Possession 2: Daddy-O Missing Moments

This chapter contains plenty of delicious dialogue and plot from the Gunsmoke episode Daddy-O, Season 2 (June 1, 1957) written by John Meston with extra juicy bits thrown in by me personally, just for the fun of it.

"Come on in, Matt." Kitty drew open her bedroom door.

Trying hard not to recall what he and Kitty had been doing the last time they were in this room together was difficult, to say the least. Visions came unbidden to his mind of her long red hair flowing down like fire, her slender back arching in passionate abandon beneath him.

But the unsettled look on Kitty's face quickly drew him back to the present situation. As he removed his hat, Matt asked kindheartedly, "What's the trouble? Anything I can help you with?"

"No…no, thanks. It's not bad news." She gave him an uncertain smile.

"Well, what is it?"

"It's my father…"

He exclaimed, "Your father?"

"Yeah, he's comin' here to Dodge tomorrow."

Matt looked incredulous. "Well, I thought your father was lost or something."

Kitty explained, "I've never seen him. He deserted my mother in New Orleans a few months after I was born."

"I remember…you told me that." Matt wondered how it must feel to know that your father didn't want you. One more man in her life that had done her wrong…

"I must've told you about how he was a gambler and worked on the riverboats." Kitty walked to the window and stared out as she spoke. "My mother always said he was a very charming man. The funny thing is she never held it against him, his deserting her. She just always accepted it as the way he was. I think in a strange sort of way, she was proud of him."

Matt thoughtfully considered her words. "Well, how do you feel about him, Kitty?"

"I don't know… Same as my mother, I guess."

Matt wasn't entirely convinced. He swallowed hard as she walked across the floor toward him, her nearness after all this time apart intoxicating as a good glass of aged, smoky bourbon. When she gazed up at him with those enticing sapphire eyes, he had to mentally give himself a shake. "And you say he's coming here tomorrow?"

"Yeah, on the afternoon stage." Sudden apprehension dawned on her features. She anxiously asked, "Matt, would you go with me to meet him? I feel kinda' scared."

He smiled understandingly, "Sure, I'll go with ya'," and placed his hands comfortingly on her shoulders.

"Thanks," she breathed in relief.

Matt tried to imagine what it must feel like to be a woman alone in this part of the country. Kitty had been self-sufficient for so long. Matt felt immensely pleased that he could be there for her now, to support her in her time of need.

He squeezed her shoulders again reassuringly and suddenly became intently aware of the heat of Kitty's body through the soft fabric beneath his hands. She was wearing a floor length dress with demure ruffles at the bodice, fit for a new business owner, instead of the flirty, feathery saloon girl work dresses she so often wore.

His eyes bore into hers. "Did you miss me, Kitty?"

She quietly admitted, "I missed you somethin' awful, Matt."

"I thought about you all the time, even during the dadblame trial!"

She gave a girlish giggle, delighted that she'd been on his mind in Hays City, and he grinned, absurdly happy that he could make her laugh so.

Kitty wordlessly took his hat, hanging it on the bedpost, then slid her hands up his broad chest and around his neck. Her lips barely grazed his, and she whispered in Matt's ear again, "I really did miss you somethin' awful, Cowboy…"

Taking his large, capable hands in hers, she stepped backwards, pulling him inexorably to the bed. She sat down on the edge, reaching up to curl her slim fingers around the tanned skin of the back of his neck, tugging his handsome, rugged face toward hers for a feather-light kiss.

He reached around the small of her back, and gently Matt laid her down on the bed, his kiss deepening with the want of her. Kitty whimpered quietly with need, breaking away from his searching lips just long enough to breathlessly murmur, "Did you miss me, Matt?"

"Oh, honey, you have no idea…" Marshal Matt Dillon's hungry mouth began devouring the milky-white skin of Kitty's tender neck as a rapturous sound escaped her throat.


"Walkin' down the road with a pack on my back, pack on my back, pack on my back…" Chester sang amiably as he climbed the stairs at the Long Branch. He pounded on Miss Kitty's door. "Mr. Dillon!" he called loudly.

Chester heard a faint scrambling sound as he waited, then called, "I hate to bother you, Mr. Dillon, but we got ourselves a situation on our hands…"

Matt jerked the door open and growled, "What in tarnation is it, Chester?" Mr. Dillon looked for all the world like he'd been a' runnin' a foot race.

Chester quickly explained, "Well, you know ol' Tater Bugg, the vegetable man who lives over by the crick? Well, he's a' hollerin' that he's gonna kill Smarty Jones for stealin' his turnips right outta' the field every night for nigh on two weeks now. I think you'd better get on over there afore there's bloodshed."

Mr. Dillon's face looked plum murderous his own self. Chester added with a gulp, "…Mr. Dillon…sir."

Miss Kitty appeared behind Mr. Dillon, hurriedly running her fingers over her hair. "Why, Miss Kitty, don't you look purty today?" Her cheeks were extra rosy and she had soft little curls escaping around her face that looked so sweet and becoming.

Miss Kitty looked heavenward as she smoothed the front of her dress and said, "Thank you kindly, Chester…um, what seems to be the trouble?"

"Well, Miss Kitty, I know you and Mr. Dillon here are busy catchin' up on all the news since he's been gone for so long, but we got us a prickly situation over to the crick… You know ol' Tater Bugg…"

"Alright, alright.." Matt groused. "I'm comin'…"

"Don't fergit yer hat there on the bedpost, Mr. Dillon. Don't want to get sunstroke ridin' out yonder to Tater's house. It's a pretty fur piece."

Matt loudly cleared his throat and grabbed his hat unceremoniously as he strode out of Miss Kitty's door. "Thanks a lot, Chester. I'll see you later, Kitty…"