On June 10, 2025, there was excitement in the air. One of the biggest charities ever, the "Take This Now Foundation," was hosting a party for its tenth anniversary. That morning, Jessica Ruiz did not want to get up.

Her heart had the same ache it always did on this date. Her phone rang. It was P.J., her closest friend the past few years.


"Jess, are you ready?"

"No, but I'm getting to it. It's just so hard."

"I know. Listen, you've gotta practice your speech. Are you ready?"

"I'm as ready for this as I'll ever be. I'll see you soon."

She sighed as she got ready. By the time she was ready and at the park, P.J. had pretty much gotten everything taken care of. This was a relief to her. She went through the park to the castle. She smiled.

"So, let it all go, let your mind be free, if you wanna show the world what it is you see," she sang. She decided to go back.

"Jess, where have you been?" asked a flustered secretary.

"Sorry. I just needed to stop and think."

"Alright, just next time, tell someone! P.J. was in a right state when he found out you'd disappeared."

Next came the hardest part of the day, her speech.

"I'd like to thank you all for coming out here for the tenth anniversary of the Take This Now Foundation. Now, for many years, people have questioned me on the name. I'd like to tell you a story, but backwards.

On June 11, 2012, I had lost my heart. It was my Quinceanera, but I didn't care. I had been up all night, crying. Crying, while holding the dead body of my best friend, and love. He had committed suicide, and his last words were to me. 'Jessie, I love you.'

I was beyond heartbroken. This was all my fault. I realized that soon enough.

May 12, 2012, drama had started. My life seemed like a torture device, and I couldn't bear the load. I tried to get out of it the only way I could think of: dying. He saved me from myself. He saved me.

April 2, 2012, I found my best friend passed out on 42nd Street. I was terrified.

April 1, 2012, I gave him the clue to solve the mystery of me. I knew that he could do it. He had to.

March 7, 2012, I was found. My best friend and my brother's best friend were looking for me, and they found me. I was covered in snow, barely there. I'd been rescued.

August 13, 2011, I began to get hurt. I knew I had to tell someone, but I couldn't. I decided to record my story on tapes.

My friend's name, you may be wondering, was Keith Watson. And, when you scramble the letters of his name, one of the phrases you'll find is 'take this now.' So, that's what I decided to name our foundation to help abused children and teens as well as youths who want to commit suicide."

At this point, there wasn't a dry eye in the park. It was a very sad moment until a CD fell from the sky. She read it.

I Love You

"Annie's Song" by John Denver

"As Long as You're Mine" by Idina Menzel and Leo Norbert Butz

"Beauty and the Beast" by Angela Lansbury

"Love Changes Everything" by Howard Keel

"Not Alone" by Darren Criss

"SOS" by Meryl Streep and Peirce Brosnan

"Literary Romance" by Matt Guion

"When All is Said and Done" by Peirce Brosnan

"Keith," she whispered, "It has to be."

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