Chapter One- Resigning

Jane hadn't slept properly in months since the shooting at the warehouse. The nights were long and unbearable, and the days were even worse. The months of apologizing were not accepted, but instead were met with harsh, cold words. It had been weeks of self-hatred, guilt, and regret. The more she tried to apologize the less Maura forgave her, Jane finally realized that Maura would probably never forgive her. Their friendship was long gone, lost in the abyss.

She shot Doyle, she shot Maura's father, or sperm donor, but still her father. She didn't shot him because she wanted to, it was her training, she went with her gut, and it cost her in the end. It hurt her to think that Maura was probably never going to speak with her again. She even thought that Maura hated her, and that's what hurt the most. She realizes that this is what Maura felt like after she got mad at her for not saying anything about her brother. Maura didn't protect Jane, and this time Jane didn't protect Maura.

Jane had a decision to make, one that would hurt even more people if she followed through with it. It's to painful for her to go on like this, she needs a clean slate, and leaving was the only way to do that. Jane sat on her couch knees crossed like always and pulls out her laptop. This was her lsat chance at getting Maura to see things her way, to talk to her one last time. Jane writes a letter explaining everything. When she finishes she saves it and does not send it she will send it tomorrow after giving Cavanaugh her resignation. She puts the laptop away, and feeds Jo, and goes to her room and lays down in bed for another sleepless night.

The next day Jane walked into the precinct, she passed by Korsac and Frost not giving them a single glance. They gave each other a sideways look and continued on with their work. She walked into Cavanaugh's office, resignation in hand.

"Rizzoli what can I do for you," he asked. Jane placed the letter down on his desk and he looked back up at her with confusion. "what's this."

"Sir I'm resigning I got a job offer in Chicago, and I'm taking it, I'm sorry it's in such short notice but I wasn't sure until last night that this is what I want to do. "

"Wait Rizzoli, what are you talking about, you can't, you can't leave, what is this all about," Cavanaugh was in utter shock not sure what to even say. "is this about Doyle and Docter Isles,"

"No Sir I just, I just need to be somewhere else right now and I need a change, that's all," Jane explained, knowing that Cavanaugh could see right through her.

" Well then I guess there's nothing else to say, except that this is a sad loss," he said.

He stood up to shake Jane's hand. "don't give them any bullshit in Chicago, Rizzoli."

Jane smiled, "thank you Sir, but I give you no promises." Jane turned to leave when Cavanagh stopped her. She turned around to meet him once more.

" Just know Rizzoli, your always welcome back, if you decide." Jane smiled and nodded and walked out of his office. Jane sat down at her desk and pulled out her laptop and pulled up her e-mail. She found her letter to Maura and sent it. She closed her laptop and removed her gun and badge. She looked at them one more time before placing them in her desk drawer.

Korsac and Frost looked at her with confusion. Jane sighed and looked at both of them. " I'm sorry guys, but I guess I should tell you now rather than later, I resigned and I'm taking a job in Chicago. And there's nothing you can say or do to make me change my mind so please don't try."

Both Korsac and Frost looked at her with a blank stare. They knew why Jane was leaving, they watched her everyday since the shooting and they knew that she wasn't the same. This is what's best for her and they hoped that she would come back. They both stood up and smiled, they reassured her in the way they looked at her. Korsac was the first to say something.

" we know Jane and we know that this is what's best, so good look in Chicago and I'm going to miss you very much, and I'll tell your mom and frankie , so don't worry." He pulled her into a big hug and kissed her cheek.

" I really don't know what to say Jane, except that I will also miss you around here, it's not going to be the same, and go kick some ass in Chicago," said Frost, he looked a little defeated. Jane was his partner and now she was leaving. Jane pulled Frost into a big hug. When they pulled away she gave them both a smile, and looked ready to cry, but held herself together.

"thank you for understanding and I'm going to miss you both so much, and I'll be safe so don't worry," she smiled. She turned to leave when Korsac stopped her.

" did you tell Maura, you were leaving," Korsac asked. She shook her head no and gave them one last smile and wave and walked out of Boston Police department.

As she drove back to her apartment all she could think about was she come and try to stop her, or if she would let her leave. When she got home she began to pack all her clothes and a few personal belongings she wamted to take. She brought them down to her car and headed back upstairs. She ate, cleaned her apartment, left a note on the counter for her mother saying that she could stay there while she was gone. When she was done she got a beer out of the fridge, fed Jo, layed down on the couch, turned on the TV and waited.

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