Hello Cars Lovers. If you guys were disappointed because of Doc's death in Cars 2 … and rare Sally and McQueen moments, well I will try to fix it. Hope you'll like it, it's my very first Cars story … and it's not my first language…so please be kind.

Prehistory: Already four months have passed since the World Grand Prix. Of course it took a lot of time for Lightning to forget all the accidents during his races. Sure it was a great shocker, but he rarely showed his weakness, confusion or tiredness. Though any of his other friends and even Mater, could buy on it, but not Sally. She was worried about him, his attitude was changing… of course not in the bad way, but sometimes she missed that cocky, a bit annoying hotrod she fell in love with. Since then Lightning became a bit more responsible, he started to understand exactly what he wanted to do with his life. He was managing to help Sally in the motels a lot, trying to handle both- racing career and his real life, even if it took all of his powers every day and also sleepless nights. Not to mention all this, he was getting prepared for his Championship races in LA. The situation was such. There were going to be two racing teams… 10 racecars in each of them. 3 races in the LA stadium, only those racecars who get the most of points would get to the last lap and there could be only one winner. To McQueen's relief he got into the team which contained most of the WGP racecars- Francesco Bernoulli, Jeff Gorvette, Lewis Hamilton, Carla Veloso, Nigel Gearsley and Miguel Camino. Bart Horan- one of the most famous training experts, gladly offered his help, not only in training them, but also letting them be in his own racing university in LA. Any other time McQueen would resist, but now he found it not quite right, cause he really needed to train seriously if he wanted to stay in form, so he accepted it. Little did he know that Christmas was going to turn his life upside down.

Chapter 1(Home this Christmas)

December 18, LA stadium. After 3 days of hard snowfalls, the whole stadium was covered with snow and ice. That's logically why the stadium was empty, except one of the VIP watcher cabins. Bart Horan was standing there, deep in thoughts. He had a gloomy expression on his face and his breathing was rapid and unsure, as if something bothered him a lot and he knew that something was going to happen soon, actually he was waiting for it. He just couldn't get that phone call off his mind. Maybe it was a joke…and a really evil one. Not every day he was getting a call that could leave him speechless. Him…speechless. The one that called him, was one of his close friends… if not the closest. Only that friend has been announced dead a few years ago and then he was talking to him as if nothing ever happened. He checked the clock…it was 09:00 AM already. He sighed nervously… his friend could be there any at any moment. Bart couldn't figure out what he was feeling… happiness or fear? He just needed to relax and act normal. But was that all normal? No…it was anything but normal. He let out another helpless sigh… Plus he had to practice with his team in an hour. Suddenly a very familiar voice called from his back. With the same calm note in it, still a bit grumpy…yet the same. Though he was happy to hear it, still it brought chills to him.

"Good morning Bart. Been a long time, huh?"

Bart turned around to see his old pal. It was him… really him. No one else , but him. Nothing much has changed…actually nothing has. But still it was him… The Fabulous Hudson Hornet... his old friend.

"Hudson? I-Is that really you?"

Doc chuckled awkwardly and found a sudden interest In the floor.

"I guess so…" he answered uneasily.

After Bart got sure that it was really him, they started to talk about the times they spent together, laughed randomly and even remembered their own racing careers. That was before Bart paused for a while to make up the events of that morning in his mind. Doc took it as an opportunity to look out of the cabin window…and watch the empty stadium. Bart's happy expression soon has been replaced with a thoughtful one. He very suddenly spoke to Doc with concerned tone in his tone.

"Why was all that Hudson? You could've told me what was the deal…"

Doc never turned his gaze off the window…he just sighed deeply and answered with his usual calm voice.

"I've told you already. I had no choice. It was the only way to keep the town and all of the cars living there in safety."

Bart knew that his questions would annoy Doc, but he still continue.

"What? Seriously Doc, do you really think that just because you are friends with that British agent would make the town or anybody get doomed. Sorry but I think it's ridiculous."

Doc shot him a glare and answered, trying really hard not to betray his calm voice.

"I honestly would like to laugh, Horan…but why can't I? I know I've failed many things in my life just because of it, but I would never let anything happen to the ones I care about the most."

Bart shrugged and nodded knowingly. He drove forward and joined Doc beside the window. But soon Bart shook his head and continued still not giving up his point.

"I can understand all of that… but you know I'm not the one who really needs to know about all the little things that had happened."

Doc quickly guessed whom he was talking about and couldn't help but sigh. Bart nodded , satisfied that he got what he was saying.

"Yes, you guessed right. You always said you loved and treated him like your own son… and then you're turning out something like that. I know it's possibly not my job, but guess what? He took it pretty hard. He was broken… I don't say I know him that well, but even I understand that it was too harsh, don't you think?"

Doc said nothing, just gave an 'I don't know' sign. It was impossible to tell what was going on in his soul. He knew that he did what was for the best of all. Why did he feel guilty then? The truth is that it hurt him to hear all of that. Bart continued still with his stern voice.

"The poor kid thought…or wait, thinks that you are dead. Do you even think how you're going to look him in the eyes after all this mess…or how he will get all this?"

Doc turned to him with a very sad expression on his face.

"I know what I've done Bart…and just because I care for him…I did what was the best."

Bart didn't know what else to say. Somehow the most important things sometimes are discussed less. Doc broke the uncomfortable silence and asked.

"Well, mmm…I heard he is in your team now. So, how is he doing?"

Bart chuckled and shook his head, answering.

"Honestly? He is on my nerves. No training without being late. No day without a certain accident. A great dictionary of sarcastic answers…I think he took it from you. And still don't get what he and that Italian racecar can't share. "

Doc truly laughed at this. How much he'd like to be there all this time. How much he'd like to be his crew chief again. He always got to yell at him for the silliest things, sure sometimes he could really freak him out. But now he would give anything just to bring back all those times. Then Bart continued.

"But put it all aside… I admit."

Doc looked at him with a bit confused look.

"…I admit that he is one of the greatest race cars that I've ever got to train. I think you did a pretty good job, Hudson."

Doc had never been so proud of him in his whole life. And also he would give everything just to tell Lightning, how proud of him he was. Doc smiled widely and answered. "Thank you." Bart smiled too and asked. "So… the Fabulous Hudson Hornet is officially back, huh?" Doc chuckled and said. "I think so. McMissile's archenemy is isolated, so I'd like to spend this Christmas at home."

"Good. You know what? Let's have some hot fuel before my students get here and ruin this peaceful morning."

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