1Crash Bandicoot: N. Dustrialized- Chapter 1

by ~mcp100

Chapter 1: The Tiger & The Temple

In the Mojo temple of a slowly changing Wumpa Island, a drowsy Crash Bandicoot hangs upside down from a rope. He scratches his head in confusion wondering how he got like this. He then sees someone closing in on him. The silhouette is a young, feminine figure with cat ears, yellow eyes, & a long tail. Crash then gets frightened, & tries desperately to escape. She walks up to him...

Jade- "Hey, calm down, 'hero'! Wow, so this is how you get into shape, huh?"

Crash can't take his eyes off of the Bengal Tigress, he was confused & attracted to her at first sight.

Jade- "Okay, I know you're not much of a talker, but you-"

Just then, Aku Aku magically appears to tell Crash of a new danger.

Aku- "Crash, you must come quick! I sense that a processing danger is taking over the islands. No doubt that this is Cortex's dirty work, again. Come, we must hurry."

Crash stares at Aku with a frown, letting him know that he can't get free(duh). He then sees Jade...

Aku- "& you are..."

Jade- "Jade, Jade Tiger. & let me just say, wow, that is some sick puppetry going on! Who's voicing this thing? & how are they doing it here, I don't see any lines hanging from anywhere."

Crash- "*giggles*"

Aku- "I am a Witch Doctor Mask, meaning I possess magical powers that I use for good."

Jade- "Whoa, in that case, could you do a magic trick?"

Aku- "Errm, there's no time, I have to free Crash so that we can figure out what's going on here."

Crash- "*clears throat* AHEM!"

Jade- "Oh, right. Don't fret, i'll get him down."

She pops out her claws & slices the rope off, leaving Crash to fall on his head. He gets up scratching his dark-red mohawk.

Aku- "Let's go Crash, c'mon Jade, this place is- wait a minute. Jade, this is a temple with danger around every corner, pits, traps, & irritating cob webs! How did you get to Crash?"

Jade- "Simple, just followed his 'scent'."

Crash & Aku both stare at each other with one eyebrow raised.

Jade- "Well, race ya outside!"*sprints off*

Jade rushes off in a burst of speed. Crash & Aku goes after her to make sure she doesn't get hurt. But, they see her do many acrobatic flips onto walls & platforms, she even used her tail to swing around! It was simply attention-grabbing.

Crash- "Whoa."

Aku- "Yes, the girl seems to possess skills that are indeed 'mind-blowing', but she is a 'big-cat', what did you expect?"

The trio reaches outside & into the jungle.

Jade- "Impressed, huh? Just a few years of exercise in a big, green jungle, & next thing you know, all that adventuring leads you up to something big..."

Crash almost gets what Jade is trying to say, & smiles at her with thumbs up, but Aku Aku gets 100% of what she's saying, & is not amused.

Aku- "I am guessing that you want to come with us on the new mission."

Jade- "That's right, I want in. I heard you said "Cortex" is planning something new & big, & you guys aren't the only ones who want to teach him a lesson." *claws pop out*

Crash- "Eep!"

Aku- "It is too dangerous, Jade. Knowing Cortex is one thing, but knowing 'what he will do' is a completely different story. I sense that he is working with an unfamiliar ally this time, an ally who is an expert at making traps..."

Then, Crash slowly starts to remember how he ended up hanging upside down earlier. He also remembers who did it to him & then imitates their appearance. He shows that it's a female figure with pulled back hair & a mole on her face.

Jade- "Eugh! Whoever it was that trapped you does NOT have a good taste in hair-dos."

Aku- "Wait, I have seen this person somewhere. She had a Power Crystal with her at one point. Maybe she was giving it to Dr. Cortex for the scheme."

Just then, the blue sky turns into a smoky, brownish-tan & all of the birds fall to the ground.

Aku- "Oh-no, Cortex's plan may have already commenced! We must get home now, Crash. Jade, get somewhere safe, please!"

Jade- "Hey, I told you I was coming with you guys, I want to know what the fuzz is going on here."

Aku finds that there's no time to argue, so he lets Jade come to their house.

Aku- "*sigh*, fine. You can come to our house, but only to find out what is going on and THEN, you must go home." *rushes off*

Jade starts to feel depressed.

Jade- "But, I don't have a home."

The Tigress said so to herself in a low voice, she's sad for one second, but when Crash comes to her, her smile comes back.

Jade- "C'mon, hero. Adventure awaits..." *runs off*

She then runs off like a bullet from a gun. Crash stops following for a minute and looks up at the sky. He then cracks his knuckles and looks at the audience, letting them know...


(end of chapter 1)