No One but you – Chapter three

Haley walked down the stairs wearing Nathan's old Ravens uniform her hair tied up in a curly pony tail and sleepy eyes, she had been drinking all night and Nathan could tell that she had a massive headache; he smiled at her as he stood in the kitchen and sat down at the bench seat in front of him before putting her head down on the table as he laughed.

"Coffee" she mumbled with all the effort she could as he continued to laugh before pouring her a cup and sliding it across to her

"How you doing baby?"

"My head hurts" she said with a pout as the front door opened and her best friend's heels clicked across the floor and into the kitchen and living area "Brooke Darling can you please walk quieter?"

"Whoa" she said with a laugh "Big Night?"

"Hurts. To. Talk"

"James girl pre-wedding drinks night" he said passing Brooke a coffee and taking a sip of his own

"My brain is throbbing" Quinn said walking down the stairs with a hand covering her eyes "I need to sit and be still all day long"

"Ah lovely James girls do I need to remind you of what today is, It's WEDDING DAY" Brooke said with a smile on her face and a panic in her eyes, she loved weddings there was no denying it so that statement came out louder than expected.

"Please shut up" Taylor said as she walked down the stairs

"OHMYGOD" Brooke said freaking out and running up the stairs and grabbing Taylor's face "I see bags, BAGS" she said turning it to face the rest of the family

"You're hurting me" Taylor said as coherently as she could with her cheeks chubbed

"Okay Brooke calm it down" Vivian said walking down the stairs behind them "Taylor can go get an extra couple of hours sleep, Quinn can set up make-up and hair in the pool house, You can go and get the dresses from the car, Nathan and Haley and the kids when they finally get here will start setting up chairs

In the backyard and start setting up the ceremony and I will go and throw up" Vivian said before darting back up the stairs

"Good idea Vivian" Brooke shouted up the stairs before yelling "GO"

Haley stood up with her throbbing head "Brooke calm your farm" she said half because of a lack of things to say and half because it is the first thing that pops back into her head "Tomorrow is wedding day, today is just rehearsal day"

"Right" she said letting go of Taylor's face and composing herself "I knew that"


"Okay Girls your up" Said Isaac playing fake priest in his sisters backyard, indicating that it was Haley and her sisters turn to walk Taylor down the aisle, she struggled down the aisle before stopping and leaning on Jake who was lending himself and his guitar for the wedding of Taylor James, and now he was lending his shoulder. Sammy, Milo and Logan stood in the background with Nathan setting up the chairs while Brooke and Karen tied lights and lanterns into Trees watching gleefully as the bridesmaids and groomsmen practiced tirelessly in perfecting their own roles in the wedding. Peyton was at TRIC with Chase making sure that everything was ready for the reception and Lucas was being Taxi to and from the airport, Haley was pretty sure that she had everything under control for her big sister's wedding but just thinking about it made her brain hurt.

"Dearly Beloved We are gathered here today to join Tomas Henry and Taylor James in Holy Matrimony, If anyone can show just cause why they may not be lawfully joined together, let them speak now or forever hold their peace."

"Wait, Wait" Billy James said running down the aisle as they all looked at him strangely "They can't get married, for I am in love with her" he said throwing himself down onto one knee in front of her, she laughed and pulled him up

"She can't marry either of them" Robbie said walking down the aisle as Tom smirked

"And why not?" Isaac said with this laugh that sounded exactly like their mothers

"Because she is a man" he said pointing an unjust finger to his little sister

"Okay guys" Taylor said turning around as her brothers walked over to the other boys and helped to set up chairs.

"Who gives this woman to this man?"

"We do" Quinn and Vivian said with linked arms with no energy what so ever

"Tomas" he was taking great enjoyment in calling him that "do you take Taylor James to be your lawfully wedded wife to live in the holy matrimony? Will you love, honour, comfort, and cherish her from this day forward, forsaking all others, keeping only unto her for as long as you both shall live?"

