Ladies, gentlemen, other, this is the very-final-last-finishing-chapter of From Gensokyo With Danmaku!

It's being restarted with the title 'Outsider's Chaos.'

So, yeah, here we go.

It should be up by now.

If you liked this work, please support the new 'official' release by... reading and reviewing it.

If you didn't like it, and feel copped-out by reading this far, I am sorry.

Anyway... thank you all for supporting me, this remake goes to you, the honorable readers.

And if you feel this was better than the remake (my greatest fear...) I'm not jut going to apologize. I'm going to give you one hug. I-it's not like I'm doing this because I like you guys...

So let's end this on a high note!

For all you readers I give you... a mental image of Jack in a silken dress and Marisa in an Armani!

You're thinking about it, aren't you?

Or are you wondering what Reimu's wearing?

You will find out soon my dears...