Hello, everyone! Here's my first C.C./Lelouch fic here on FFnet, and it's an AU. It's possibly OOC (Who even knows with moody ol' Lulu?), and it's a fic where C.C. has a name. I dunno if that turns people away, but I thought I'd mention it. Please note, it's a name I made up for her, and holds absolutely no meaning outside of my personal fanfics.

I'm writing this fic for the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Big Bang on LiveJournal (http:/ scifibigbang. livejournal. com/ profile), but, unlike last year, I wanted to post one chapter at a time. Enjoy!

History Affair
Chapter 01: Cyndicate



That's what they call me. It's my initials, but they pronounce it as 'See-Two,' instead of the more common 'See-See.' I don't really know why they call me that, but I won't argue. I prefer to be called Kate, but I'll take anything as long as it isn't my full name.

Cydnicate Christian.

Who in the world names their daughter 'Cyndicate?'

My parents, that's who.

I'm nothing special. Just a girl in high school with a passion for history and literature. I love to read, and my best friend mocks me, calling me a bookworm and saying I'll still be a virgin at forty. Kallen doesn't get it, though. She's a tech junkie, to put it bluntly. She works after school at a garage her brother owns, fixing cars and, occasionally, Knightmares. I go and watch sometimes, just to keep her company. I can read in the waiting room there just as well as I can read at home.

I don't have a boyfriend, but I don't care. Kallen doesn't, either, but the one guy at school is constantly hitting on her. Gino Weinberg. He seems like a decent enough guy. Enthusiastic, but he's honest. I'm pretty sure he'd treat Kallen well if she'd just say yes. But she's a feminist to the core, not wanting to have to 'rely on a man' for anything.

If I had a guy hitting on me like that, I'd say yes. I don't lament not having a boyfriend, but I wouldn't say no if I was asked out. I have dated a few times, but none of them stuck. I'm a hopeless romantic, though. I can't help it, not after reading so much. I read just about everything, from romance to thriller to adventure. I read non-fiction, too. Stories are almost better when they're real. That's why I love history so much.

I lean back in my seat on a bench in the park, paperback book in my hands and eyes skimming the words with no desire to stop. This book is about the Britannian royal family from a few centuries ago. It's been twisted to tell a good story, but it's amazing. I've already found several facts that are wrong, but it's still a good read, so long as one knows it isn't completely factual.

"Hey! C.C.!"

My head snaps up in shock. Damn it, just as the princess was about to confess her love for her knight. I frown and tuck my bookmark between the pages so I don't lose my spot and smile as Gino approaches. "Hey, C.C.! Can I ask you something?"

I roll my eyes and lay the book across my lap. "You've already stolen my attention from where it's wanted most. You may as well."

He grins, completely oblivious. "Great. Do you know what Kallen thinks of me? I've been asking her out for forever and she won't give me a clue."

My pale green eyebrow rises. "Most guys would take her constant denial as a clue."

He shrugs. "She doesn't hate me, though. That's clear enough."

I shift to stand, tucking Chronicles of the Crown vol. 2 into my shoulder bag and smile. "She doesn't think you're a bad guy, so, no, she doesn't hate you. But she doesn't like like you, either. I think you two could be good friends." I start to walk away, then turn on my heel to add, "Between you and me, I hope she accepts someday."

I sit in my room, curled into a ball in my papasan chair, book in my hands once again. My stuffed Cheese-kun sits in my lap, acting as a support mechanism as the youngest prince declares war on the one who murdered his sister. God, I love these books. The author knew what he was doing. I'll have to look up more by Levi Tain. I hope he has more. There are seven books in the Chronicles of the Crown series, but I already know I want more.


I snap out of my reverie at the sound of my mother's voice. Damn it. Always when I'm reading! I climb out of my chair and carry my book down the hall to where my mom is coming up the stairs. "Yes, Mom?"

She rolls her eyes at the sight of the book in my hand and sighs. "You're going to read yourself blind, Kate."

I shrug. "It's better than smoking pot, right?"

She shakes her head in exasperation. "It's time for dinner. Go get cleaned up."

"All right," I say with a nod, turning to run back to my room and wash up. We live in the Christian family estate, so we have a huge amount of property. I love to climb trees and read in the branches during the spring. It's so beautiful outside our house. I walk into my own bathroom and over to open the window. It's really nice weather out right now.

Wait, what's that?

I glance down to the ground, where someone stands by a park swing in the garden. It's a boy, about my age. His black hair shines in the afternoon sun, his eyes staring at something in the distance. He's wearing a simple button-down white shirt and black pants. I swear I've never seen him before. Who is that?

Suddenly, his attention snaps towards something else to his left, and he walks off, disappearing beneath the brush of a tree.



The man who heads the farming of our orange orchard looks up with a spark of curiosity in his eye. "Yes, Miss Kate?"

