For the hundredth time she brushed her crimson hair

In the depths of a decrepit dirty and dark room

Inebriated by the scent of tobacco, alcohol and male sweating in the air

Whose roaring laughter only added to her gloom.

The sad ladybird bravely stepped into the light

Chirping a heartfelt tune about heartache time could never mend

Hesitantly, once again restarting her daily fight

Not to sing out of tune, not to break up in tears before the end.

Her powerful voice echoed in the disreputable cafe walls

Destined to rough ears, immune to all its subtle emotional nuances

Longing for wishes only living inside her dream halls

Stories of peaceful lives and unattainable bona fide romances.

She kept singing, exposed by a revealing dress and shielded by heavy makeup layers

Under scrutiny of hundreds of lustful eyes, making love with them all

Alas, deep inside, just a tormented fragile rose who had given up her prayers

Why should her only joy in life be the reason of her fall?

Tune by tune, the rose remained standing, held by a fragile stem

Battling her inner turmoil of feeling s to conclude her nightly performance with some dignity

Not relieved, because tomorrow she would face the same agony again

She left the stage under roaring applause and passionate pleads that attacked her modesty.

Lost in their own lustful desire, not one had noticed the tears falling from her eyes

Back to the eternal loneliness of her bed, the rose could leave her shell for a while

And dream with the day when someone would look into her soul and hear her desperate cries

Helping her out of that unending cycle of sorrow, giving her reasons to smile.

For fate had laid a heavy hand on a poor and innocent redhead child

Taking everything she ever had and stranding her from the goal of becoming a good mother and wife

Hopeless, and built upon suffering, cruelty and prejudice, she became ruthless, and even wild

Only her craft kept her from breaking, and she valued it more than her own life.

So the ladybird dreamed of when she could finally take her precious voice to other stages

In songs that spoke straight to the listener's hearts, leaving a warm and pleasant feeling

Soothing pains and putting to an end hate whose origin was lost in the ages

And giving her music, the fire that feeds her soul, a completely new meaning.