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Well, here we go, a story. Yep, a story. What's that? Just start the tale already? Geez impatient brats! Alright time to actually start. Any momen-

Chapter 1: From America With Love.

Sleep. Awaken. Shower. Eat. School. Eat more. Home. Sleep more. The cycle goes on.

Standard life, continuing as usual. Nothing new to note. Nothing interesting. Just continuing in the rut society has given me.

Awaken. Shower. Eat. School. Car. Screech. Crash. Darkness. The sound of sirens, echoing in the background. The damp warmth enveloping the cold that is me. Death.

...So this is death. That time that you get to regret what you've done. I wish I could go back to that rut. Sure, it wasn't a stellar life, and would probably get worse as time passed; but at least I had friends, a family, a home, some time to myself. I go to sleep again, hoping that the cycle would be remade, would continue anew. Something was made, but it sure as hell wasn't the same. This wasn't a cycle, that's for sure, and I don't know quite what it was.

"Our guest seems to be coming to." A voice rings into my ears, the only change from the darkness I was getting so dangerously used to. It was a woman, older than me, but by how much I could not tell. I was never good at telling age. "Another one so soon? It seems like you brought one over just yesterday." A second voice calls out, a younger voice; probably from a girl a little older than me. She seems a bit sad, it carries over through her voice. "I'm guessing you want him to stay here?"

A Pause.

"Please?" the first voice replied like a child, even though there was a hint of maturity in her voice. The second voice just grumbled an approval. A clapping is heard. "Wake up lazy bones." The first voice says softly, shaking me lightly. Light floods into sight, once again changing my world.

"Good morning to you too." I manage to mumble out.

I wake up in what appears to be an eastern styled house. The kind with the mats, tatami I believe. It looks old, shabby, and at some points just plain rotten. Just where am I? As if noting my confusion the older voice said, "You're in Gensokyo, to be more specific the Hakurei Shrine."

I look up to note the speaker. She has long blonde hair, a purple dress reminiscent of the Renaissance; and man was I off with her age! From her tone I was guessing about 40, but she did not look a day over 30; less even! She was carrying a closed parasol, purple and white just like her dress. I look to the other and note how she looks, in sharp contrast to the first one this girl gives off an eastern vibe. Sleek black hair, Japanese priestess clothing, ribbons in her hair and a voice with a edge sharp enough to cut right through the conversation as she utters a "welcome." She continues, "I am Reimu Hakurei, and this," she motions to the older lady, "is Yukari Yakumo. She brought you here a little over a day ago."

"I suppose thanks are in order-to both of you." I add hastily, not to offend. "Thank you miss Yukari, miss Reimu." I say, bowing to each in turn. I cannot help adding the titles, even if Reimu looks to be around my age, though I do not know why I do.

"You are welcome." Yukari says, "but I must be going now; Reimu, he's in your care."

"My, my" Reimu states, I note the distinct anger in her voice; "leaving so soon Yukari?" Soon is an understatement, she just brought me here and was leaving as soon as I awakened! "We have not even heard this man's name."

"Ah, sorry!" I blurt out awkwardly, "I'm Jack; Jack Spring."

"Welcome Jack, and goodbye." She shoots a quick glare at Reimu before walking away. "Enjoy your stay, you'll be here awhile." Before I can say anything she suddenly disappears, swallowed in an instant by a strange purple blob that appeared just as fast as she disappeared. Call me crazy, but were those ribbons on that blob?

...wait, WHAT! What just happened? I turn to Reimu and she still has that stoic, if somewhat disappointed look in her eyes. I stop to think for a moment and regain my composure. "Dream?" I ask, hoping to hear that one world that will make everything all better. She shakes her head much to my dismay.

"Okay then," I continue, "would you kindly explain just what is going on?" I restrain myself from raising my voice. My family always taught me that it's not what you say, but your tone in how you say it. "In detailed form s'il vous plait?" I add as an afterthought.

"You'd better sit down for this." She says. I look around a bit before she adds, "I'm sorry but there are no chairs." Jeez, how seedy can this shrine... oh right shrine can imply Japanese, and the Japanese don't always use chairs they sometimes...

"Just sit around the kotatsu." She says, finishing my thought. I sit around the blanket encased table and relax as the warmth envelops me. I have got to get one of these for home, I think, slowly drifting off topic. That is, if I get home. From Yukari's words, something was off...

"Ok, where to begin?" Reimu starts off. No time for relaxing, no siree, this is valuable information that I must listen to. If this is not a wacky dream then where am I, why did Yukari just vanish before my very eyes, and what in the world is a Gensokyo?

"Right now we are at the Hakurei Shrine,"

Alright noted,

The shrine maiden continues, "said to be the border between the two worlds,"

And now I'm how a conversation can lose you just like that.

Though I listen well, knowing that what she says next will clear everything up; "one of which is the world you are familiar with, and the other being Gensokyo; where we are right now." She stops and looks to me, I nod a quick approval. She continues again, "Basically Gensokyo was created many years ago to provide a safe haven for creatures of what you would call, a fantastical nature. Every creature you have heard tales about, in children's stories, in fairy tales; they will most likely be found here. You were talking with its creator before she so rudely left."

