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Riff Raff opens his eyes as his sister stirs in her sleep. Magenta's mouth hangs open slightly, the corners of her lips tilted toward a frown. Even in sleep she tempts him, beckoning him silently for closeness. He succumbs to her, her pale soft skin, and traces his finger down her neck, pressing his hand against her heart. She is warm, and Riff reconciles the early morning chill by pulling her closer. Magenta murmurs indistinctly but does not wake.

With overwhelming appreciation for the wild red hair that twists around his fingers, Riff pushes the hair from Magenta's face and sinks his lips against her mouth. He kisses her gently, not to wake her, but to pull her from whatever nightmare has creased her forehead. She mews softly as he leaves her lips.

"Do not despair, my beautiful sister," he whispers. His hand cups her cheek. He leans over her; his nose brushes against her ear. "The nighttime cannot ravage you, and I will not let the daylight touch you."

Riff presses his lips to her ear, then wanders down her neck.

Magenta wakes with a short gasp that settles into a sigh. She wraps her arms around his neck and buries her face into his shoulder.

"I dreamt ve returned," Magenta says. Her voice is heavy in its quietness. "And you held me on the shores of Transsexual."

She pulls her face from his shoulder to gaze into his eyes. In her eyes, Riff sees the endless ocean of nighttime glimmering, washing over their tangled bodies. Magenta smiles sadly.

"I vuz so happy I could barely move."

Riff Raff kisses her as her eyes close with ecstasy at the mere dream of their home. She stretches her fingers, curling them around his. He pulls her hand to his mouth and kisses it, then traces the lines of her palm with his tongue. Magenta replaces her palm with her mouth, pressing her hand against her brother's chest. Her finger traces the slight rise of a scar, but Riff pulls her hand away. Magenta already struggles under a mighty bitterness for their master; Riff knows encouragement for her negativity will only plague her mind and prolong the return to Transsexual.

"I worried that nightmares held you," Riff says. To distract her, and because he means it, he adds, "So much that I grew to envy them."

Magenta does not accept the flattery, though she does not deny her brother as he curls his arms around her waist and draws her against his body.

"But they vere nightmares," she says.

The hollowness of her voice startles Riff Raff. That his sister would count such a dream as a nightmare terrifies him.

"What more do you want than the shores of Transsexual and my arms around you?" Riff asks quietly.

Magenta clutches his hand and pulls it against her heart.

"I vunt nothing else. But," she pauses, represses a shudder, "Ve are not home. Ve are here."

Magenta spits the word, so great is her disgust. Her chest rises as she gives a dry sob.

"Sister, my arms are around you; I hold you. We are halfway to your dream."

Magenta's tearless cries break with a laugh.

"Has Earth rendered so stale your romanticism that this is how you charm me, vith promises a child vould not believe?"

Riff growls into her ear and clenches his hands upon her thighs like claws.

"Has Earth made my sister so heartless that she criticizes her brother's affections?"

"No," Magenta hisses as Riff strokes the insides her legs. "For you I vould scream to vake the master."

Riff Raff chuckles because he knows she is daring enough to do so.

"Perhaps I ought to stop, then," he says.

"No." Magenta accentuates her refusal by twisting her legs around his. He struggles teasingly. She twists to face him. His lips pull at her lower lip as she murmurs, "Take me back to Transsexual. Even if ve are only dreaming, dream vith me."

She closes her eyes as their tongues touch. His hands stretch the sheer that hugs her body. The first sun of the morning filters slowly through a grimy window. Magenta grimaces.

"Shield me from the sun," she murmurs.

Her thighs beckon him as he crawls on top of her. His hands slide beneath the fabric that is barely there. Still, it is enough to separate them, so he pulls the garment over her head. Her arms free and loop around his shoulders. He kisses her breasts, then kisses her stomach, then kisses her thighs.

"The daylight will not take you from me," he says.

Their fingertips touch then intertwine as their forearms touch. Magenta sighs in almost convincing happiness. Riff Raff closes his eyes and dreams to take his sister home.

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