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When Jasper and Edward collided neither man got the advantage at first. Edward had his hands almost wrapped around Jasper's throat and Jasper had his hands pushing against the bronze haired male's shoulders in order to keep him at bay. Both men struggled as they tried to gain the upper hand. Both of them ignoring Alice and pleas for them to stop what they were doing before somebody got hurt. This was a battle of the heart and neither of them would give up. Not until blood was shed at least.

"You can't have her!" Edward yelled even as Jasper pushed his head sideways in order to try and knock him off balance. "Alice is good and pure and I will not let you ruin her! If you really cared about her as both she and you claim then you would do what is best for you. You would let her go free so that she could have a normal life. I could make her happy I know that I could. I could give her a life where she doesn't have to hide from the world. She would be able to stay in the light with me. Alice doesn't belong in the shadows with someone like you."

The masked man laughed bitterly as he shoved Edward hard against the wall opposite of Alice. The small tree house shook from the force of the impact. "You think I don't know that? You think I don't know that she deserves a better life than I could ever give her? You insolent fool of course I know this, but it is far too late now. I tried to keep her away and yet she came searching for me. My Alice wants to be with me and I will not allow you to force her in to doing something she does not desire. I was going to make her come with me, but I realize it would be the wrong thing to do. It is her choice to stay with me and live in the shadows."

"Because you did something to her!" Edward snapped back getting back to his feet a little shakily. Once he was up and sure he wasn't going to fall he squared his shoulders and took a menacing step forward. "She is probably terrified of what you would do if she said no. Scaring someone in to doing what you wish is just as bad as kidnapping and you have done both."

"She has the right to make her own decisions and the choice has been made." Jasper hissed narrowing his one good eye before glancing at his love that still happened to be tied up. "Also what right do you have to condemn me for my sins when what you have done is no better? You forced her here against her will and at least I had the decency to not tie her up."

Alice who had been silent for a while now continued to try and free herself from her bonds, she had found a nail behind her and kept rubbing the rope against it as she tugged. Her plan was to cut them enough that her binds weakened to the point she was able to break them completely. Since she could feel the rope starting to loosen, she continued knowing that time was of upmost importance. Both men looked about ready to snap and she could not let that happen.

"I am doing what I have to do in order to keep her safe." The bronze haired male stated as he glanced at Alice to ensure that she was still safe. "In time I know that she will forgive me for doing what I had to do. Unlike you I only want what is best for her and we both know that you are not it."

The scarred man hissed in anger as shot forward. This time he managed to get one hand around Edward's throat as he slammed his head against the floor and used his other hand to pull out a knife he'd had concealed. He pressed the blade against Edward's throat. "Did you know that jealousy is a sin? Since I am the one with the weapon I will dish out your punishment and your punishment is death."

"NO!" Alice cried tugging even harder at her restraints finally feeling them starting to give way.

Jasper having been startled by her scream was caught off guard when Edward managed to take control of the situation and flip them so that he now had Jasper pinned to the floor with the tip of the knife pressing against his heart. "It looks like you lose."

When the tiny woman felt the rope finally snap she didn't think and instead chose to act. Her little body went flying forward and she managed to knock Edward off of Jasper. The knife went flying out of his hands and to the floor. "I can't let you do it Edward; I can't let you kill him. I love him too much to allow you to hurt him and I won't let him hurt you either, but I am going to leave with him and you can't stop me. Please know that I love you and I am sorry if I hurt you, but I have to follow my heart and it's not leading me to you."

"Alice you can't leave me." He replied in a broken voice reaching out to touch her cheek. "Please just stay here with me and I swear to you that we will figure it out."

"My Alice I am afraid we must go now." Jasper came up behind her and offered her his hand showing her that he was giving her choice. "They will be coming to search the woods soon and we cannot be here when they come."

"I know." She told him sending her brother a look full of apology as she stood up and took the Phantoms hand before they disappeared in to the darkness of the night.

The End!

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