A boy's eyes fluttered open. He stretched out wide and yawned. Sleeping on this bloody piece of metal can really take out your back he thought, wincing as he rubbed his sore back. When he opened his eyes fully, his pulse quickened. His eyes darted left to right, trying to take in his surroundings, but all his eyes could take in was darkness and more metal. How did I get here? Where am I? Then his mind trailed off… He tried to remember how he got there but all he could recall was four words. My name is Newton. Then the panic set in. Where the bloody hell am I? He searched and re searched his memories until all he could think about my name is Newton. Again his mind wandered, and as he was trying to solve the puzzle of how he got there, he heard a strange grumbling sound. He just barely croaked out a sad excuse for a "Hello?" and heard another grumble in return. He strained to hear where it was coming from, and realized it was from him. He was starving. Just the thought of food made him smack his dry cracked lips and drool. Interrupting him from his yummy thoughts, a blinding light suddenly seared through Newton's eyes so much, he had purple spots where he looked at the light. When Newton's eyes adjusted, he craned his already sore neck to see two frightening figures peering down at him. He backed into the corner of the metal box with frightened eyes, as the black figures threw down what looked like a rope. Newton flinched as one of the figures said sarcastically "Welcome to the Maze, Greenie."