Chapter 20: End It With An Epilogue

-Coco Bandicoot was awarded for her scientific inventions. She hid the fact that the tech-lab she created was from Dr. Cortex's "Doominator".

-Crunch Bandicoot met with three girls on a blind-date. Soon, he was starting to choose his fiance, that is, until one of the girls find Pinky, Crunch's pink teddy-bear, in his bed. Now, he still remains single.

-Pura grows jealous of Jade hanging out with Coco more than him, so he starts setting harmful traps for her. Unfortunately, in this case, he's "Wild E. Coyote & Jade is Road-Runner". The funny thing is, Jade is not even aware of Pura doing this, she still likes Pura.

-Farmer Ernest moves to Wumpa Island after his home & farm on N. Sanity Island was bombed. He soon starts a new farm & uses his newly-grown crops to sell for profit. Unfortunately, his competition, Koala Kong, quits due to losing customers to Ernest.

-Koala Kong, now reformed, was succeeding in his Eucalyptus Sandwich business. But when Ernest started a similar business & took his customers, he quit & started a rock-band. The band's name is "Rock", & the songs are mostly about rock-s. At this rate, he's soon going to be kicking them.

-Andrea Amberly still remains tied to the flagpole at the city-school. Now whenever the schools power goes out, her electrical powers, ignited by her anger, can bring it back on.

-The Komodo Bros.continue to sword-fight. They took a long break from it after Komodo Joe comes back from the hospital from getting his tail re-attached. Remember, kids, leave sword-fighting to the professionals, that means you, too, Komodo Moe!

-Hypno-Potamus returns to his master, N. Trance, who even though was only mentioned in this fan-fic, forces his protege to smack himself repeatedly until his grey face turned dark-purple for double-crossing him. Yep, Hypnotism's a powerful thing!

-Papu Papu now hosts a boar-fighting tournament, where the Tribesmen must fight & kill boars. Those who don't get gutted can feast as the victor with Papu.

-Nina Cortex is now the new school-bully of the Evil Public School. She runs the hallways with a bionic-fist. Anyone who dissed her failure of an uncle, Dr. Cortex, would become her friend, & anyone who compliments her uncle would lose their teeth, their lunch-money, their consciousness, & possibly their life.

-Dr. N. Gin comes home with a model-rocket. He then plans to sell it to secretly get money for a Wumpa-Whip maker. One kid buys the model-rocket & takes it home, little does he know that a few "evil" modifications were made to it.

-Tiny Tiger continues to lifts weights, play checkers against himself, & eat ice-cream. Then the next day, he lifts weights, plays checkers against himself, & eats ice-cream. Basically, this is his everyday cycle, it's NEVER-ENDING!

-Dingodile decides that he wants to turn his flame-thrower into a jet-pack. He makes it & then test drives it in the sky, but the unlimited fuel points him in only one direction: up. He hasn't come back down for days, hopefully he's wearing a helmet!

-Pinstripe Potoroo gets arrested for gang-violence. As he goes to jail, he says to his posse, "Tell my wife, I love her!". By wife, he didn't necessarily mean Tawna, he meant his Tommy-gun.

-Tawna Bandicoot didn't appear in "N. Dustrialized", but right now she's single. She will appear on the next season of "Mob Wives".

-Yaya Panda now teaches a new kung-fu style at her dojo. She calls it, "The Dance of the Bandicoot". It's Crash's trademark dance, only more aggressive towards baddies if you know what I mean!

-Pasadena O' Possum is still openly in love with Crash. Lately she's been following him around a lot, which prompts him to put a restraining order on her, & eventually a call of the police. Unsurprisingly, none of that stops her. The power of love prevails, not just playing-dead!

-Fake Crash has been telling Jade that he's the real Crash & they should go out. Jade knows he's not the real Crash & refuses. Then Fake Crash curiously grabs her tail, soon landing him in a neck-brace & a wheel-chair.

-The Trophy Girls, Ami, Liz, Isabella, & Megumi, reunited together to start cheering again. This time, they & everyone else would cheer on Crash when he finally cleans his room after 16 years.

-Uka Uka escapes from the N. Dustrial Base after it's wreckage from Coco's erase-o-matic causes all N. Dustries to be destroyed, leaving N. Trap & Cortex in the wreckage, who are probably still bickering to each other. Uka Uka swears revenge, & that next time he'll have the most horrible scheme ever.

-Dr. N. Trap goes back to her home in Berlin, swearing revenge. She still continues to make traps that she plans on using on Crash Bandicoot one day. Unfortunately, one of the traps go wrong, & she is now stuck in them. Looks like it's going to be a little longer before she gets her revenge.

-Dr. Neo Cortex is seen roaming the streets of the city a once-again broken man. He tries to hitch a ride, but then he sees Nina hanging out with Dr. N. Brio in a store. the two rival doctors meet & then get into a brawl after Cortex thinks that Brio is trying to steal away his niece, but it's over early as both of their backs break. Nina then gets bored & leaves the shop, leaving both doctors on the floor in agony as they both still try to hit each other.

-Aku Aku goes to his weekly sessions as a mentor in the spirit lands. There, he teaches the Elementals how to be good masks. He helps Py-Ro with his fiery anger problems, he tells Wa-Wa to go to the bathroom & make floods down the toilet instead of on land, he also helps Rok-ko find his calling in "Rock-&-Roll", & he teaches Lo-lo how to tell better air-jokes.

-Jade Tiger gets her own job on Wumpa Island after she gets a new house. She works at a "claw & talon-salon", & she came up with the idea that every Friday should be "sharper-claws day", where anyone could get their nails sharpened like Jade's whenever they want to defend themselves from harm. This earned her double-pay!

-Mr. Nonanas moves to another house on Wumpa Island, one where he could get an ocean view. Suddenly, the police is called on him by Jade for breaking into the house. I guess he didn't know this was Jade's house, or even his old house for that matter.

-Crash Bandicoot, who after saving the day from the evil Dr. Cortex yet again, just kicks back on the couch & watches "The Color Orange" all day while eating Wumpa Fruit. He then thinks about the possibility of a sequel, "The Color Orange: Freedom of Speech", where this time, he'll have a talking role!

& last but not least,

-Michael Pope, the author of this fan-fic, is already hard at work writing the follow-up. He promises that it'll be better, more serious, more comical at the same time! Until then, he says, "Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed the story! & don't worry, Crash Bandicoot will return, he has to. Here's to an awesome 2013!"

(end of story)