Chapter 16: GET ANDREA!

In another part of the city far-away, the two evil doctors, Cortex & N. Trap, ride the hover-glider searching the building rooftops for Andrea Amberly, who has stolen a Power Crystal. They hide behind one building after setting up a trap for her.

N. Trap: "Oh, Andrea! Come out & play…"

Cortex: "She has nowhere to hide now! We're prepared this time, isn't that right, N. Trap?"

She holds & activates up a "trap-setter" device & puts an evil smile on her face.

N. Trap: "Ooo, very right, mhmhmhm!"

Cortex: "With my latest creation, the N. Sect, that foolish Bandicoot & his pathetic crew doesn't stand a chance! In fact, let me check up on my new pet & see how he's bearing."

Cortex checks in on the now-drowned N. Sect robot through a walkie-talkie, but no response comes back.

Cortex: "Cortex to N. Sect, please respond. *waits a few seconds*, Cortex to N. Sect, come on you blasted pile of tin-can! Why doesn't he answer? "

The walkie-talkie spits out water onto Cortex's face.

Cortex: "WHAT IN-"


Cortex: "Uhh, it's "Titanic" actually, N. Trap."

N. Trap: "Whatever! The point is that Crash is still alive, & as long as he is, he is going to get to the electric-girl before us, & then destroy our plans!"

Cortex: "Uh-uh, that ain't happenin' again, sister! Our pet may have died, but your new trap is still going to stop both Andrea before Crash does. I mean, hopefully it will."

N. Trap looks at Cortex with another scowl; I guess Cortex doesn't know the right things to say to women most of the time.

N. Trap: "What is that supposed to mean? There you go doubting me again, meanwhile one of YOUR creations once again fails stop that darn bandicoot!"

Cortex: "Okay, really? Must you always start stuff like this? All I said was-"


The bickering evil doctors hear that someone gets into N. Trap's trap.

N. Trap: "AHA! You were saying?"

Cortex: "YES, I was right! No Amberly can or ever will ever outsmart me! That Crystal is mine!"

Cortex goes out onto the building to see if Andrea's trapped while N. Trap rolls her eyes & face palms herself out of disgust. Cortex discovers a surprising sight…


N. Trap: "Huh?"

Crash is seen in the trap, he smiles & waves at Cortex. Aku Aku rolls his eyes.

Cortex: "You moron! I don't know whether to be happy or angry! You weren't supposed to be the one who gets trapped!"

Aku: "A trap? For who- waaaiiiit a minute! Did you really think that a trap like this would get Andrea?"

N. Trap: "Are you insulting my creations, puppet-mask?"

Aku: "& THAT IS ANOTHER THING: I AM NOT A PUPPET-MASK! I am a witch-doctor mask! No more puppet-mask, GOT IT, NARRATOR?"

Okay, okay, sorry! I thought it would be funny, geez!

Aku: *ahem*, anyway, I was saying that this trap will not work because, Andrea is right over there."

Andrea: "Long-time no-see, losers!"

Andrea Amberly is seen standing by a wall on the rooftop. She comes to the group ready to fight, with the 5th Power Crystal in her hands.

Andrea: "Looking for this? I knew you guys would come after me for it! The infamous Crash Bandicoot, everyone's hero, & YOU, Cortex, the most hated man on Earth & the one who killed my mother! You & your girlfriend are going down first, & then I'll be glad to do some animal abuse!"

Cortex: "GIRLFRIEND? Girl please!"

N. Trap: "As if! Now give us that Crystal, missy, or I'll make sure that you stay in detention at your school!"

Cortex & N. Trap square off at Andrea, while Aku Aku tries to free Crash of the trap.

Aku: Do not worry, Crash, my magic will free you in no time!"

Crash: "*nods head*"

Back to the square off, Cortex gets out his ray-gun & N. Trap gets out hers, too.

Andrea: "Come at me, bro, & uhh, sis!"

Crash is finally freed of the trap, & he joins in the fight as it's about to begin. Cortex, N. Trap, & Aku altogether shout:


Everyone charges with full-force towards Andrea, but she uses her electric powers to deflect everyone back. While they try to get back up, Cortex tries to shoot at Crash.

Cortex: "Stay out of the way, you brainless marsupial! That Crystal belongs to us!"

Crash dodges the shot & hops over to lay a punch on Cortex, then runs over to Andrea to get the Crystal.


Cortex: "Ow! You messed up my N!"

Crash: "*blows raspberries*"

N. Trap: "Not so fast! HI-YA!"


N. Trap: "Ha! Didn't think I had the skills, no? 4 years of karate has paid off!"

Andrea: "Um, hello? What about me? Got a Crystal here!"

N. Trap: "C'mon, Bandicoot! Are you not going to fight back?"

Crash gets up & wipes the blood from his nose. He balls his fists & growls at both N. Trap & Cortex.

Cortex: "Destroy the Bandicoot first! Then we'll take care of the girl!"

Andrea: "Or how about this!"

Andrea uses electricity to pick up a water tower & hurl it towards the others. The water splashes onto Crash, N. Trap, & Cortex, washing them back as they head for the edge of the rooftop. Crash grabs on to a pole, while Cortex & N. Trap are sent hurled off the building.

Cortex & N. Trap: "AAAAAAAAHHHHH!" *CRASH*

They both fall into a garbage can. Back on the rooftop, a wet-furred Crash rises up in agony & walks up back to Andrea.

Andrea: "Don't you ever know when to give up?"

Crash: "*shakes head*"

Aku: "Andrea, we are asking you only one more time, give us the Crystal! We want to stop the N. Dustries as much as you do!"

Andrea: "You guys don't know what I want! I want to stop the N. Dustries AND become the most powerful being on this miserable planet! With a few more Crystals, I know that'll happen!"

Crash charges towards Andrea, she shoots at him but he dodges every attack. He goes for the Crystal & grabs it, but Andrea isn't done yet.

Andrea: "Hey! I need that!"

Aku Aku grabs her with his magic powers. She tries to move & generate electricity, but under Aku's force, she's powerless. Crash does his trademark dance as he finally gets the 5th Crystal from Andrea Amberly, after days of searching. Aku sees if Cortex & N. Trap are still in the garbage can, but they are gone.

Aku: "I knew those two would cower-out. We will deal with them later, but PHEW, we have finally gotten this Crystal from Andrea! Now to think of a way to punish this troublemaker. I think I have the perfect solution…"

Andrea: "You irritants will pay for this! Wait, what?"

Crash: "Hehehehehe!"

-(At a nearby school)-

A crowd of students laugh at Andrea as she's tied to a Flag-Pole in front of their school.

Andrea: "Grrr, once I get free, which may take all day, YOU ALL WILL-*clunk* OW, YOU MESSED UP MY A!"

A soda-can is thrown at her head by a student. Aku Aku & Crash look back at her as they walk off in search for N. Trap & Cortex, & the last Power Crystal.

(End of Ch. 16)