"I do"

"Taylor James, do you take Tomas Henry to be your lawfully wedded husband to live in holy matrimony? Will you love, honour, comfort and cherish him from this day forward, forsaking all others, keeping only under him" he said with a laugh

"Unto not under" she said slapping her brother

"Keeping only unto him for as long as you both shall live?"

"I do" she said with a smile

"The Bride's sister Haley will now read us a heartfelt message to bring Jimmy and Lydia James to the wedding of their daughter Taylor" they all turn to look at the woman resting on the shoulder of the guitar player, completely zoned out her sunglasses blocking out the sun and the triggers of her headache. Jakes looks up to Haley as she stands connected to him but she remained completely still

"Hales" he said snapping her out of her haze

"Right sorry" she says before walking as quickly as she can to her spot where everyone continues to look at her "I think I'm going to throw up"

"The beautiful words of my mother" Lydia says sarcastically with a laugh to her cousins Jemma and Louey and to Felicity who is continuing to ignore her, she had been since Lydia introduced herself the night before.

"Guess we're saving that Gem till tomorrow" Isaac said with a smile as his sister walked back over to Jake. "Okay would the bride and groom like to resite their vows" he said watching his sister smile at his soon to be brother in law, he loved that she was so happy

"Actually we are going to save them for the day" Tom said turning to Isaac briefly but then back to the gaze of his fiancé, as he did so his soon to be nephew Jamie Scott walked in and stood up the back with his dad.

"Rings?" he questioned and she looked at him like he was stupid "I guess it's time for you to kiss the bride"

"You are the worst fake priest ever" she said with this mischievous grin

"Are you going to kiss or what?" Quinn asked before Taylor smiled latching her hand to Tom's and going in for a massive kiss as Jake strummed the guitar

"Get a room" Tom's best man said with a laugh

"Ladies and Gentleman I now present to you Mr and Mrs Henry" they said and the small setting up crowd all clapped, Lydia spotted her big brother and busted up the aisle and into his arms.


"I would like to toast to my baby sister Taylor James who this time tomorrow will become Taylor Henry" Vivian said with her champagne glass raised, the four sisters were going to spend this night, the night before the wedding together sharing memories and having a good time, but not with as much alcohol as the previous night.

"I don't know" Taylor said taking a sip of her drink

"Tay do you have cold feet?" Quinn asked putting her glass on the bedside table and sitting down next to her sister Taylor

"Oh no! I mean I think I'll be Taylor James-Henry, I feel that the name James is one of my last connections to mum and dad plus I always want to be a James sister, you three are still James' even if you are James-Scott or James-Evans or whatever the hell you are" she said with a laugh as she pointed to Vivian before breaking into tears

"Taylor what's wrong?" Haley said as she and Vivian surrounded her

"I always imagined mum and dad here on my wedding day, you know joking and laughing and making stupid toasts right here, and then walking me down the aisle whispering jokes in my ears and asking me when I was going to have babies" Taylor said tears streaming down her cheek "I never imagined that I would miss them this much" she said as all her sisters hugged her before Haley disconnected herself and ran up the hallway.

"If she is throwing up again I think we need to get her stomach pumped" Taylor said with a laugh as they both looked up the hallway to find her, within minutes Haley was back in the bedroom with this stupid grin on her face "What did you do?"

"The other day I was going through my draws and I found this" she said passing it to the sisters who all started laughing "It is from my wedding party, the one Lucas had for us, I told you about it. Anyway Brooke set up a fake id machine and that is dads"


This was the dream, she stood looking at herself in the full length mirror, it was getting closer and closer to the moment that she walked down the aisle and married the man of her dreams, she was so nervous and excited, Taylor was already wearing her gorgeous wedding gown, the top was in a corset style and the bottom was made of tulle but not in a meringue way in a gorgeously elegant way. Haley entered the room and came up behind her wearing a light flowing light pink strapless dress with shoes that matched the tone of the dress, her hair out in loose curls completed with a pink lily just above her right ear, Taylor had wanted her parents to be included as much as possible so they would be mentioned as much as possible and the flowers were all Lily's signifying Lydia James' favourite flower which was the flower of choice for Lydia and Jimmy James on their wedding day. Quinn and Vivian were in the same outfits as Haley. Haley lifted up the elegant veil up to her sister's hair connecting it underneath her bun.

