty now, Sato." She ordered.

With a bow, Sato left without a word. Then, when the coast is clear, Kurapika pushed the double doors open and stepped inside. She saw a figure standing in front of a large portrait of a woman while smoking an expensive-looking tobacco. The man turned his head to where Kurapika is standing and smiled at her gently.

"How are you, dear?" Mr. Kairo Bethel asked as he paced forward towards Kurapika. He looked like any average middle-age man, with slightly wrinkled forehead, and equilinear nose, pale skin and deep blue eyes. The difference is that Mr. Bethel by not any means 'average'. He's a rich businessman with influences within almost all countries all over the world. No one messes with anyone who has some connection with the Bethel family. Not even the powerful mafias.

"Uncle." Kurapika regarded and bowed a little.

"I heard you weren't well days before. Is it because of your scarlet eyes?"

Kurapika wanted to lie but just looking at his eyes made her unable to do so. "Yes. I'm sorry, uncle."

Mr. Bethel chuckled. "Call me dad, okay?"

With a little awkwardness around the atmosphere, Kurapika nodded slightly. "Yes, unc- I mean, Dad."

"So, Sato told me there will be another auction in Norsalle City tonight. A pair of scarlet eyes will be there." Mr. Bethel informed with all seriousness. "Would you like to go?"

Kurapika's eyes lit up. Of course she'd want to go. She nodded eagerly.

"But this time, don't disobey my orders again and dress yourself up as a boy."

A frown. Last time, she went to a thanksgiving slash auction party to get the scarlet eyes while dressing up as his male version. Mr. Bethel wasn't so happy to hear about what she did. If only he knew what other guys do to her every time she dresses up as a girl. Kurapika is practically the head-turner of every occasion she attends and the blonde didn't like the feel of it. Most guys hit on her and she had to bring along her assigned body guards to keep the perverted guys away from her.

"Fine." Kurapika answered grimly and looked at her uncle. "Can I spend as much as I want?" she asked to which Mr. Bethel replied with a carefree hug.

"And, oh, win the Sword of the Nagas for me, will you? It'll be a great addition to my collection." he requested as he pulled back.

"Sure, dad." Kurapika smiled and then left the room to prepare herself.


One month after she had captured and rendered the Ryodan head powerless, Kurapika had to go back to her duty as Neon Nostrad's body guard and under the guise of a sixteen-year old boy. Her boss then found out that his daughter's power is no longer accessible. This drove Wright Nostard into the edge to sanity. When everything seemed hopeless, the man sought help from a friend of his named Kairo Bethel. That's how Kurapika met her long lost uncle.

Of course, she heard about stories of a certain young man who violated the Kuruta tribe's most forbidden act; to marry an outsider. As punishment, the man was banished from the tribe and the people disowned him as a part of the clan. Kurapika never met him let alone seen his face but she knew it was her uncle Kairo, her father's younger brother. Her mother and father told stories about her uncle and it made her want to see him.

But after her tribe's massacre, she focused on finding and killing each and every one of those involved. That's why she was surprised when Kairo Bethel suddenly hugged her and took her home with him. He explained everything to her but Kurapika was at first hesitant whether she should believe him or not. When Mr. Bethel showed her his own scarlet eyes, she finally trusted him.

Mr. Bethel offered her help in finding the scarlet eyes that were circulated around the globe but he did not say anything about assisting her in her quest to bring justice to the death of her family. He had told her that revenge will not bring anything good to her well-being.

Kurapika sighed as she slipped the velvet dress that her uncle had prepared for her. The dress slid smoothly and it fit her body perfectly. Then, she faced the mirror and frowned at the sight.

"I don't feel like myself." She thought out loud before three knocks disturbed her thoughts.

"Kurapika-sama, this is Sato. The car is ready and waiting, Miss."

Kurapika's eyes twitched a bit. The people inside the mansion calls her 'Young Miss' and 'Miss' and she can't get used to that address despite the fact that she has been living with them for eight months now.

"I'll be right there." She replied and tied up her hair into a delicately made bun. Some short strand of her now shoulder-length blond hair hang at the side of her cheeks, giving her a fragile and innocent look.

