Introduction of some sort

It's been two weeks since theseā€¦ things, got here. These beautiful, magnificent, incredible, amazing things.

The computers.

No one in the districts knew what a computer was. The Capitol citizens knew, but not the Districts citizens. They all stared at those computers in wonder, not understanding what they were.

Those shiny items were in each district now. No one knew who brought them there, and no one cared. Everyone was too fascinated by those things.

With the computers came other things. Like websites. Lots of different, amazing websites. Like, YouTube. Google. Walla. There was also a website called Megavideo, but it shut down, to the horror of everyone.

And, of course, there was this one website called Facebook.

What a website, really. There was nothing more addictive than this website. All the citizens were drawn to it. All they wanted all day long was to change their status, upload images of them in a provocative pose to their profiles, and earn points in Farmville.

Really, Facebook was just a magnificent thing.

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