If there's only one thing I have learnt from public school, it's that questions will only be answered after a large monologue, speech, or bloc-o-text. You shouldn't really interrupt these things to ask questions, lest you miss out on valuable information. But I have to stop and think. That woman creating a world? She looks barely 30, and such a feat would break every convention of logic I know, so that means that...

"Yukari is one of those beings, and she is much more powerful; and probably older and wiser than she looks." I realize.

"Correct, though the proper term would be youkai, or as you would call them; demons." I shudder for a second. Yukari didn't look anything like a demon, she looked like a normal; if not strangely dressed, human. I don't know how rude this will sound, but I have to ask.

"Reimu are you a..."

"Far from it," she corrects me; sounding a little irked at the comment. "I am the Hakurei Shrine Maiden that keeps the border between the two worlds stable."

"I'm sorry," I apologize for the previous comment, "you just seemed wise beyond your years, and apparently youkai look younger than they really are..."

"Nice cover, but flattery will get you nowhere." She says, but her slight smile betrays her. Flattery will get you nowhere, hah!

"But really, she looked so..."

"Human? Yes many youkai can seem human just like you or I. However, they are still youkai, creatures great enough to have legends to their names. One would do well not to anger them."

That's a given, I don't even want to anger anyone; I wouldn't be so quick to piss off someone stronger than me.

Reimu continues, "Gensokyo was once part of the old world, a desolate land where many strong youkai resided. These youkai began to terrorize nearby settlements. Heroic humans were sent to slay them, and much fighting ensued. A little over 100 years ago, many humans and youkai erected a spiritual border to separate this land from the rest of the world. Youkai and human alike have continued to reinforce this boarder, though because of this Gensokyo has been mostly separated from the outside world. Today it's mostly a safe haven for youkai, a place where they could live freely without being attacked by a skeptical world."

"Sounds nice." I interrupt.

"You try maintaining the peace here, it comes at a price."

"Well, you have to work for all the best things in life."

"It seems like I'm doing all the work, and everyone else gets to live." The miko sighs. The room is silent for a few moments. Quick to change the subject, I start talking.

"But the boarder isn't perfect, that's why people get spirited away like me; am I right?"

"Well, you are right about the spirited away thing. On occasion things or even people pass through the boarder unknowingly, though many times they end up eaten by youkai and the items end up to be unusable. The gaps are usually maintained by Yukari, however there are always a few holes. On the other hand, Yukari brought you here on her own accord."

"Why is that?" The miko shrugs, I guess no one could truly get into the mind of Yukari Yakumo.

"Either way, the boarder is here at the shrine, and while Yukari can watch for holes in the boarder ,there must always be a Hakurei shrine maiden or else the border between the two worlds will dissipate and..."


"Something of that nature. As well, it is my duty to take care of something should an incident arise."


"As you may guess, youkai are very notorious trouble makers. Incidents have been occurring more and more often as of late, usually threatening lives or Gensokyo itself."

You would think with all these honors bestowed upon her that her shrine would at least be fully repaired. "Miss Reimu?" suddenly a light voice rings into the room. "The shrine has been swept and the tea is done, would you like me to bring you some?"

"I would love that." Reimu responds, to which a young looking maid with green hair comes in with two eastern style tea cups, warm to the touch.


The shrine is battered to kingdom come (exaggeration) but has a attractive maid that men would kill for (not an exaggeration) working here? What is this...

"Jack, this is Ruukoto the shrine's maid," Reimu introduces her to me and then turns to her. "Ruukoto this is Jack, he will be staying with us for awhile.

"Greeting Jack." She curtsies and responds with a sweet voice. "As you have been told I am Ruukoto, and I am a robot maid powered by nuclear fusion. If you have any questions or discrepancies please ask me or consult the user's manual." Nuclear-Powered-Robot maid. Strangest cock-block I've ever received, though that would not stop some of my more... eccentric friends. They may even become more desperate upon hearing this. By now I am the most confused I have ever been in my entire life, though I've almost never been really confused. Usually common sense or logic saves me. Hopefully they help me now and will continue to help me in the future.

"Do not worry, she says that to everyone, part of her...programming I believe it was called. Yeah, her programming I guess." Reimu states.

"Question! Ruukoto, isn't it a bit dangerous to rely on nuclear power?" I raise my hand, before realizing how stupid I must look.

"Extremely," she states, "when Reimu first got me I ran out and could not recharge." She continues on, completely missing my point. "Only once Miss Utsuho came to the surface could I actually be recharged."

"Utsuho?" I ask,

And the maid answers. "The Hell Raven, she uses nuclear power in her attacks and got the ability to control nuclear fusion from a god. She's fairly strong, though quite scatter brained." I shudder, isn't it a bit dangerous to have nuclear fusion in the hands of someone that can be described as scatter brained? Before I can state my worry, Reimu continues on with the introduction to a whole new world.

