The sun rose over the horizine casting shadows down the alleyways and across the rooftops of the container city. The rays slipped through the cracks in the container's wall onto my face. I woke up with my daily slowness. Taking a sip of the stale week old water from the botlle next to the fan. I look around the container that had been my home for the last three months. Today is my birthday Dec. 29th was what was my birthday and my aniversity for arriving to the ark. I grabbed my ID it said my name was Eric o'Connor. I turn to the pile of old clothes in the corner and begin sifting through it for my favorite shirt, a old ABK shirt I had stolen during the chaos that had reigned on land when the state was beginning to drown. The door to the container was stuck again. I tried forcing it with my shoulder that did not work... Then I kicked the door leaving a large dent in the metal, I kicked it again and the hinges attached to the container for decades had rusted away so much that when I did they broke free. The door fell to the street two containers below.

"aw shit!" I said leaping to the container below mine and then to the street "another violation and security will withold my daily ration of food!" I said to myself as I hid the door in the alley next to the restaurant it had landed in front of. My best friend james was sleeping in the container next door. I banged on the door and told him to get up. He answered the door several minutes later. "Eric? What the fuck do you want?" he asked me. "It's my birthday man. c'mon we're gonna be late for our shift down at the docks." We worked as mechanics for the patrol the boats the security were constantly crashing, and blowing the engines on. "alright, let me get a shirt on." He closed the container door as quietly as he could. Only the Founder's wore new, clean clothes in the morning. The 'Guests' either slept in all their clothes, or their pants for the next day. When he finally came out the street was starting to become active with the daily container city business, security patrols and raids, merchants, and the occasional barfight.

We climbed his container to the roof and ran along the roofs, doing drops, slides, and jumping from container to container. We climbed over the ship near their workplace opened the hatch and jumped down the stairs. our boss was handing out today's schedule. We ran down the wrecked container that now served a walkway to the fat man who was a founder. "Well look who's late." he said in his annoying bossman sort of way. "Oh c'mon now. It's me birthday!" I said in my Irish tone inherited from my father "Just get to work , guest!" he yelled at me and James. We hate the Founder's they barely keep us alive, then work the last of the life out of us. I took me and James' schedule. "Boat #3175" I said to him as we picked up our tools and welding equipment.