Kurapika then started walking towards the door when she felt a sudden tug in her chest. She halted on her tracks for a while and clutched her chest, breathing heavily. Small beads of sweat formed on her forehead. Kurapika stayed like that for a while and after the throbbing sensation had died down did she ponder upon what could have happened that triggered the chain in her heart to send her a sign. A Sign.

Kurapika's eyes widened a bit when a conclusion jumped inside her head.

Could it be? ...No. Impossible.

How could he manage to find a nen-remover in such a short time?


"Get ready. We'll go a raid the Norsalle auction tonight at 11. We'll meet up in the abandoned building near Ramos Ave. –Kuroro"

Shalnark stared at the plasma screen of his cell phone, dumbfounded. The number was their Danchou's but is it really possible? What if it's just a trap? No. He shook his head and turned to his other comrades, half of them observing his visage while half of them didn't give a damn.

"It's Danchou."

It's amazing how two simple words manage to capture the attention of each and every one of the people inside the room. Some of them watched in disbelief while some were already by his side and are fighting for the cell phone in his had to see for themselves whether the sandy-blond young man is just playing around.

Phinx was the first one to recover from the shock. "Where is he?" he asked seriously but the reluctance is evident in his voice.

"He didn't say. But he said we'll be meeting at Ramos Avenue in Norsalle City."

"Norsalle?" It was Machi, the nen-string user. "That's just a 30-minute ride from Ryuusegai." She informed.

"Let's get movin' then!" the samurai named Nobunaga shouted, impatient as always.

"Don't you think it's a trap?" Shizuku piped in while looking at them with her blank eyes.

"I think so too." Shalnark agreed. "I mean, why would Danchou suddenly text me, telling me that we'll be raiding the Norsalle auction tonight?"

Machi nodded. "And besides, he's still under the chain-guy's cursed nen. Danchou knows he'll die if he contacts us."

"Maybe the cursed nen was removed!" Nobunage reasoned, already getting ready to fly wherever Kuroro Lucifer might be.

"No." Shalnark firmly said. "If the nen really was lifted, he'd call us and not just send a text."

As if on cue, the techy guy's phone suddenly vibrated and rang. The word 'Danchou' flashed on the screen. The other Ryodan members looked at him expectantly but his hands remained unmoving.

"What are you waiting for? Answer it." Feitan scowled and Shlanark had to comply since he's the acting Danchou right now.

He pressed the answer button. "Hello? Danchou?"


"Danchou!" he young man exclaimed when he heard the familiar voice. There's no need to confirm it. It's definitely their Danchou! "What happened, Danchou? Has the cursed nen been lifted?"

Yes. A pause.


Suddenly, Nobunaga grabbed the phone from Shalnark and tucked the device to his ear. "Danchou! Where are you?"

Tell the others to meet me at the planned place. I'll explain everything there. Then he hung up.

"You idiot!" Shalnark said angrily and grabbed the cell phone from him. "What did he say?"

"To meet him at the meeting place." Nobunaga replied slowly, staring at the ground.

"Then what are we waiting for?" Feitan asked and hastily got up from where he was sitting under a pile of debris. "Let's get goin'"


"For the last time, I don't want to dance." Kurapika had firmly refused while she sat down on one of the VIP tables with her body guards, waiting for the main event of the party to take place; the famous Norsalle Auctions.

She took a glance at her wrist watch and slowly frowned when the time told her that the auction will not start until one more hour passes. Then, her thoughts went back to the throbbing sensation she felt in hear chest before leaving the Bethel seaside mansion.

Kurapika was quiet sure that the tug was sign. But a sign of what? Kuroro Lucifer couldn't possibly find a nen-remover in a span of eight months. It's almost impossible to find one considering the number of nen-removers alive in this world. She herself didn't know that the Hunters' Association actually had one.

The music continued to fill the hall and couples waltzed on the dance floor. A few guys tried to ask her to dance but being a practical person, Kurapika refused every single one of them and if not for the Elite Seven, there would be no one who'll drag them away from her.

The Elite Seven is a group consisting of seven powerful nen users assigned to protect her. Yes, they are her body guards. Although Kurapika insisted that she'd be alright even without body guards, she can't deny the fact that they come in handy at times like this. Sato, her brown-haired butler, is one of them.