"To continue, most incidents in Gensokyo are resolved by fighting. Here we have a style of combat that involves 'danmaku' and 'spell card battles', more on those later."

She concludes abruptly, briefly adding, "Do you understand? You appear to have accepted all this very fast, remarkably. Most newcomers end up baffled for weeks."

"Taken in, yes; I understand everything you have told me. That everything I know is wrong, fantasy is real, and that I have been whisked away to another world. From the looks of it I won't be able to return soon."

"-Ever." Reimu interjects. Sigh, I thought as much...

"-But I do not accept it just yet." I utter the words that any skeptic would with a smile. "Prove it."

Reimu sighs and holds up her hand. From it a couple of glowing talismans appear. "These are my danmaku." She states, "There are many types of danmaku but these are mine. They take this shape because of my blood and my duty." She briefly motions her hand to the left, and the danmaku follow accordingly. She motions her hand to the right, and the talismans in turn. She flicks her wrist around and around, and the danmaku encircle her rapidly. "Now do you believe me?"

I'm tempted to say yes, but I feel if I do I will be leaving behind all I knew; my home and my past. Where I had no choice in that matter, I have my choice here. But being a skeptic wouldn't be good in a world of fantasy. Time to open my mind to the possibilities again. And for the first time since I was a child I feel the will to believe. However, I wouldn't just abandon my skepticism; it was a part of me and saved my life many times over.

I look into my tea, a reflection looking back again through the green waters. A skinny boy looks back at me, battered hair hastily tied into a ponytail. Very little color in his face, though it was slowly coming back as warmth enveloped him. Pretty tall, but mostly skin and bones. Wearing only some scoffed sneakers, a plain white tee shirt, and some jeans that are seriously way too faded. This was me, but something was missing.

"Reimu do you have my hat?" I say, going off topic.

"You mean this?" Ruukoto pulls out my greatest treasure from behind her back, my lucky fedora. An old battered hat, with no real memories to actually be lucky. But it was mine, and I wouldn't be myself without it. I put it on and look back at my reflection. Yes, this is me, and even in a fantasy world; that would never change.

But still, the fantasy must be verified. "Hit me."

She opens her eyes giving me that 'are you plain stupid' look I've received way too often. I just nod. If this was to be real, then I needed something solid to hold on to. I could just be getting punked, it could just be a light show; but even if it wasn't I would need to be able to take this. That is what my gut is telling me.

"Very well." She says as a good seven talismans hit me straight in the chest.

Spoiler Alert: It was the real deal, and I wasn't able to take it. The danmaku felt light, but the impact was harsh; and the area affected felt like it was burning. The charms stick around for a minute, protruding slightly from my chest. Then they just disappear, removing the only thing keeping the blood from flowing out of my chest. Ruukoto quickly patches me up with some cloth, wrapping it around the wounds.

"If this was a spell card battle, your wounds would dissipate for the most part; but the pain will still be there." Reimu states, still stoic as ever. Know this pain. Learn it. I would have to endure it in the future, and most likely much worse. I gasp for sweet oxygen.

"Okay," I breathe in heavily, that attack taking out most of my breath. "I believe you."

"I know this is a lot of information and you probably have a lot more questions, but you should really get some rest."

"One last question. You keep talking as if this has been done before. Has Yukari herself brought outsiders to Gensokyo in the past?"

"Well there was one, quite recently in fact."

"Can I meet him? I'm guessing we'll have a lot to talk about." I say with a smile.

"My memory of him is hazy, I can't tell you for certain."

"Ehh? You said quite recently, how could you forget his name?"

"Ah I remember now, he wasn't quite memorable and his name still eludes me, but..." Her face turns into a frown.


"He's no longer with us."

"I hope you mean he went home and lived happily ever after."

"He's... dead. Yes, he's dead Jack." And with that the conversation dies. Ruukoto motions me towards a small guest room with a futon. The shrine remains silent for the rest of the day and into the night. I just lay there and look at the shambling roof.

I've got a lot to think about, especially that last part.

Ok, Chapter 1 down, and all I got done was some brief introductions. JOY! So yeah, Jack here has his work cut out for him as he is thrown into the world of Gensokyo. I would continue on with this chapter, but I'll leave the actual stuff to chapters 2 onward. So here the dice have been thrown, will I hit the "Jack"-pot with this story (sorry), or will I be lost inside an ocean of bad writing. The worst part about this story is that, while I may improve over time; many will judge by the first chapter and then decide whether to continue reading or not. So I hope you can bear with me as I get the setting truly established and the characters truly set, ah who am I kidding, I hope you can just bear with my bad writing. If your reading this then you have made it through the first chapter! That or you just scrolled down looking for the ending (You know who you are~!). And for that, I thank you greatly. Reviews would be appreciated, though I myself feel that you usually can't get much criticism out of the first chapter. But then again, that's just my ignorance talking. Well, screw it! This story will continue on, even if it's to be hated by the masses. One creates something to make it exist, and this is just the case. Nothing's truly happened yet (unless you count exposition as something, that and being hurled into another world.) Ah well, Signing off for now!

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