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History Affair
Chapter 04: Geass

"Geass?" I ask, my mind drawing a blank. I've never heard of anything called geass, historical or not.

Lelouch smiles and walks to the middle of the room, then turns to face me while sweeping his hand in front of his eyes. With that motion, his violet eyes glow a shade of pink instead. "Geass," he says, "is the birthright of the royal heirs."

I step forward, absently walking closer to him. What in the world is this…? His eyes… They're glowing pink with a shape almost like a bird in the center. My hand reaches out and gently touches his cheek, my thumb gently tracing under his eye. "Beautiful…"

He blinks, the glow fading and his eyes returning to their formerly purple state. "What did you just say?"

"Ah!" I turn away and let go, folding my hands together in front of me and fighting my blush. In my defense, he kissed me, so touching his face isn't so bad. "I didn't mean…"

He walks past me to look out the window again and crosses his arms while saying, "You think it's beautiful? Tell me, if a thousand people were to perish in a single moment, would you think that's beautiful, too?"

I stare, stumped by the question. "Well, no. There's nothing beautiful about death."

"Because, if used properly, that is exactly what geass is capable of."

What? What is he saying…? "What do you mean?"

He turns again, facing me and raising his hand to absently finger the curtains. "To understand, you must first know the origin of geass. It is, as I said, the birthright of the Britannian heirs. I had almost twenty siblings, all but one having different mothers. Because of our descent from the emperor, Charles zi Britannia, we inherited geass."

"Okay…" I nod slowly, moving to sit down in a pink armchair and pull Cheese-kun into my lap. "But… What is it, exactly?"

"Geass manifests in an heir around the age of sixteen. Mine formed at fourteen, but I always was ahead of my time. I barely surpassed my brother Schneizel. He was two weeks older than I at the time of manifestation. At that time, the power first forms. It's barely there, waiting in your mind like an insect crawling on your neck. It tingles, and you feel the urge to make it stop by whatever means necessary. Instinct makes you want to use it, no matter the consequences."

I pull my feet beneath me, hugging Cheese-kun even tighter. "What happens then? Did you kill people?"

"No. I didn't, anyway. Every geass manifests differently. My ability varies completely from any of my siblings. No two are exactly the same, or so it seems. After the initial usage, the power no longer has that begging feeling, but it is still there. The power is at your disposal. It takes practice to get used to exactly how it works and what sort of limitations there might be, but it's all personal experimentation."

I lean forward, completely absorbed into his story. "What is your power, exactly? What can you do?"

He ignores my question, saying, "Around the age of eighteen—sixteen for me—the geass matures. Upon maturation, one loses temporary control of their geass. It reaches its full potential, beyond what a simple human can control. However, it can be harnessed and managed, but, again, it takes time and practice. Depending on the nature of the geass, it can take as little as a week to completely master it. With others, you could be training all your life and never have complete control."

I swallow my spit and snuggle into my chair further. "What else?"

He walks over and sits down on the sofa, crossing his long legs and resting his temple on his fingertips. "I believe you asked of my geass?"

I nod vigorously and shift to sit on my legs, eager to hear his answer. "Yes?"

"My geass allows me to copy the geass of any user within fifteen hundred meters."

I blink. "So, it's useless without other people with geasses?"

He sighs and shakes his head. "The plural form is still 'geass.' And to answer your question, yes and no. I require a geass user nearby, but once I copy them, I can continue to copy them, even after they're out of range."

I nod slowly. "How do you know if anyone is nearby? I mean, fifteen hundred meters is pretty far."

He leans back with a casual chuckle. "Are you stupid? I can sense them, of course."

"But you're a Britannian heir. What good is your power here in Japan?"

He shrugs casually while lifting the plate with sandwich and eyeing it curiously. "I still have my previously copied powers." Peering at the sandwich cautiously, he finally asks, "What is it?"

I take my turn to laugh and say, "It's a turkey sandwich."

"Turkey?" he questions, glancing over it to look at me. "As in the avionic species?"