"Sato." She called out and the man was instantly by her side.

"Yes, Miss?"

"I'd like to get some fresh air. Find me in the balcony when the auction starts." Kurapika said and stood up. She quickly paced towards the open balcony of the hall where the fresh air entered.

The curtains flapped soundlessly and Kurapika was glad that she's finally away from the suffocating atmosphere of the room. She took out her cell phone from her bag and dialled a certain number. After a few rings, the call was finally answered.

Hello? Kurapika? a small yet serious voice answered.

"Killua." Kurapika acknowledge.

Hey, how are you? Killua asked.

"Doing great. Say, I'm in Norsalle Auction right now and I heard a Benz knife is on the list. Would you-"

Please win it for me! I'll pay later! Killua had almost shouted from the other line.

Kurapika chuckled at her friend's reaction. "Fine, fine. I will." She could practically see him grin. "By the way, where are you? Are you with Gon?"

Yep! We're in Whale Island, replanting some tress that were destroyed by a fire a few weeks ago.

"I see. Can I speak with-" Kurapika didn't have the chance to finish. She noticed two oddly familiar figures walking in the forest just below the balcony where she was standing. Her eyes narrowed.

Kurapika? Are you there?

"I'll talk to you later, Killua." Kurapika replied and pushed the 'End Call' button.

Then, without batting so much as an eye lash, Kurapika stood on the concrete railings of the balcony and suddenly jumped down. She landed gracefully and soundlessly on the ground but she was upset why she had to wear a dress this night. Kurapika then, with her amazing skill in stealth, managed to follow the two figures without getting detected on her Zetsu mode.

Both figures were men in black suite and one of them has slicked-back hair which captured Kurapika's attention in the first place. The two men stopped on their tracks and Kurapika had to also stop and carefully hide behind a tree with her chains already summoned for any possible attacks. She decided to briefly glance at her watch to see the time and was disappointed when only twenty minutes had passed. When she looked back to where the two men were, they already disappeared.

"Can I help you with something, miss?" a baritone voice suddenly rang behind her.

Gasping in shock, Kurapika's chains disappeared in time before turning around and facing the person behind her. The man had slicked-back hair but to her utter disappointment, he had brown eyes (not black) and no cross donned his forehead like she expected. The dark globular earrings were also missing. However, his eyes held a very familiar stare that made her heart race. Kurapika focused her nen on her eyes and used gyou to see any traces of hidden nen from the man's body. When she found nothing a frown graced her visage.

Maybe he's not a nen user. If he is, his Zetsu is perfect.

The man smiled gently at her. "Don't frown like that, miss. It'll ruin your night."

Kurapika looked away from the man's stare and then walked back to where she initially came from. It's almost impossible for her to have mistaken someone else for Kuroro Lucifer. At first she was very sure it was him but when she saw no cross tattoo on his forehead, it made her think twice. Since it was confirmed it's not him, she'd worry about the auction now.

But why would two men in formal suites be in a forest at a time like this?

But then again, why would a lady of her calibre is wandering in the said forest too?


Kuroro Lucifer watched the retreating form of the girl silently, his eyes never leaving her figure. When she disappeared from the corner he was now pretty sure that she won't be following them again. Phinx suddenly whistled.

"Your type, Danchou?"

He smiled. "No." Kuroro replied and took out his cell phone and dialled Shalnark's number. "Shal, get ready. We'll start after I give the signal."

Yes, sir! Shalnark replied eagerly and Kuroro hang up.

After the call, he held his palm and out of thin air, his Skill Book appeared. He flipped its pages until he found the skill he was looking for. His fingertips then glowed eerily red as he used the skill to make the cross tattoo on his forehead appear again. Kuroro smiled in satisfaction when he felt the familiarity of his tattoo again.

Phinx whistled for the second time. "Hisoka's ability came in handy, eh Danchou?"

Kuroro nodded but frowned slightly. "I only managed to steal half of his ability that's why I can't fully use Bungee Gum in battle." He explained.

"Well, it's better than nothing." Phinx watched as his Danchou tousled his hair a bit and wrapped a bandage around his forehead to hide the cross.

"Why don't you just use the ability again?"

