The blue and red containers seemed to stretch forever until they ended at the huge wall separating the founders and the guests.I looked out to the sea as I wiped the sweat from my my brow, the large ABK shirt looking huge on my medium body. It was sickening how the ocean stretched beyond the horizine. Not even two years it's been since I came over that endless sea to see the founders tower on the tiny life raft I had stolen from the ship just before the engine blew leaving the 50 or so people to die... "Eric!" James yelled as I snapped back to reality. "What?" I said snapping my head to look at him. "It's time to leave our shift is over." I followed James to the equipment deposit room of the rust stained ship that served as the main office building. "Eric want to go up to Earl's and grab some noodles?" He asked in a exhausted end-of-the-day voice. "Aye, you buying?" I said knowing he had wasted his rations for lunch. "Fuck you, you Irish smartass." We ran across the roofs of the Ark's guest "ghetto" section until we got to the giant airship carrier that was the "downtown" section of the container city. It was covered from tower to underside in grafitti in all languages. Earl's was as good as noodles got on the carrier. And was me and James' favorite restaurant. We walked into the small messhall turned diner "Hey Earl!" we said to the old man behind the counter. "Boys! Sit down what'll you have?" Earl was the only person who gave a shit about me and James. "chicken noodle soup." James said. "Me too." Earl opened two cans he had found five years ago along with countless other soups and junk food in the pantry. He slid them across the counter still in their cans and slid up a barstool. "So you boys heard about the rumors of war?" Earl said as though it was news "Earl, everyone has heard them. We were hearing them as soon as we were off the rafts." James said eating his soup. I sat there thinking what if there will be war? while Earl and James got into a political debate.

The next morning went the same the one yesterday. I got up got my ID and looked for my tattered shirt. I didn't have work today so I dug up my door from below piles of trash and ended up making it into a table for my "apartment". After about two hours I jumped from my yellow container to the walkway leading to my neighbor's container below. The light on the container below said "tacos" I didnt like them much. I heard someone talking through a microphone and people cheering. I climbed to the top of the containers across the street from mine. When I saw the large crowd of people surrounding the mand on top of a container I knew something big was about to happen. Then I saw him, the man trying to stop water rationing and seperation between the Founders and Guests, the man trying to win our freedom, his name was Father Chen. "Brothers!" he said with authority in his voice. "The time has come for war!" The crowd cheered wildly. "If we stay here we die!"

The crowd quickly dispersed as he finished his speach. I went to find James who was trying to recruit people to rebel. "James. I want to join them." I said as serious as I've ever been in my life. "Welcome to the resistance!" He said cheerfully and handed me a SMG and a pistol. "Didn't you say something about working as a paramedic before the flood?" he asked. "Ya I have medical training." I said to him, then he handed me a box of syringes. "Then you can be a medic."