Chapter Three- Last Chance to say Goodbye

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The airport is a great place to forget about what your thoughts, because you are so focused on what's going on around you. The rush of people leaving and entering the airport, families reuniting with each other after a long time apart. Observing others and eavesdropping on other people's conversations, however, that wasn't the case for Jane.

The airport was rather quiet at four in the morning; accept for the few people that were waiting to catch their early morning flights. She sat on a bench, left to her thoughts, which were beginning to give her a headache. 'I kissed her, I kissed Maura, how could I be so stupid, 'she said to herself. She was mentally kicking her own ass for doing such a stupid thing. But the real question was how Maura knew that she loved her. "Because Maura knows everything," she whispered to herself.

She sighed heavily and ran her hands through her messy hair, as she continued to let her mind race. She was so deep in her own mind that she was slightly startled when she heard a very familiar voice from behind.

"Jane," said a whispered voice. She slowly turned around, and was shocked to see Maura standing there. 'not again,' Jane thought. Maura was still wearing the same clothes from their earlier encounter, however this time her eyes were slightly red and puffy. She looked angry, confused, sad, and calm all at the same time, if that were possible.

" Maura, what are you doing here," Jane asked a bit irritated. 'why is she doing this to me.'

Maura just stood there and stared at Jane, unsure of what to say. "Maura," Jane pressed. Maura snapped out of her little daze and let out a breath that she had been holding in, for what seemed like forever.

"you, you kissed me and said you loved me, and now you're leaving," Maura said staring at Jane deeply, "and you say that you're leaving for me and that your letting me go."

" Maura don't do this," Jane pleaded

" do what Jane, I'm not doing anything, you're doing this," Maura said.

" I'm not doing this, not again," Jane said, her anger rising, " just go."

" no, I'm not going to go, you're going to listen, because this is probably the last time I will ever see you," Maura spat, "so you're going to listen."

Jane said nothing.

" you hurt me Jane in a way that I never thought you would, and now I don't know what to do. I thought I could trust you, but you betrayed me, you betrayed our friendship. I thought our friendship was important, that I was important. I was wrong, and I do think I can ever forgive you for that," Maura said, she was on the verge of crying, but she was not going to break down in front of Jane.

"I know you Jane, better than anyone, and you've never been one to run away from anything, so why now," Maura continued, " why now."

Jane shook her head, she was at a complete loss for words. She stood up and started to pace back and forth trying to find the right words to say.

" I'm letting you go, because for once in my life I'm giving up," Jane said, " I've tried to apologize, but the apology never gets through to you. I screwed up and I can't fix it, so what's the point anymore." Jane crossed her arms and stared Maura down.

" the point is that if you really cared about me as much as you say you do then you wouldn't be leaving, you're a fighter," Maura cried.

" I do care, but there is no fight, I lost before I had the chance, I'm doing what's best,"

" for who, for you, or for me Jane."

" for the both of us," Jane yelled, causing those who were in the airport to glance over at the two women before them, but Jane shot them a stare to mind their own business." I need to leave, because I need time to think, I need time to get over the fact that we're no longer friends. I need time to move on from you. And you need time away from me, because I see the hatred in your eyes, when you look at me, I see how your body tenses up when your around me, you hate me Maura, because I was never suppose to be the one to hurt you, I was suppose to protect you, and I didn't." Jane sobbed. " I can't deal with that, so you win."

Maura and Jane just looked at each other in complete awe, their emotions were all over the place, and either one was unsure what to say. However, Jane began to realize something, if Maura didn't care she wouldn't be here, she wouldn't be asking these questions, so why was she really here. Now it was Jane's turn to get some answers out of Maura.

" Why are you asking me all these questions, I thought that you didn't care," Jane asked.

" I don't," was her simple answer.

" see I think you do, because if you didn't then you would be here interrogating me," Jane said slyly," isn't this what you want."

Maura was silent Jane had cornered her into a wall, and Maura couldn't lie, "isn't this what you wanted," Jane repeated looking at Maura with a smirk on her face. " do you want me to leave."

Maura's heart was pounding, her mind was racing, she thought her head was about to explode, she hadn't even said anything yet and she was beginning to hyperventilate. "Maura," Jane pressed.

Maura couldn't take it anymore, she cracked, she was never good being put on the spot. " No, No okay, I don't want you to leave," Maura cried.

"why," Jane yelled, realizing that now she was beginning to cry. "Why," she sobbed.

" Because you started this, you kissed me, you told me you loved me, and….." Maura cried but stopped short.

"and, and what" Jane asked.

" and, I love you too, I stayed up all night trying to figure this out, but there was no other explanation as to why I was feeling like this, feeling like I always have. But that doesn't matter anymore, because I hate you for what you did, and I can't forgive you. So there's only one solution," Maura sobbed.


" I'm letting you go too Jane," Maura whispered, "you're right, it's for the best."

They were both silent, they were lost within their own thoughts, both were afraid of what to do next. Their friendship was done, everything they had been through together was now coming to an end, because both of them were too stubborn to figure things out together. Over the intercom they were able to here the flights that would be leaving ' flight 142 from Boston to Chicago is now Boarding.'

This was it, their last chance to say goodbye. Jane made her way around to the other side of the bench where Maura was standing. Maura refused to look up and meet Jane's eyes. Jane cupped Maura's chin and forced her to meet her eyes.

" I need to be honest with you Maura, despite everything I need to be honest with you, and I need you to push your feelings aside, and promise me something," Jane said calmly. " There was never a job offer, and I'm not going to Chicago. I quit the force, and I don't think I'm coming back, and I need you to promise me that you won't tell anyone."

"Jane…" Maura started but Jane stopped her. " promise me Maura." Maura nodded in reply.

"thank you, now, um I need to go," Jane said. She let go of Maura's chin, and began to walk away, but Maura grabbed Jane's arm and pulled her back. She moved close to Jane, so that their faces were mere inched apart. " I need you to promise me something too," She whispered. Jane nodded letting Maura continue, " promise me that you will be safe, and not do anything reckless." Jane nodded and stared deep into Maura's eyes. " goodbye Jane," she said softly, then she leaned in a closed the small gap between her and Jane. She pressed her lips to Jane, just like Jane did when she left her apartment, but this kiss was different. It was soft, gentle, and full of guilt and sadness. She pulled away and took a step back.

They both took one last glance at each other, " goodbye Maura," Jane said. She turned around and grabbed her belongings off the bench. She gave the flight assistant her ticket and boarded the plane. There were no turning back, it was all over. What just happened between them changed everything, and now the real question was if Jane was ever going to come back.

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