A.N.: Yes, here I am. This is a very special idea. It's actually based sort of off of this book I've read like ten times for school. It's called All of the Above, and I highly recommend it. This is also the lovechild of watching too many Ella Enchanted clips in a row. So, yeah. Review, if not for me, then….. FOR THE LOVE OF CAMELOT!

Keith was sitting in the diner fiddling with a fork. He was supposed to be practicing being a villain with the fork (P.J. can be very stubborn), but he couldn't concentrate. It was horrible.

They had off for Spankerdickenflootle, the rubber band ball festival, at school. Last week, he'd been planning with Jessica to go see The Lorax, but she hadn't been seen since leaving school that day. He just hoped that nothing was happening.

He looked at the counter where two young kids were playing tic-tac-toe. 'That used to be us,' he thought miserably.


Jessica and Keith: 5

Keith Watson raced his best friend the moment they got out of school. He was actually working hard to keep up with her. They skidded into The Electric Diner.

"Hey, guys!" his dad said from behind the counter. They grinned.

"How are you so fast?" he asked her. She shrugged.

"I'm nowhere near what Hector's like. No one can beat him."

"Translation: one of these days, I'll kick his butt." She rolled her eyes, but smiled.

"But before you can kick his butt, you have to get into at least third grade."

"Fine!" he said sarcastically. They pulled out their homework and worked on it.

"Let's go to the basketball court!" he said the moment he figured out the story problem. Jessica closed her book.

"Okay, but not until I finish this chapter," she said firmly. He sighed; there was no arguing with her when she got sucked into a book. He started spinning quarters on the table until she marked her place.

"Come on!" they soon were exactly where Keith felt most secure. They began shooting hoops.

Jessica wasn't too good, but she did make majority of the shots. Keith didn't miss any. He even did a few tricks. This made her laugh and grab the ball away from him.

After an hour or two of that, they went to the diner again. This time, they had dinner. And they stayed there for a long time. Sometimes, they'd stay until after Jeopardy was finished and most people were gone. It was great.

Age: 10

Every day, the two fourth graders would come into the diner an hour or two after school bickering about who had won horse. Then they'd pull out their homework and talk about how they shouldn't be expected to memorize Stopping by Wood on a Snowy Evening or that two days wasn't enough time to write a report on There's a Boy in the Girl's Bathroom. And they'd laugh and talk until the diner closed at ten. Sometimes, Jessica tried to stay longer, but Leo would insist on her going home after that.

Although, on Christmas Eve that year, they stayed up really late. They sang carols and drank cocoa. Shock was there, too. And they managed to stay up until around three. Then, they all fell asleep.


Nowadays, Jessica might go to the movies or help out with the Company, but she wasn't usually found. And when she was found, well, they were in really weird places.

One time, Paul had found her sitting on the subway rapping with the other passengers. Harry had once seen her sitting in Wendy's eating beef jerky and reading New Moon. Another time, Lisa had found her in Forever 21 looking at the clearance section and trying to figure out if a pair of socks matched her favorite pajamas. And yet another time, his dad had seen her at a smaller airport talking football with the pilots.

He didn't want to believe it, but he knew deep down that his best friend had lost her marbles. He was about to threaten the fork again when he noticed Annie Scrambler walking down the street looking suspicious.

He followed her for a few minutes before reaching an apartment. She turned. He expected her to be furious and scream at him. He did not expect her to say,

"Oh, thank God," nor did he expect to be let in. Least of all did he expect Annie to turn into a beautiful woman.

"Close your mouth, Keith, we are not a codfish."

"What's going on? Who are you?"

"I'm Angel McGrath. And I'm here to help."

"Help what?"

"Help Jessica."

"What's wrong with her?"

"I am not certain, nor is anyone else. However, I do know that she is in trouble. I just can't figure out what sort of trouble. Gang violence, drugs, abuse; anything's possible. That's why I need your help."

"What can I do?"

"I'll get him." She turned around and pulled a thick book out of a cupboard.

"This is Benny."

"'Ello!" said the head on the cover of the book.

"Cool! Just like in Ella Enchanted! Is that how this'll work?"

"Exactly. Try it."

"Show me- Jessica Ruiz." He closed his eyes and opened Benny.

There she was. She was sitting in a room that he could only assume was hers. The walls were plastered with photos and cranes were hanging from the ceiling. In the center of the floor, she was sitting making more. He could even faintly hear the John Denver music she was playing.

"This is just fantastic. What do I do?"

"Keep an eye on her. You're the only person we trust, Keith. Think you can manage?"

"I was born ready."

"I hoped you might say that."

With that, everything disappeared. He was back in the diner. Annie flounced in and came to him.

"Remember, Keith: her life is at risk; don't lose."

The petite Prankster left, leaving the Electric Company member wondering what the hell to do.