Chapter 5

Tala's pov=

I crack open my eyes after what feels like years of sleeping. There's Julia, right next to me, fast asleep. I shake her gently and she wakes up. "Tala? What's the matter?" she asks fearfully. Shit I don't deserve her. But I can't live without her and I don't want her to be all alone if I die.

"Julia listen." God it even hurts to speak, it's starting. " know I've been poisoned, but there's, there's an antidote."

"Where?" she demands.

"Y, you know that field I take a short-cut across when I come home from work? Well in the top-right corner there's a brick in the wall that's marked with red paint. It…it comes out. It's got a hole cut out the middle and the antidote's in there. It's the only thing that can stop this."

"Who did this to you?" Julia queries. "Then if you still die because of this then I can find the bastards and kick their heads in."

"It's not important. Just find that antidote. That is if you want to save me, if you don't I wouldn't blame you. I'm an evil, cold-hearted, arrogant git who doesn't deserve to live. And I can't even say those 3 words back to you; how the fuck can you love me?"

"Because you're not the person you show to the rest of the world. Inside you're the total opposite. And I love you for it."

"Thank you."

She kisses me and promises to get the antidote as quick as she possibly could. And I trust her. Then it's all black…

"Tala? C'mon Tal wake up!" Julia? Hold on if I can hear her than that means,

I'm still alive! But that means I'll have to tell her and I don't want to, I just want to forget about it. Otherwise I might just drop my mask and fully break, but I have to tell someone. I want to tell Julia. I don't want to suffer alone anymore; I don't want to be alone again.

"Alright I'm awake! Quit prodding me Julia! It hurts!"

"Sorry Tal. But at least you're alive! Told you I wouldn't let you die! So are you gonna tell me who did this to you?"

"Yes." Woo she looks surprised by my answer, she probably thought she'd have to force it out of me.


"My "Mother". "


"My so-called mother. Turns out she was and still is Boris' "Personal acquaintance." Basically she's a whore who he fucks; only he's kept her round longer because apparently the bitch provides a good service. She was there when they poisoned me. And she laughed, my own mother laughed while her only child was poisoned on her orders Julia!"

I can't take it anymore and just burst out sobbing. She hugs me and shh's me and holds me close and tells me it'll be ok. Will it? I don't know and my thoughts turn to the woman who calls herself my mum. But that bitch will be dead soon, she's got terminal cancer. I don't give a fuck. She can go to hell, she stopped being my mother the day she walked out the door. Julia whispers that it'll be ok over and over and I know now it will be.

It will be so long as she's by my side. And there's something I've gotta tell her.



"I... I love you. And I will for now and for always, I promise."

She smiled and I smile back for the first time in what feels like years.

"I love you too Tal. I always have and I always will."

"Good. Now we've got a whole week where we don't have to work. Any ideas?"

A mischievous grin crawls over Julia's face. "Just a couple."