A/N: A short Gaara/Hinata for LuteLyre. :) I may or may not continue it.

Underwater Night

Beside my feelings

Speech pales

And so

To say how I feel for you

I have no words at all. - Taira no Sadafun

A shadow passed in front of the full moon. Hinata watched as a figure walked on the rooftops - the silhouette of a gourd meant that it had to be the Kazekage. What was he doing out at night without any guards? Gaara didn't need any, though, but it was late enough that most people were asleep. Hinata was on one of her late night walks used for thinking and to tire her enough to sleep. Her worries culminated in insomnia most of the time.

Her curiosity rose and she jumped to the roof quietly to follow him. He leapt over the gaps between two roofs with a nonchalant effortlessness, almost as if his mind was somewhere else. She thought that she was a safe distance away from him, but then he stopped.

She opened her mouth to speak and a flash of sand shot towards her. It hit her left side, throwing her off balance. "Gaara-sama," she said. "My name is Hinata. I do not wish to harm you." Her arm ached a little from the sand pushing it back, but it didn't matter. The night cloaked her in a comforting embrace and gave her a strange confidence.

Gaara was silent for a few moments. Hinata curled her fingers as she waited for a response. "Where are you going?" he asked at last.

She smiled in the dark. "My favorite place. Follow me."

Gaara had no idea why he was following the pale-eyed woman to somewhere unknown. Curiosity. Anything to escape the strands of nightmares. Sleep was next to impossible; the fear of being trapped in his own mind lingered. He doubted it would ever disappear.

Odd, grains of his sand did not grate his skin around her like it did with other people. The sand armor loosened its claustrophobic grip on him a fraction when he looked at her.

It meant nothing.

They moved past houses, the end of a neighborhood, towards a forest. His patience wore thin. Sand prickled on his back and then she stopped in front of a small lake.

So much water on the ground, lying there, wasteful. Cool. Refreshing.

He waded into the lake until the water reached his knees. The temperature of the liquid sent chills up his spine, almost numbing. Water splashed softly behind him and he glanced back to see Hinata moving towards him. Past him. The depths of the lake entranced her - she stared ahead at the reflection of the moon on the surface.

Gaara laid his gourd on the lake's bank and treaded long steps to catch up to her. Water clung to his sandy skin and it became heavier, yet the sensation of submersing his body was too great to stop.

He walked until the water was too deep and he had to kick his legs to stay afloat. The two of them continued. Then, then - Gaara dived underwater. His eyes were open and he could see a few feet in front of him. Night vision was the only benefit of being Shukaku's previous host.

His peripheral vision caught Hinata besides him. He turned his head to look at her. Their eyes met and she reached to touch his arm. He pulled it away from her grasp, but she had already propelled herself close to him. Too close.

Their mouths touched. He'd seen this before, once, and never experienced it himself. When Gaara startled and tried to swim away, his mouth pressed against Hinata's harder. Her teeth were firm behind the soft fleshiness of her lips, and his lips compressed hers.

It was unlike anything he had ever felt. He wanted more.

They sank deeper into the lake's depths. Sand and water swallowed him, slowed his movements while adrenaline struck his body. Control, delicious control - he pushed his thin lips against her springy ones, more and more. Experimenting.

She teased his mouth open and sealed her lips around his to prevent the water from rushing into their mouths. Gaara's hands found their way to her hair. Fingers gripped her head as she revealed the warm and dampness of her mouth. His tongue clashed against hers and his teeth nipped the edges of Hinata's mouth.


His teeth scraped her lower lip and heat rushed below his navel. She broke away from him and he gripped her shoulders in protest. Hinata pointed upwards - she needed air.

They swam to the surface.

Chilly air touched Hinata's skin as she surfaced and with it, guilt flooded her mind. What had she done? She might have blushed if her skin hadn't been so cold. Glancing at him after he surfaced too only made her feel worse and she looked away to the right. "I-I'm sorry, Gaara-sama," she said. "I should not have forced myself on you like that. It was wrong and I apologize." Her hands fluttered faster in the water to keep her afloat.

He was silent and she thought that she should continue. "I want to be your friend, if you don't mind, but I promise I won't kiss you again." There was something dark and appealing about getting to know him. She dared to look at him now to note his reaction.

A few moments passed in silence as she waited for him to speak. "Kiss," Gaara murmured. It seemed like he hadn't heard the word before. His confused expression remained as he looked at her pull herself up to stand on the water's surface with chakra-bound feet. Hinata knew it was better to leave before she made an even bigger fool out of herself.

He moved to join her standing on the water, but his doing so made her want to take a couple of steps backwards. "Friends do not kiss," he stated, but his tone of voice made it seem more of a question.

"No, they don't," Hinata said.

"But I want to do it again." Gaara's words made her blush. "Making friends is difficult for me." Hinata could see the disappointment there, his trust that had been broken.

"Me too." Her eyes were soft then. "I hope we can try."

They walked back to the streets together without speaking, the silence falling gently on their shoulders. Hinata said goodnight with a smile.