The Girl Next Door

by Erin Salvatore

Disclaimer: I don't own the Vampire Diaries. I'm just borrowing. Only the story belongs to me.

Note: This is a sign that I'm officially obsessed with Klaroline (not that there's anything wrong with that). While browsing on Facebook, I came up with an idea for a new AU/AH story. The plot is this: Caroline and her mother move to Mystic Falls and their new home is next door to the mansion belonging to the sexy Klaus Mikaelson (yes, the last name has grown on me now). No spoilers, just follow along.

Chapter 1

Mystic Falls...

Caroline Forbes was unusually quiet as she looked out at the scenery. She and her mother, Liz, had just recently moved from their old home in Jacksonville, Florida, to the quaint little town of Mystic Falls, Virginia. This was partially because Liz had gotten a new job and they needed to move, though Caroline knew better. She knew the reason they moved was because after her parents' divorce, life in Florida meant nothing anymore.

What a swift kick in the ass life has given me, she thought. This means that I'm going to have to start at a new school and try to make friends all over again. This can't be right, damn it. I'm eighteen years old. I'm too old to be starting over in a new town.

"Caroline, are you all right? You're awfully quiet."

Caroline was brought out of her reverie by her mother's voice. She's obviously concerned, or she wouldn't care so much.

"I'm okay, Mom," she said, even though that was bullshit. "Just thinking about how I'm going to adjust to life in a town like this. I mean, the warmth of Florida to the cold of Virginia? Come on, that's a big leap."

"I know, honey, it's big leap for me too," her mother replied. "And I know you're going to miss your old friends and your old school. But, believe me, you'll make new friends here."

Caroline shook her head. Somehow, she doubted it. She also doubted that she'd enjoy her senior year at a different high school. If only she could climb out of this car and find someone that was Florida-bound and stow away in their car. That way, she wouldn't have to be forced to living in this damn town.


Klaus Mikaelson was cleaning his car, the sun beating down on his bare chest as he worked. He found that cleaning his car helped relieve stress, and Klaus had quite a bit of stress to deal with in his life, especially with his job as a doctor at Mystic Falls Medical Center. Thankfully, today just so happened to be his day off, and he was taking advantage of it.

It was while he was finishing up that Klaus noticed a moving van and a car following behind it. That meant new neighbors were moving in. That meant the mansion next door was finally sold, and not a moment too soon either. Curiously, Klaus went to investigate. When he saw the car stop and the doors opened, Klaus felt his breath leave him when he saw the most beautiful girl he had ever laid eyes on step out. She long, golden blond hair that he wanted to run his fingers through, blue eyes he could lose himself in, a body that he could imagine caressing as he made slow, tender love to her, and lips he could see himself kissing and nibbling. An older woman stepped out of the car was well. She was probably the mother of the angel he had seen.

Deciding that it would be rude not to introduce himself, Klaus approached the two new neighbors.

"Hello there," he said. "Let me be the first to welcome you to Mystic Falls."

The older blond smiled at him. "Hi. I'm Liz Forbes. I just moved here from Jacksonville, Florida."

"Lovely to meet you, Liz. I'm Klaus Mikaelson. I live next door."

"Nice to know," said Liz. "So, Klaus, what do you do when you're not charming newcombers?"

Klaus was about to say something when the younger blond came outside and found her mother talking to some strange guy. Even though she didn't exactly expect this, her curiosity was somewhat piqued. Liz presented the young blond.

"This is my daughter, Caroline."

Klaus smiled at the girl, named Caroline, and got a small smile in return. "Welcome to Mystic Falls, Caroline."

Caroline nodded. "Thank you. I take it you're our neighbor?"

Klaus nodded as well. "I am. If you'd like, I could show you around town."

Caroline hesitated. She wasn't sure if she should accept his invitation or not. After all, she just met him. However, she couldn't stop staring at him. Shit, he was gorgeous, with short, slightly curly dark blond hair, greenish blue eyes that seemed to pierce through to her soul, a body that looked like it was made for hours of passionate, primal sex, and lips that she could just imagine herself kissing. With all that going for him, she couldn't possibly refuse him.

"That would be great, actually," she said. "I'm pretty sure that my mom is going to want me to not be in her way so that she can get the things unpacked." She looked at her mother when she said that to prove a point.

"Excellent," said Klaus. "How does tonight sound? I'll pick you at, say, 7:00?"

"Sounds good to me," said Caroline. "I look forward to it."

Klaus smiled and took her hand, placing a chaste kiss on her knuckles. "Until tonight, Caroline." He smiled at Liz. "It was lovely to have met you, Liz. Your daughter is exquisite."

With that, he walked back to his house and Caroline, against her will, found herself staring at his ass, licking her lips at how sexy it looked. The fact that a man like Klaus Mikaelson living next door was making living in Mystic Falls not seem so bad after all.

Note: Thus begins another Klaroline AU/AH. Next chapter will featuring the tour/bonding.