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This chapter is about Michael searching for a donor.

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I'll Give You My Heart

Chapter 2: Have To Wait

It's been two weeks since the shot was fired by Percy.

Michael walked and walked and walked...

He has been thinking of how to get a heart that is the same type as Nikita's.

He did nothing but search for a donor.

He passed by another donation center...

Inside there were a lot of people, needing blood, kidneys, hearts.

He approached the lady who looks like she's in charge. "Excuse me? I'm looking for a heart donor."

The lady faced him. She looks like she's in her mid 50's, blonde hair with a couple of white hair. She smiled at Michael. "Right this way...uh"

"Michael." Michael held out his hand.

The lady reached for his hand and shook it. "Right this way Michael. I'm Carrie by the way."

They went to a big office that has a lot of cabinets.

Carrie turned to face him. "So who needs it?"

Michael swallowed. "My girlfriend, someone shot her and..." Michael knew he can't continue anymore so he just hung his head down and shook his head.

Carrie noticed his hesitation and offered a sad smile. "It's alright son, you don't have o tell me. So what is her heart type?"

Michael brought his head back up to look at her. "AB+"

Carrie frowned a bit and shook her head.

Michael noticed this and became worried. "Is there something wrong?"

Carrie offered a seat to Michael and she sat on her chair and opened her laptop.

"Michael, my dear... AB+ is a very rare type of heart. According to the list of people who needs a heart type of AB+, your girlfriend is on the #51 of the wating list. I'm very sorry."

Michael closed his eyes, preventing the tears to form in his eyes. He looked up again. "What can I do?"

Carrie exhaled. "I'm afraid all we can do now is to wait."

Michael stood up. "Thank you Carrie. Just let me know when a donor gets here."

With that, Michael walked away and went outside. Leaving Carrie without waiting for a response.

It was raining. pretty hard outside. Michael didn't have any umbrella, but luckily his jacket had a hood.

He didn't care how much the rain will pour, he just want to find a donor for Nikita.

He'll do anything just to keep her alive.

But this time he needs some time alone.

Michael walked by a park and sat on a bench, no one was there but him.

His mind drifted to the happy times Nikita and he spent together.


Michael was in the kitchen, preparing breakfat for Nikita.

He was flipping the pancakes when suddenly he felt eyes on his back. He turned around to saw Nikita smiling at him.

"Well good morning, sleeping beauty." Michael greeted.

Nikita walked closer to Michael and snaked her arms around his neck and kissed him tenderly on the lips. "Good morning to you too, my handsome prince charming." Nikita grinned.

Nikita yelped when she felt herself being hoist up by Michael in a bridal style.

"Michael! Put me down!" Nikita yelled while laughing out loud.

"Do you really want me to put you down?" Michael teased.

Nkita smirked. "Not really." Nikita kissed him again on the lips but this time more fiercely.

Then they smelled something burning and they pulled away from each other.

"Michael the pancakes!"

"Holy s***!"

Michael quickly turned off the stove and coughed because of the smoke that the burnt pancakes have created.

While he was coughing Nikita was laughing at him in the background.

"What are you laughing at?" Michael asked playfully.

Nikita held her stomach while laughing hard. "You should have seen your face!" Nikita said pointing at his face.

Michael smiled. "You do realize we don't have anything to eat anymore."

Nikita wrapped her arms around his neck and planted small kisses on his neck. "I'm not really hungry anymore, why don't we just get back to bed and do something more fun."

Without any second thoughts. Michael lifted Nikita and kissed her with all of his passion. And they continued kissing until the were inside their room.

End of flashback

Michael smiled at the thought but then he realized that Nikita is now in danger.

He wants so badly to do that with her again.

Fooling around with her.

Making burnt pancakes.

Kissing her.

God, he misses her.

He wonders, will he get a miracle or will Nikita suffer longer.


Poor Michael!

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