"You know how we were talking last night?"

"Yeah" Taylor said looking at her sister through the mirror

"Well here" Haley said placing a pair of earrings in her sister's palm "They were mums"

"No Haley these are yours, I can't take them"

"Think of them as your something borrowed" Haley said before taking a deep breath "Now she is with you today" she said as tears formed in both sets of eyes. Haley placed her chin on Taylor's shoulder as they held hands.


Lydia walked down the stairs of her own house which was filled to the brim with family, friends and workers. She was wearing the bridesmaids dress that her aunt Brooke made, much like the dresses Brooke had made for her mum and aunts and the flower girls except it had a light pink ribbon tied around it with an identical flower to the one in her mother's hair but the bridesmaids hair was up in a bun like her aunt Taylor's. She kissed Karen's cheek, who was preparing food and then her dads before making herself a coffee in the takeaway cups Karen had brought over for the guests and sat down next to Sawyer who was helping her grandma by serving food to guests.

"How is your new roommate treating you?" Sawyer said taking a sip of her cousin's coffee. Referring to Lydia's soon to be cousin Felicity, who had flown in two nights ago and was forced to share Lydia's room.

"She hates me"

"I'm sure she doesn't" Nathan chimed into the conversation as Flick Henry walked down the stairs and gave Lydia a dirty look.

"Okay maybe she does" Sawyer said turning back to her cousin, uncle and grandma. Sawyer thought her family was pretty fantastic.

"I wouldn't take it personally! I just don't think she took the news of the wedding too well" Nathan said remembering the night they had arrived and when Taylor and Tom had sat them down and told them, Felicity had yelled and cried and screamed before storming up the stairs and slamming the door, Nathan assumed this meant that she hadn't taken it quite well and her behaviour since sure pointed to that.

"Mitch took the news quite well"

"Girls are different"

"You're in a room full of females, chose your next words carefully Nathan" Karen said patting Nathan's back as the rest of them laughed.

"Good morning all" said Mitch walking into the kitchen with his dad

"Morning" they all chimed back

"Okay Sawyer we have things to set up" Karen said as she moved

"Okay Kazza" Sawyer said getting up off the seat before whispering into Lydia's ear "he is super-hot"

"Dude. Shut up!"

"Okay, okay, okay, hello" said Haley walking past Karen and Sawyer on the way out the door

"How's the stress-fest mama?" Lydia said as her mum kissed her cheek

"Everything is on schedule, no stressing going on here"

"Is that ice-sculptor supposed to be sitting in the sun mum?"

"Mum breath I was kidding! We don't even have an Ice-sculptor" she said as Haley gave her a look

"How is my beautiful bride doing?" Tom said taking a sip of coffee

"Oh did we forget to tell you she climbed out the window hours ago" She said giggling to herself "I'm just kidding" Haley laughed again and Nathan laughed too because he knew exactly where Lydia got her sense of humour from. As Haley stopped laughing at her joke the rest of the wedding party and family walked in. So here is how it would go: Haley, Quinn and Vivian would walk Tay down the aisle, Jemma, Louey, Lydia and Felicity were bridesmaids and Maggie and Izzy were the flower girls. The Scott boys and the Evans boys were very happy that they didn't have any responsibility in the wedding, because they girls were all trying there hardest to stop stressing and their sisters and cousins had been practicing walking in a straight line all week.

The male side consisted of four groomsmen Mitch, Tom's best friend, Tom's older brother and Tom's younger brother who would all wear Tuxedoes with cream ties and a lily in the front pocket.

