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Chapter 2(Forever Young)

So many thoughts were running through Doc's mind . He just met his old friend… so many memories they once lived together. How many times they got into troubles and how many times they got out of them helping each other out. And there he was ,after all these years, parked in front of the person who gladly accepted him back no matter what. It was hard to believe that one period of their life they became enemies… or better said 'frenemies'.

When they entered the world of racing, no matter what kind of friends they were it was really hard to resist the never ending rollercoaster of fame. Yes. The Fabulous Hudson Hornet once was a hotheaded rookie… believe it or not. As soon as the fame got into their hoods, they started to competet endlessly, argue about the smallest things and never give in one another. Friendship ends when you stop sharing… but their friendship was far not a normal one. Sometimes it seemed that they even enjoyed the battles going on and sometimes they didn't even want to hear about each other.

But it is a common fact that "A friend in need is a friend indeed". Yeah something like Doc's wreck in far 1954 should accure to stop their previous life and totally change it. During their whole 10 years old friendship, Bart had never seen him that broken. He was broken… both literally and mentally. It scared Bart Horan to even imagine the condition his friend was in…to realize that he could race no more. Doc would probably not live all the treatments if that same day Bart wouldn't swallow his pride and put aside all their disagreements to be there for his friend. None of them was ready to accept a challenge like that…but life never asks, right? Very soon Doc was his old self…at some point. All his damages were fixed with some medical support…but Doc was suffering with something that was much more disastrous than the wreck's caused damages. And that started just the day when he was finally discharged from the hospital. When he drove out of the hospital's doors and felt reality hit him like tons of stones. Never ever the Fabulous Hudson Hornet thought that one day he would be asking himself a question like "What to do with my life next?" They took away all he had. His freedom, his only way of expressing himself…his life. Was there any other reasons to carry on?

The depression and nervous break downs became a very usual things during the first few weeks, though somehow he started to gradually accept his part of destiny. It was about Bart that was so not going to see his one best friend in the whole world like that. That's exactly why he as well quit racing, explaining that he was not that good at racing anyway. Plus what was the reason to give his racing career a chance…if they never gave a chance to his friend that was way better than him. Yes he did admit It. Doc was both shocked and touched when he was told about it, but immediately started to talk back his friend…telling that he didn't understand what he was doing. But Bart refused to hear anything and stayed faithful to his decision and started to give training sessions. Bart's brave step made Doc realize that in fact it was possible to move on. That he also needed to let go of his past and try to start living with a pure sheet of paper. That's why decided to choose something that would never remind him of his previous life. He became a doctor. But it was harder than he thought it would be. The scars were too deep and no matter how hard he tried to let go…he just couldn't. Even the smallest things brought up bitter memories to him. Then again Bart came to the rescue, offering him to stay in a small town that was along Route 66… a small town in carburetor county. That was just what he needed… to isolate himself somewhere far away, where no one knew his name.

Well we all know what happened to Doc's life next. Huh… one might consider this page as the darkest and the most painful page of his life… but believe it or not it is not… not at all. Past five years he was hiding… he was running. But this time not from his past…no. But from the heartbreaking reality that kept chasing him wherever he went. Not once deep inside, he cursed the day he met that british agent, but at the same time he was just not able to hate on his friend… it was not his false at all. Doc did what anybody else would. He was not expecting the townsfolk to accept him back like nothing happened, no… He knew that he was in a sad situation but to live without the ones he cared about the most…was no longer possible. Receiving some news every once in a while about the residents of the town always caused him so much happiness…Though nothing could be compared to the feeling and the pride swelling him every time he would learn of Lightning's victories and achievements. That kid had a spark in him, something that reminded Doc of his own youth… of himself. Maybe that's the reason why he would always act more fatherly around him…Just maybe he never wanted the kid to make the same mistakes he once made. Thought he never denied that the rookie had become just like a son to him.

Doc sighed…how many things had happened the past year. And he just should deal with the fact that he could not bring back the time. He realized the possible fact of Lightning or the others not accepting him… after all they thought he was dead. Doc flinched only imagining that. Bart looked up from his newspaper and threw a glance at Hudson parked across from him. He never touched his fuel and now was staring blankly outside the window. Bart knew Doc for so long and was rather used to his friend getting lost in his thoughts and not minding anything or anyone around. He chuckled and put the newspaper aside. He had missed that never pleased, almost annoying but at the same time honest and kind old man. Bart cleared his throat to draw his attention and was not surprised that he failed in it. He sighed and spoke up loudly. "These kids are late…again! Seriously this time they won't just get away with 100 laps!" Doc shook his head at first surprised by someone else's presence but then remembered what was going on. He just chuckled at it half heartedly. Five years ago Lightning was being late to HIS trainings… but now he would give anything to bring back all those times. Bart raised an eyebrow at him.

"Okay, what's wrong Hudson?"

Doc was taken aback by his question and gave him a wandering look. Bart sighed and continued. "Hudson, everything will be fine. You know what's your problem? You always think too much…therefore you always end up torturing yourself with no reason at all."

Doc sighed and again turned his gaze out of the window. "I don't know Bart… so many things had changed and…" "And nothing. Hudson believe me nothing changed!"

Doc shrugged and turned his attention back to his fuel and sighed once again. Bart cleared his throat and tried his best to lighten his friend's mood.

"So…what are you planning to do today?" "I don't know yet…I need to meet McMissile around 4 and then…maybe I should stop at some hotel and…"

Bart raised an eyebrow at him. "Wait…you mean you are not meeting Lightning today? He will be here soon…you know I can l-l-le…" he made some choking sounds in disbelief that he was really going to say it.

Doc smirked and asked. "What? Speak clearer." Bart nodded still grimacing. "Yeah… I can l-le… le-t him g-go for today… but only today!"

Doc chuckled and answered. "Come on… he is not THAT bad!" Bart made a serious face and answered sternly . "Oh yes he is." Causing Doc to laugh.

Then Doc said. "Anyway I don't think it's time…just yet. I'll talk to Finn first." Bart nodded and got back to his newspaper.