So, I've recently become obsessed with the wonderful thing that is yaoi, especially SasuNaru, so I'm writing a story! Yay for me!

So this is before Sasuke became evil (mainly because I've actually only watched like 50 episodes so that hasn't happened yet for me xD)

And just a heads up, the first chapter isn't too great and there's no actual yaoi (D:) but stick with me and I promise it'll get better with some real SasuNaru xDD

The first thing Sasuke heard was the rumours. They danced around the village in undertones of shock and bewilderment. Everywhere you turned, someone was mentioning the news that had stunned even the wildlife.

"Have you heard?" Each gossiper would ask excitedly. "Naruto has a girlfriend!"

At first Sasuke didn't believe it; rumours about Naruto were hardly ever true, but unlike the others which had blazed brightly then died out quickly, this one grew and grew.

Each time it would change slightly, from the girl being a 19 year old supermodel, to her being a supernatural being that Naruto had bewitched, but one thing never changed: Sasuke's intense displeasure at the idea of Naruto having a girlfriend.

He didn't know what it was about the idea that repulsed him so much, it was just that every time he thought about a girl holding him or kissing him, a murky anger swelled up in his chest and temples, and he found his shoulders and fists clenching involuntary.

Pull yourself together! Sasuke hissed at himself, as he passed another group of gossiping girls. He was heading over to the market, where he bought all the ingredients for dinner.

He stopped as he reached the stall to buy swede, and brought out his money.

"Well hey Sasuke, heard the news about our Naruto?" Ichiro, the owner, asked. He was a nice enough old man, and he generally got along well with Sasuke, but after hearing this comment Sasuke could've easily sworn a blood feud against him.

"I don't care for rumours." Sasuke muttered through clenched teeth. He handed the money over abruptly, then grabbed a swede and stormed off.

He walked briskly down the street; he couldn't get his muscles to relax or the blood through his head to stop thumping.

He turned into an alleyway and leaned against a wall, attempting to pull himself together. He closed his eyes and forced his breathing into a relaxed rhythm. He managed to get his body to stop twitching, but his head was racing with confused and angry thoughts.

What's happening to me? Was all Sasuke could think. He didn't give a shit about what Naruto did normally, why now? Was he jealous that he'd gotten a girlfriend before him? No way, Sasuke knew that he could get any girl he wanted. Could it be that he disliked the idea that Naruto was capable of impressing the opposite sex? Fff no way, that isn't a real reason! But no matter how hard he racked his buzzing brain, Sasuke couldn't think of any other reasons to explain his intense involuntary emotions.


Sasuke let out a startled cry as the idea passed his mind. His eyes were wide and flaming as he stared downwards.

He felt like throwing up. He banged his head against the swede clasped in his sweaty palms, as though he was trying to knock the perverted and highly nauseating thought out of his head.

Had he really just considered that the reason he was angry wasn't because he was jealous of Naruto, but that he was jealous of…his girlfriend?

"Argh!" Sasuke exploded and threw the swede on the ground before running out of the alleyway. Now that he'd considered it, the idea wouldn't leave him alone, but each time became more and more perverted.

Him hugging Naruto…

Him kissing Naruto…

Him spooning Naruto…

Him having sex with Naruto-

"Aaargh!"Sasuke screamed, tearing at his sweaty black hair. He was hunched over in the middle of a street, with everyone staring at him. His whole body was trembling and his bottom lip quivered.

What the fuck is wrong with me? I hate Naruto! And I'm a guy! I was thinking about him naked! Sasuke felt as though his whole world was crumbling beneath him; there was just no way this was happening. The idea of falling in love with a girl was so ridiculous it seemed incomprehensible, so the idea of falling in love with a guy seemed impossible, meaning that even the idea of him falling in love with Naruto meant that the world was surely ending.

Sasuke attempted to collect himself. He breathed slowly then looked up to see everyone was still staring at him. He ignored them and continued walking home.


Sasuke went hungry that night. The only item he'd bought for cooking he'd thrown away, plus his stomach was still churning with nausea.

He'd ran himself a hot bath and used it to calm himself and work out what was happening to him.

After nearly a half hour of debating whether or not he'd actually fallen in love with Naruto, he had finally accepted it. He realised that the idea of him kissing or touching Naruto didn't make him feel ill, but excited. It gave him an anxious, swirly feeling in the pit of his stomach, and made other areas hot and bubbly.

Plus, being gay might be an explanation as to why none of the stupid girls in his class had ever interested me, Sasuke thought as he dried himself. And that time I nearly killed myself in order to save Naruto, he reached up to his neck, remembering the way those needles had pierced through it. And Naruto himself has saved me too, maybe that made my body think that I need him.

He tutted at himself as he walked through his house, wearing nothing but a white towel wrapped around his waist, and went to make himself some herbal tea.

After flicking the kettle on, he leaned against a surface and sighed. This was so messed up, but there was nothing he could do. He knew what he wanted – he wanted Naruto - but how to get it? He knew Naruto didn't feel the same way (how could he?) and he knew if he went out with a boy his entire reputation would be destroyed, and there was no way Naruto would let himself ruin his own reputation. That damn bastard was still intent on becoming Hokage.

"Oh why does God hate me?" Sasuke sighed. Of all the things to happen to him, it had to be falling in love with Naruto. God clearly enjoyed making Sasuke suffer as much as possible.

"Or maybe Naruto's the only thing that can help me," Sasuke muttered sadly. He sighed again and noticed that the kettle had boiled. He got down a cup and teabag and poured the hot water into it, enjoying watching the colours swirl out of the teabag, and the calming and enriching smell that came from it.

"This is so fucking messed up Sasuke. You're planning on how to capture Naruto's heart, you gay weirdo." Sasuke growled to himself, but knew that stern words wouldn't change the way he felt.

He sat down with his herbal tea, sipping at the hot liquid tentatively, enjoying the fresh taste. It refreshed his body, and he instantly felt his muscles relax. But even with herbal tea, the swirling excitement in his stomach, reminding Sasuke of just how weird he was, didn't leave.

"Well I seem to be able to get girls to like me," he mused, "maybe I'm able to get boys to like me as well."

And he fell asleep plotting various ways to get that stupid blonde baka.

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