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***HOUSTAN, TEXAS 1864***

The sun lightly kissed the face of the desert and everything turned to shades of pink, red and yellow. The desert looked orange and the sandy ground below my back turned colder than its normal fiery heat. The wind blew in a small amount of fresh air as it played around with the tips of my hair. The sun got lower and soon the earth split in half horizontally. On the bottom was the beautiful orange desert casting shadows and a small summer glow around the sandy hills. On top was the spacious midnight blue, almost black, starry night's sky.

"I love this part" I heard a calm and gentle voice next to me murmur. I turned my head to smile at the man lying down next to me with our hands entwined. He had shaggy blonde hair with a few specs of brown ruffled all over his head while a few strands hung in his crystal blue eyes. He had a tall figure that was quiet muscular with a tan complexion. A small smile tugged at his lips as he gazed upon the majestic desert in front of us. This was what we always did around sunset. It was an insurance that everything would be alright because we have each other. We balance each other out; almost like the two half's of the horizon. He was the light to my dark and vice versa.

"Me too, although it is sad in a way. It is the end of another beautiful day" I replied with a slight sigh as I turned my head back to face the almost black desert. The man next to me pulled me in tighter so I was rested right next to his body with my head on his chest and one of his arms wrapped around me. "It is also the start of another" He said in a small whisper while closing his eyes and basking in the small light that was quickly dimming. Then everything turned to black and above our heads was the brightly lit moon. It eliminated the desert so instead of everything looking orange, it was now glowing silver.

We sat there for another few hours. He pointed out the little dipper so I could find the northern star. We tried to make shapes of the stars and a found a bunny while he made a tree and a duck. "You know I am going to miss this more than anything" He said in a pained whisper while holding me tighter. I contained my small sob but a few tears leaked down my face as I was harshly thrown back into reality.

"And I am going to miss you" I replied back while turning my body on my left side so I could face his. He mimicked my motion so we could looks at each other. His eyes grew wide and he gasped when he saw the trail of salt water leaking from my eyes. "Bella, please don't cry. You're making this so much harder than it already is" He rushed out while bringing my face in his chest and cradling me in his arms. I couldn't control the sob that spilled from my lips.

He clenched me like a life line as I poured my heart out to him. I swore I heard him sobbing a little and a few foreign tears fell on my face. I looked up and saw him crying with me. "We are being torn away from each other" I sobbed out. He placed his hands on my cheeks and cupped my face while forcing me to look into his wet eyes. "I know. I can't be sorry enough for that. Bella, I need to do this, and you know that." In truth I did know. He was always talking about guns and fighting ever since our father showed him a pistol when he was six. However, at that time I was three.

Jasper was always meant to be a war hero that much was predictable. My brother was being sent off to war tomorrow. He was being torn away from his friends and family, and for what? The honor of going down as a man who served his country. It meant the world to him, but he still second guessed himself when he thought about what he was leaving behind.

Jasper always had a strong relationship with me. We were the closest in our family of six, including our horses and dogs. Jasper was the second oldest while I was the youngest. Our parents, Charlie and Renee Whitlock first conceived our oldest brother in 1843, Jackson. He was over six feet tall with shaggy brown hair and blue eyes. He was always a very serious and collected man. He never really played around much except when our family needed someone to lighten the mood. He was sent off to war two years ago when he was 19, Jaspers current age. He never returned.

Our family grieved for him, but the men still didn't see the horrors that us women saw. My parents had Jackson, Jasper was next. He was born in 1845 and was around six feet tall with a tan toned body and crystal blue eyes. His shaggy dirty blonde hair was a mix of our parent's hair. My mother had curly blonde hair and brown eyes while our father had straight brown hair and blue eyes.

After, Jasper and Jackson were born; my mother desperately wanted a daughter. My parents conceived another child, just not a girl. Benjamin Whitlock was born in 1846. He was shorter than our older brothers but he was still tall. He had straight blonde hair with ocean blue eyes that had flecks of brown in them. Unlike Jasper and Jackson, Ben was very outgoing and funny. He was the joker of our family and was always doing things that would get him in trouble. I loved that about him!

My parents were still in desperate need for a baby girl, but they didn't think they could handle four boys. When Jackson was five, Jasper was three, and Ben was two, I was born. Finally my parents got the little girly they dreamt of, or did they really? Being brought up in a household with four men who talk nonstop about war and violence can seriously change someone. I was considered a tomboy, and that my mother always tried to dress me up and meet other girls. I was never interested in shopping and flowers and tea, I liked guns and sports and new inventions. In a way, my mother had just given birth to another little boy.

Our family was very dysfunctional and to add onto all that, we had our own horses (mine a black stallion named Elliot) and a few bloodhounds. We each got our own bloodhound that we could play with, of course the other three were male and mine was female. Jackson named his Mammoth, Jasper named his Bullet, Ben named his Buddy, and I named mine Hunter. My mother tried to change her name to Daisy, but I refused to name MY dog after a flower.