Brooke, Peyton and Julian came inside, the girls to take pictures of the wedding party while Julian filmed another instalment of "A James Family Wedding" his own little reality show; he had been filming it for the duration of the three weeks. They took lots of pictures before the girls went to go be with Taylor with Brooke and Peyton to take more pictures while all the guests were arriving. Brooke was there to fit the dresses, Peyton to do the music but Tay and Tom had a more the merrier philosophy so whole Tree Hill families had been invited to the ceremony and reception.


"Okay Taylor are you ready?" Quinn said to her nodding sister as she passed around bouquets to the bridal party as they all primped and applied the finishing touches before walking down the aisle, it was primping madness.

"Girls, Let's do this" Vivian said as she and Haley lead them all to the position that they had began at the previous night at the practice run. The flower girls went first and then the bridesmaids.

"Okay before we start I just want to say that mum and dad are with us right here right now, and they would be so proud of you Tay"

"Haley you know for a fact that we don't have time to re-do makeup" Quinn said looking at her sister

"Guys, I really want to thank you…." She said as her eyes welled

"We can do this later! Right now we have to go and get you married, don't want to leave him waiting"

"Mhmmmm" Taylor gulped

"No tears" Haley said pointing to her sisters before they all went into a James family hug. "Let's do this"


"All the things you are to me
Darling you have set me free

Always give you what you need

And what you deserve

All the joy and all this love

I know that it is from above

And now together there's enough

To fill this world"

"To my darling Taylor, the bane of my existence, the love of my life, you caused me the most trouble but you also caused me the most laughter." Haley said pushing a strand of hair off her face as she smiled down at what was written on the piece of paper in her hands

"Cause you are the love of my life

You are the love of my life

And now we're man and wife"

"Tom Henry, when I first laid my eyes upon you for the first time I felt this pang in my heart, something I never thought I would ever feel. When you look at me with those gorgeous eyes I feel whole, I feel as though after a world of falling you have caught me and with that I feel eternal happiness, I can't wait to start my world with you" she said it with tears in her eyes before turning to her smiling sister Quinn who passed her the wedding ring "With this ring I thee wed." she said slipping it onto his finger as he wiped a tear from her face.

"All the things that you will do

And now I'm standing next to you

And darling I will see you through

The rest of our lives

With you beside me I have won

I'm glad I've waited for so long

There is no doubt that you are the one

For me"

"Taylor James, there are no words to express how much I love you, how much your presence fulfils me, how your laugh engulfs me, how your words empower me to strive to my greatest potential. Without you in my life I'd be lost and with your love I am home" he said trying to hold back his tears as he looked into the eyes of the beautiful woman before him, he turned around and collected his ring off Mitchell who gave him the thumbs up, he laughed and turned to a smiling Taylor "With this ring I thee wed." he said slipping the glistening ring onto her shaking hand.

"You are the love of my life

You are the love of my life"

"I know pronounce you man and wife, you may kiss the bride" The priest said as Taylor jumped at her new husband, wrapping her arms around his neck as the crowd gathered in her sisters backyard cheered.

"There'll be times (We make time)

There'll be things (we will bring)

Everything's going to be fine

Now you're in my life

So I give you heart and soul

It's yours to take wherever you go

Through the years you'll always know

It's yours to keep

God has blessed this sacred vow

Angels line above and look down

See the two of us, we found the perfect


"Ladies and Gentlemen I am pleased to introduce Mr and Mrs Henry" the priest said with a smile as the crowd continued to clap while Taylor and Tom walked down the aisle again, hand in hand.

"You are the love of my life

You are the love of my life

You are the love of my life

Yeah, you are the love of my life

Now we're man and wife

We're man and wife

Now we're man and wife

We're man and wife

We're man and wife"


The atmosphere at TRIC was electric, they all waited anxiously for Taylor and Tom to arrive and when they did finally walk up the stairs the whole crowd threw confetti at them as she hugged her sibling and her new step children. As they made their way into the room, Tom's best friend and groomsmen stepped onto the stage and tested the microphone as Taylor and Tom made it centre stage.