"It takes up more nen than I expected." Kuroro replied and looked at his comrade. "Don't you think that girl was a bit familiar?" he asked, referring to the girl who followed them a while ago.

"Umm... Yeah." Phinx replied. "First person that came to my mind when I saw her was the chain assassin. But the chain assassin was a guy and not a cute lady."

Kuroro nodded in agreement at his Spider's assessment. "Well, the chain assassin is after all very good in cross dressing. He managed to even fool me."


"Now, let's not think about that. We have an auction to raid."

Phinx grinned mischievously.


"Kurapika-sama!" Sato called out, almost sounding relieved when he saw Kurapika approaching the entrance door of the building. "We've been looking all over for you!"

"I'm fine, Sato. There's no need to cause such ruckus." Kurapika said while waving her hand in dismissal. "How's the auction now?"

Sato's eyes then widened slightly. "Miss, the auction has been moved early! That's why we're looking for you. The scarlet eyes are up any second now."

Without another word, Kurapika quickly dashed towards the hall where the auction party is being held. True enough, when she entered the said hall, the item on stage was a pair of precious scarlet eyes floating inside two cylindrical containers. She can practically see the hungry eyes and the hidden desires of the people inside the hall to get their filthy hands on those magnificent relics. It disgusted her.

"The bid starts on one billion zennies!" The announcer declared and a couple of people started bidding on the item.

"Miss, Kenji already bid and won the sword for Bethel-sama's collection." Sato informed. The Kenji he mentioned is also a member of the Elite Seven.

"How about the Benz knife?" Kurapika asked.

"We got if for 250 million zennies."

"2.5 billion!" Kurapika heard someone shouted. If possible, she didn't want to linger in this place filled with mafia heads that's why she decided to bid a price that no one will dare to compete with.

"Seven billion zennies!" Kurapika declared and all eyes turned to her. Even the announcer was a bit astonished to hear someone put such a high price on a pair of eyes. On Kurapika's side, she didn't give a damn about how expensive it will cost her. The only thing that mattered to her to get those eyes back.

"7.5 billion!"

Shocked, Kurapika turned towards the familiar baritone voice and found the man she saw and followed in the forest sitting on one of the VIP tables too. The same brown eyes but with hair down and a bandage around his forehead. The bandages managed to raise the suspicions Kurapika had for the man.

"7.7 billion." Kurapika competed.

"8 billion."

Her eyes narrowed ever so slightly. "8.5 billion."

They two continued bidding and seems like no one had any intention of giving up. Until such time that the money reached 15 billion did the man stopped competing against her. The people around them clapped their hands when Kurapika finally won the item. She then sent Sato to fetch the scarlet eyes while she waited on her table. She took a swift glance at the direction where the bandaged man was but he disappeared again only to reappear at her side.

"Fancy meeting you again here, miss." Kurapika didn't say anything but the man continued. "Is this seat taken?"

"Go ahead." She gestured rather too coldly.

"I can't believe I'm actually talking to the Bethel family's heiress." The man said and Kurapika' eyes twitched a bit. "I'm Krisu, by the way." Krisu held his hand, ready for a hand shake.

Kurapika stared hesitantly at the hand before shaking it. "Kurapika Bethel."


"Kurapika Bethel."

At the mention of her name, Kuroro smiled at himself inwardly and let go of her hand. He wanted to slap himself for not realizing it sooner. Now that he already confirmed it, he actually saw the similarities between the chain assassin and Kurapika Bethel. Both had blond hair, blue mesmerizing eyes, and pale complexion. But still he wanted a more concreted evidence that will prove that Kurapika Bethel and Kurapika Kuruta is just one person.

"Well, then." Kuroro stood up. "I guess it's time to start."

"Huh?" Kurapika was suddenly not able to move. She struggled but it was futile.

"It has been a while, chain assassin."

Kurapika looked up and in an instant, her eyes glowed scarlet.


Author's note: What do you think? BTW, Krisu is the Japanese translation of the English name Chris.

Next: What will happen now that Kurapika came face to face with her clan's murderer? How will Kuroro handle the situation and fact that the chain assassin is actually a girl? And who are the members of the legendary Elite Seven?