My brothers and I went to our local school near Yellow Tiger Creek. Ben was very popular as was Jackson (when he was still in school) Jasper and I were a little quieter than them and were kind of loners. That's another reason why we connected so easily. However, I did have a few friends' names Abigail, Shannon, and Claire. As Jasper got older, he got more friends and they eventually will all ended up going to war with him. It hurt to think I was being ripped away from another brother, but not just any sibling, this was Jasper. He was there for me when no one else could be. I needed him, and even though I still had my parents and Ben, things would never be the same. No one could replace our special connection. I would cherish that and hold onto it to the grave.

After Jasper and I returned home from our daily events, we ate dinner in silence and went off to bed. Jasper was writing, Ben was playing a game in his room, and our parents were whispering downstairs in the kitchen about Jasper and the war. They didn't want to lose another child like Ben and I didn't want to lose another brother.

I sat by my open window all night and stared out into the starry night. I crossed my hands on the windowsill and placed my head in them. Before I knew it, I was asleep.

Jasper was sitting behind a tree with his right arm gushing blood and his legs completely torn apart. He tried to stand but someone roughly shoved him back to the dirty ground. He was beaten and stabbed repeatedly.

I screamed loudly "JASPER!" He looked over at me and gave me a small sad smile before his eyes glazed over and his body went limp. I screamed louder as I ran towards him, but he kept getting father away. The forest around me grew taller trees, blocking out the starry night sky and the bright moon. Everything tuned black.

I ran faster trying to catch up to the people taking him away to the morgue. I screamed again "JASPER PLEASE!" They brought him away from me, and here they were doing it again. I ran without looking where I was going and I ended up tripping over a tree root. I fell face first into a small puddle.

I stood up and examined myself. I was in a union soldiers outfit. I heard a few men yelling "I've found one of e'm bastards, get e'm boys c'mon follow me!" I realized they were after me. I ran deeper into the woods and was thrown to the floor by someone. I looked up and saw the bright red eyes of my dead brother Jasper.

"J-Jasper?" I stuttered out as he reached down and grabbed a fistful of my hair. He brought me in closer to his face. His expression scared me. This is not my gentle and caring brother; this was the face of a hungry demon. I screamed as he drew me in closer and pierced me neck.

I screamed again as I felt the pain of not only the sharp sting on my neck, but the pain that I had lost Jasper. Someone gently grasped my arms and brought me closer to their chest. "Bella, it's only me! Please calm down" The voice asked while rocking me back and forth. My eyes sprung open as I took in my surroundings. Jasper was looking sadly and concerned at me while I was sweating and crying. I must have fallen asleep on my windowsill and that was only a crazy nightmare. I looked up into Jaspers eyes and saw his crystal blue one, not red. That was a reassurance I was only dreaming.

I started to sob again as I saw the light creep across my bedroom floor. The sun was rising, and it wasn't welcomed today. With every inch of light that spread, the seconds ticked by that were left with Jasper. He was leaving today.

My already opened door was thrown into the wall as Ben came running in looking around the room until his eyes landed on me in Jaspers arms. "Oh, Bella" he whispered pained while walking over to us. Jasper brought me over to sit on my bed while my brothers sat next to me on each side and wrapped their arms around me. Jaspers head was on my right shoulder while Ben's head was on my left. I cried silently as I heard them start to sob a little as well.

"I can't believe this is happening again" Ben said sadly while holding both of us tighter. I nodded my head while Jasper replied, "I will return whether it kills me." I sobbed louder and rasped, "That's what we are afraid of." Jasper sobbed a little while drawing us both in closer and kissing both our foreheads. I heard the sound of feet rapping as they stormed up the grand stair case.

Our parents barged into our room and looked at our current positioning and tear streaked faces. Our mother cried out "my babies!" Our father held her to his chest while containing his own tears. He wasn't far from breaking down either, but he had to be strong for his family.

Finally we broke apart and walked outside where Jaspers hoarse, Chesnutt, was prepared for mounting. Jasper hugged each of us and gave us all small kisses. He reached Ben and looked deeply into his eyes while saying "You better behave yourself Bennie. You're now in charge of taking on the big brother role for our little Isa. I don't want to hear you have been goofing off. It's your turn now to be the beta of the house." Ben laughed at his joke but then nodded his head and had a serious expression on his face when he replied, "I will protect our sister and family. You can count on me Jaz, just promise me one thing. Kick some Union ass will yea?" They both broke out smiling and hugged again while patting each other's backs.

Jasper reached me last and I tried to contain my sobbing. I had to be strong for my brother; he needed me as much as I needed him. We looked deep into each other's eyes then broke down. He wrapped his body around mine as we fiercely embraced each other. Tears leaked from both our eyes as we held onto the other for our lives. "Behave Isa, and don't get yourself in trouble" He said sternly while pulling away from me and keeping his hands on my shoulders.

I nodded my head and smiled at him while replying, "Will do major." He laughed and shook his head while saying, "I am not a major." I interjected him by saying, "Yet." He laughed and then turned serious. "I love you Bella." I looked deep into his eyes and replied, "I love you too Jasper."

He mounted Chesnutt and rode off into the sun rising desert. He glanced back over his shoulder and our eyes met each other. I nodded my head while smiling at him. He smiled back then became a spec in the distance.

Jackson was dead. Jasper was gone. Who or what was next? All I knew was I had a terrible feeling of the years to come. Why do I feel like this is just the beginning of the end?