Disclaimer: All names and Characters belong to Stephenie Meyer. I just play with her creations... however the plot line of this fan fiction is mine.

Taking in a deep breath, as another nurse opened up the doors, as we headed into the room, she spoke to Caius, he seemed to have gotten to know everyone down here in the past two weeks. It made me feel slightly jealous that he had bonded with Evelyn before I did, but I didn't begrudge him that though. Caius stopped in front of one of the incubators and crouched down beside me.

'Our daughter Bella' I already began to well up with tears, she wasn't any bigger than my hand, she could not have weighed any more than a bag of sugar as I leaned closer to the plastic incubator. She was covered in tubes and wires and hooked up to a heart monitor.

'Caius...' his hand moved to my back. He had two weeks already to adjust to this sight, but single tears rolled down my cheeks. Both in happiness and sadness. I was being given a second chance with her, but at the same time, this was a sight no mother should have see or cope with.

'It's okay Bella' Caius threaded his hand into one of the circle openings and gently traced his finger against her thin and tiny arm, his gaze turned to mine. I couldn't get over just how calm he was, but as I looked back into his eyes, I could see it was all a front and he was just as scared as I was.

Finally pulling myself away from Caius, I slipped my hand into the other circle opening, being careful to not knock my hand, as my finger gently moved against her leg. Her entire body was fragile, her skin was translucent and you could see the maroon muscles below her thin skin. The tubes were helping her to breath, as her tiny chest rise and fell, as I watched it carefully.

Caius gently rubbed his free hand against my back.

'Bella' turning my head slowly to look at Caius, my smile fading just a little, as I looked at his serious expression.

'Yes Caius?' my finger continued to trace gently over Evelyn's leg as I studied his eyes.

'I love you' his smile widened at me, as I felt my heart rate pick up. It had been a long time since I heard him utter those words, as I leaned forward, leaning closer to Caius.

'I love you too' my smile now matched his as I kissed him softly once, before drawing back and looking at Evelyn.

'Now I've been waiting a long time to hear you say that Bella'

'I've felt it a long time, was just too afraid to say it'

'That's the second time and I won't ever forget the first time' laughing quietly as I nodded once remembering the first time I told him.

'The day we found out about her' my eyes never left Evelyn, but I could see out of the corner of my eye that Caius nodded at the memory.

'Marry me' my body froze for a moment, as I withdrew my hand from the incubator.

'Pardon...?' my head finally turned to look at Caius, my eyes widening, as his smile grew.

'Marry me Bella'

'Is that a question or a request' he laughed shaking his head.

'You will never change and I love that about you' he smiled once again at me, as he shifted slightly taking both of my hands in his. 'It was a question and I do love the way you reject me all the time'

'I...' pausing as I smiled softly at him 'Ask me again when you can do it properly'

'So is that a No?'

'Nope, that's a, ask me again when you can do it properly'

'And what exactly is properly?'

'Well it involves roses, me dressed nicely and not in this hideous gown and you on one knee, asking me like you mean it'

'I mean it now'

'Then do it properly' Caius laughed again shaking his head as we both looked back to Evelyn.

'Hear that Evelyn, I give your mother everything she wants and all she really wants is romance first' my smile widened as he spoke to our daughter the way he did. 'Okay Bella, properly it is'

'Thank you' turning my head quickly to kiss Caius' cheek, but he had already turned his head and captured my lips with his. My arms laced loosely around his neck, kissing him gently, when I felt his lips turn up into a smile before pulling back.

'You drive a hard bargain Miss Swan'

'That I do' kissing him lightly once more before unlinking my arms.

'But now you need to get back to bed' Caius stood up from his crouch position.

'But I am not ready yet'

'Bella, please, we can come back, as many times as you want, but I don't want you getting ill' sighing softly. Caius was right. I didn't take care of myself the way I should have when I was pregnant and it's resulted in Evelyn coming early. So I reluctantly agreed to his request.

'Okay, let's go' turning my head back to Evelyn and leaning closer. 'Mommy and Daddy will be back later... princess' I heard Caius laugh quietly. He pressed his lips to my forehead gently before stepping away. I could clearly see now that Caius had always wanted to be a father. The news about Dylan had devastated him, so now not only was I getting a second chance in life, so was he and I was glad we could start our lives together.

Caius pulled me away from the incubator and to the doors, but as the doors opened, our worst fears became apparent, as Evelyn's heart monitor flat-lined and alarms began to sound. Midwives and nurses were around her in seconds, but that didn't stop Caius and myself from being frozen in our places.


Authors Note: This story is officially over, Thank you all for talking the time in reading and taking this journey of self discovery with Bella. A victim for far too long and she had allowed her actions to plague her life, before she was able to finally accept who she was and that the actions of others weren't her fault. She held the blame for too long and she needed to see the light and her mistakes fully, before she could over come it all and be a survivor, where so many don't. I am not saying her actions won't come back and bite her. But she allowed herself to suffer for far too long and now she is free... well... emotionally any ways...

Authors Note: There is a sequel to this fiction that will be continue Bella's story, I just felt that a line needed to be drawn under her past and so her new chapters in her life could begin.