"Yes, as in it's a bird. That turkey." I giggle again at the look on his face before saying, "Just try it. It's better than it looks. Promise."

He warily lifts it from the plate and I shift to stand, trying my best to not stare at him. "So, what kind of powers did you copy?"

He sniffs the sandwich and slowly raises it to his lips, working up his courage and biting down before he can change his mind. I turn away, hiding the laughter threatening to bubble out at the look on his face. Finally, he swallows and says, "I… have eaten far worse things."

I smile and say, "See? It's not that bad!"

He shakes his head. "Things you would be far better off not knowing."

My eyebrows rise again. "The things you've eaten?"

"No, the powers I possess."

Well, if that's not cryptic.

I climb out of Villetta's car the next day, trudging up towards school. I hope Lelouch will be okay in my room. He wouldn't talk about geass anymore, but I feel like I should be happy that he told me as much as he did. I mean, the fact that it isn't mentioned in history means that it's a well-guarded secret, one that actually was taken to the grave.

But I'm really hoping nobody finds Lelouch in my room. That would just spell out trouble for me.


I jump where I stand, turning on my heel and clapping my hand over my heart at the sight of Kallen standing there. Her fire-red eyebrow goes up and she crosses her arms. "Little jumpy today, aren't we?"

I smile and rub the back of my head. "Yeah, little bit."

She shifts to walk beside me as we make our way up to the classroom center together. I shrug as nonchalantly as I can and, without waiting for her to ask, say, "I dunno. I just am."

She crosses her arms in a 'I am so not buying that' way before saying, "I am so not buying that."

Do I know my friend or what? I smile and say, "Fine, you win."

She offers a smug smirk and says, "I'm listening."

Now, how to explain…? "It's that boy I told you about."

"Oh?" She leans closer, waiting for all the gory details.

"Well, I met him yesterday. I mean, I know his name and we talked for a little bit."

She just gives me a look, silently telling me to continue. I draw a deep breath and fold my fingers together. "His name is Lelouch-" Lelouch what? I can't tell her his real name! "Lelouch Lamperouge." I have no idea where that came from. I'll roll with it. "He's a nerd for the royal Britannian era, too."

She stares at me, waiting. Finally, she asks, "Is that it?"

I shrug. "Nothing really amazing happened, no. We just talked."

"Talking," she says, but the way she says it sounds like she can't believe it.

"Hey!" I reach out and swat her arm. "I just met him and you make it sound like I should be making out with him!"

"Well, you are a hopeless romantic."

"And you have a guy pretty much dragging on your coattails and you won't do a thing about it!"

She rolls her eyes. "Please, not this again… I have my reasons for not wanting to date."

I shove against her shoulder playfully. "Yeah, well don't blame me when you wind up single with forty cats!"

She looks away and grips her hands around the shoulder strap of her bag. "Yeah. Sure."

I blink. Did I say something to make her upset? I set my hand on her shoulder and ask, "Hey, Kallen, you know I'm only joking, right? You'll find the right guy someday!"

She turns to me with a forced smile. "Yeah. You're right."

I smile back and shove her shoulder again. "Come on, we'll be late for class."

I walk in the door to my house and look around quickly before making a break for the stairs. I really, really hope no one went into my room… I push the door open and glance around, pausing at the sight of Lelouch sitting on the couch with his arm on the rest, fingers propped against his cheek, and feet propped on the table. I walk in and close the door behind, watching him as his fingers twitch in a likeness to waving. Well, at least he's acknowledging me.

I drop my backpack into my chair and walk closer, greeting, "Hey, Lelouch."

"Is there anyone out there?"

I shake my head. "Nope. You're safe."

"Good," he says, shifting to his feet and snapping the book shut. He tosses it carelessly onto the table and walks around over to me with a slight smile on his face. His hand reaches out towards me slightly, his voice saying, "I missed you, Cera."

"No-no-no-no!" I step back, waving my hands between us. He thought I was Cera that morning, too. I'm guessing time travel messes your memories a little bit. Or maybe it's part of the shock of suddenly being in a completely different time. "I'm not Cera. My name's Kate."