I sigh from where I sit in one of the orange trees. "Just Kate, Jeremiah. You know that. My family is Lithuanian. We were granted Britannian nobility because we gave up our right to our land."

He nods with a friendly smile and turns to lean on the side of the truck for harvesting, raising his eyebrow not covered by his mask in good humor. "Yes, Kate?"

I smile and swing my legs back and forth. "Do you know if my parents hired anyone new to help in the garden?"

He turns away, wiping his brow to clear the sweat from his work. "I'm not sure, Kate. The orchard and the garden are handled by different people. Why do you ask?"

"I saw someone yesterday, just before dinner. He looked my age and dressed in a white shirt and black pants. I don't remember having any staff my age with black hair like that."

"Hm…" he muses, climbing up a ladder to work with the oranges. "I'm not sure. I can't say I've seen anyone like that."

I lean back slightly, gripping the branch to keep my balance. I wonder who that boy was? I suppose he could have been older. I never saw his face, but he carried himself like a high school kid. I shake my head. Maybe I have been reading too much. But instead of going blind like my mom said, I'm going crazy and seeing things.

I roll back further and hang upside-down on the tree before flipping and landing on my feet. "Well, thanks for talking, Orange. I have to get to school now, but I'll see you later!" I grab my dirt-stained backpack and my Cheese-kun purse from the ground before dashing off towards where Villetta waits to drive me to school. Funny thing, really. Villetta's actually married to a friend of Kallen's who works in the same shop as her. They met because Villetta dropped me off at the garage while Ohgi—her husband—was outside and she almost hit him. It's kind of funny to think back on, but it's cute, too.

I dash through the gardens, hurdling over hedges and flowerbeds before circling around one of the sakura trees. It takes me exactly one minute and four seconds to get from the orchard to the car, so long as nothing goes wrong. I've been seeing Orange almost every day for the last few years. He's like a big brother to me.

I stop in my tracks, glancing around the small nook of the garden. This place… This is the spot where I saw that boy. Yup, that's my bedroom window up there with the dark purple curtains. This is the Chinese-style garden swing he was standing next to. So, from where he was, he would have been facing… this way. I turn, shifting to stand in the same direction. Huh. There's nothing out there. Just trees. The orchard is a little father east than that, so he could have been looking at that.

But then he turned and looked… that way. There's nothing special there, either. Hm… It's just another part of the garden. I wonder if maybe there's a hidden treasure buried beneath the grounds? Or the body of a dead king? Maybe he's scouting the spot?

…Maybe I have been reading too much.

A jingle sounds out and I jump, pulling my phone from my purse. Without looking at the name, I hold it to my ear and answer, "H-hello?"

"Miss Kate, it's Villetta. You're going to be late for school."

"Ah, right! I'm sorry! I'm on my way now!" I turn and continue my run for the car, continuing, "I was sidetracked talking to Orange."

"Just hurry up. I'll get in trouble if you're late."

I turn the corner to the front of the estate. There, in the circular driveway, is the black car Villetta drives. "I'm almost there! Just turned the corner."

"I see you. The door is unlocked."

"Okay!" I say, snapping my phone shut and stuffing it back in my purse before pulling the door open and jumping in. "Go!"

The dark-skinned woman turns in her seat to say, "Get your seatbelt on."

I roll my eyes and click the buckle into place. "Okay, now you can go."

She shoots me a slight smile before shifting gears and pulling out of the driveway. I lean back in my seat, hugging my arms across my chest. No tests today, so school should be pretty easy. We live out in the middle of nowhere because of our massive property, so it's a little bit of a drive before we're even in the main part of Tokyo. We pull up to a stop light and I turn to glance out the window, freezing.

It's that boy from the garden.

He's standing at the crosswalk, waiting to cross with a bunch of other people. Students and adults walking to work are gathered, waiting for the light to change. His back is to me, so all I can see is that he's wearing a uniform of a dark green jacket and black pants, along with a student briefcase over his shoulder. The light changes and Villetta pulls off, leaving the boy far behind.

What in the world? Who is that boy?

We drive up to the school and she stops along the curb, glancing at the sight of students packed by the gates. What in the world? I climb out and pull my white, dirt-stained backpack over my shoulder and grab my purse, moving up towards the crowd. Maybe it's a protest? Kallen should know.

Ah, there she is!

It's hard to mistake that fiery red hair of hers. I push through the crowds, shoving my way towards her. "Kallen!" I shout, trying to be heard over the buzz. "Kallen!"

She looks up at her name, eyes widening slightly as she spots me jumping up and down. She looks so sad… I finally reach her and touch her shoulder, asking, "What happened?"

She looks away again, staring at the cobblestone path before muttering, "You haven't heard?"

I shake my head. "I just got here."

"It's Nina, from the student council. They said they found her dead in the third floor girls' room."

(I hate, hate, hate Nina... -_-)

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