Charlie Brown cures his depression

This is my first fanfic for 2012! Enjoy!

One day, Linus was holding onto his blanket, sucking his thumb. When he saw Charlie Brown walk up to him, to Linus' surprise, he was humming a little song.

"Wow! Charlie Brown! You're looking...not so wishy washy..." Linus spoke.

"Oh yes. I did the next best thing for my depression!" Charlie Brown smiled

"And what's that?"

"I saw a psychiatrist that wasn't Lucy!"

"Finally!" Linus cheered "You used some common sense!"

"It'll cost my father more than five cents, but we can manage it."

"I just wanna ask you something. Why did you seek advice from the girl who constantly insults and pulls a football away from you?"

"Because I'm a blockhead, O.K?" Charlie Brown replied "But don't worry, I promise you're looking at a new Charlie Brown!"

"I hope you can keep that." Linus continued to smile.

"Oh don't worry." Charlie smiled. "And there's also another reason I'm smiling..."

"And what's that?" Linus asked.

"C'mere, I'm gonna whisper a little secret to you..." Charlie Brown then whispered something into Linus' ear.

"Oh ho ho ho ho! Good ol' Charlie Brown! And I really mean that! Wait till Lucy sees that!"

Meanwhile Lucy was sitting in her psychiatrist booth, waiting for Charlie Brown.

"Where is that blockhead?" Lucy snarled. "He usually comes here by now."

Suddenly a police officer walked up to her booth.

"Are you Lucy Van Pelt?"

"Who's asking?" Lucy replied.

"We recieved a phone call from someone, that you've been performing therapy without a license."

"What! I..."

"You're coming downtown with us..."