He withdraws his hand, delicately placing it against his temple and sighing. "Of course. Forgive me."

I manage a smile and say, "It's okay. I can't imagine what it's like to suddenly be in a new world." Let's not even touch the subject of the never-to-be-seen-again girlfriend.

He gives a short nod and walks back to the couch, lifting the book he was reading and humming a sound of amusement. "I never imagined I would uncover something like this."

I walk over to glance at the book he's holding, only to find Chronicles of the Crown vol. 4. Yes, I bought the whole set. Sue me. "It's wrong, I know, but it's such a good read that I-"

"Wrong?" he asks with one eyebrow arching perfectly. "How so?"

"Well," I start, shifting to sit down on the couch next to him. "Some of the facts are off. For instance, Princess Cornelia never loved her knight, did she? And Guilford didn't really exist."

He chuckles and touches the spine of the book to his nose. "That's Lord Guilford. He was a good man and he very much existed. He also earned the title of Baron for his efforts in protecting my sister, earning him the right to marry her. Unfortunately, the battle over the throne erupted before they could marry and they died—to the best of my knowledge—without ever being wed."

"Wait." I hold up my hand to stop him. "You mean, our history is all wrong?"

He leans back with a smug smile on his face. "Does this mean you truly believe that I am Prince Lelouch vi Britannia?"

I stop where I sit and stare at the book in his hand. "I'm not sure. I think I need to see the power of this geass before I can say so. If I can see your magic powers first-hand, then I'll believe you. Fair enough?"

"Very well," he says with a curt nod. He sweeps his hand in front of his eyes again, revealing that pink glow again.

I can't help but stare at the sight. It's amazing, the image of his eyes encompassed by this strange sigil. I don't know what it means, or what kind of thing he's going to do to me, but I honestly couldn't care right now.

He smiles and leans on his hand again. "If you lived in my time, you'd lose your head for thinking like that."

I blink. "I didn't say anything." Did I?

"You didn't have to. My oldest brother, Odysseus, had the power to read minds. I've copied it before and, therefore, can copy it now."

I narrow my eyes and lean closer. "What am I thinking now?" Tomorrow, we're having a history class covering the Japanese discovery of Sakuradite, and history leading up to its usage today.

"What in the world is Sakuradite?"

Okay, there's no way that's a coincidence. Is it? I mean, what are the chances? "You… really are reading my mind, aren't you?"

He snorts a short laugh. "Of course I am. I would have thought the glowing eyes would convince you of the reality of geass."

"So… You really have magic powers?"


Well. I honestly don't know what to say about that. I suppose that does kind of explain how this guy randomly showed up in my bedroom. I reach up and brush my fingers through my hair to tuck it behind my ear. "So... Why did you come to the future?"

"Hm." He smirks and turns to avert his eyes. "That is something you may yet discover at a later date."

I narrow my eyes pointedly. "I'm not fooling around!"

He shifts to stand with that secretive smirk still in place. "Neither am I."

"Look," I say, jumping to my feet opposite him. "You're relying on me, aren't you? You need me for a place to stay, food to eat, and to gain knowledge of this time, right?"

He chuckles, a low rumble echoing from deep in his chest. "Hardly. With geass, I can 'ask' anyone for assistance. I can even convince you to help me without telling you another word of my secrets."

Arrogant little-! I slam my hand down on the armrest of the chair, anger boiling deep inside. "Some pretty little mind reading ability isn't going to make me your slave!"

He walks past me, brushing Chronicles of the Crown against my cheek playfully. "I told you, didn't I? My powers are the things of nightmares. It's not the mind reading I'll use."

My shoulders freeze up without my consent as I suck in a breath. Slowly, I turn to face him, unable to resist asking, "What kind of monster are you...?"

That smirk rises a bit further and he shifts to toss the book onto the table, calling casually over his shoulder, "The kind who mercilessly orders thousands to their deaths in the name of their sworn allegiance."



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