"I've known Tom since we were little, we met whilst watching our bigger brothers play baseball and since then we have been causing all sorts of trouble, well that all changed when he decided to become a Senator and we couldn't have any fun anymore, but I distinctly remember the day I fell in love with you, not in a romantic way, don't worry Tay you don't have any competition, so this day we had just started High school and I was a real shorty, and I was walking through this sea of people with my hundred books and my packed lunch with the inspirational words of my mother on the front saying 'Coolest Kid in School', I was so scared and I remember wishing that my mum had packed an extra pair of pants but then all of a sudden through the crowd I saw this smiling face, this smiling Tommy Face and I knew that everything was going to be okay, you swooped in all tall and full of confidence and got me and my packed lunch through that crowded Locker room and that story is a metaphor for every hardship that I have faced in my life with you Tom, Taylor I hope you realise how incredibly special this guy is, and just from that look in your eye I can tell that you do, SO thanks Tay for making him so damn happy!" he finished and it was though the group in front of him was torn, half of them going "Aww" and the other cheering, he stepped off the stage and straight into the arms of Tom and Taylor as Quinn and Haley made their way to the stage.

"I'm not going to say much, I'll leave that up to Haley but I am going to share with you a quote from our mother about love 'Love means giving chances when there's no other chance left to give' She also gave me some lovely advice and I think it is time I share it with married lady here 'men need to be hit over the head with things. Sometimes frying pans, mostly love. Don't be afraid to do it. We wish you two a life full of happiness." Quinn said as she taped Haley's arm and stepped backwards.

"For some reason I was picked to stand up out of the three sisters, maybe it was because I was an English teacher and they assume that I am good with words,

I don't have the heart to tell them that they are wrong" she says with a whisper "Oh wait I just did" she said with a laugh "Taylor James or should I say Taylor

James-Henry, My older sister, the gorgeous free spirit of the family, the one that makes you laugh, cry, scream, hallucinate and joyful all in the one sitting

And that only sometimes had anything to do with pot brownies she was feeding unknowingly to me, what I am trying to get at is life is hard, good things happen

But bad things do to, and when you are blessed with a sister like Taylor, you know that the bad things will all end up okay. Now I wasn't really allowed to

Mention mum and dad while we were in stress mode for the wedding just in case we all fell into a pile of tears and couldn't get up again but they can't be here

Tonight and I think that we should mention them, when we were growing up seven siblings seemed normal. Chaos was mandatory, privacy was a privilege. Fights were never scarce and laughter was always present

I guess that's what happens when you have parents as fantastic as our own who had this ability to raise kids that are crazy about each other on the good and

The bad days, parents who would sacrifice themselves, most definitely mentally when it came to raising us, they did all of that for us and I am sure tonight

They are looking down and are just so proud of what we have all become. I can't imagine having seven kids that just seems crazy from where we stand now, so

Tonight we welcome three new members to our well and truly extended Chaos, Tom, felicity and Mitchell, I'm 100% sure that you will fit in perfectly to our

Chaos, I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing. And Tom I know for a fact that our parents would have absolutely adored you and all that you offer." Taylor walked up onto the stage and wrapped herself around the two sisters that stood on the stage as the group clapped.


Lydia walked up to the bar and got some punch from Chase before going and standing next to her new cousin Mitchell.

"I don't think your sister likes me" Lydia said taking a sip of her drink as Mitchell looked at her with this smile on his face

"Don't take it too personally, she is just being protective of our mum" he said "I guess she always had this hope that mum and dad would get back together again, she loves your aunt Taylor but that doesn't mean she isn't a little upset"

"I get it" she said with a smile as she looked at him "So I hear you're heading to France for the rest of the year, bread sticks and frog legs"

"Can I call you cuz?" Mitch asked her in full seriousness as she laughed next to him

"Sure can cuz"

"Hey Cuz that guy over there is looking at you like you're the hottest thing on earth, and you do look hot but he has added a whole other look of desperation"

"That's Jude" she said looking back at the Baker boy "I'm not talking to him at the moment"

"Why not?"

"Cause he hasn't talked to me since her kissed me at a basketball game" she said sipping her drink as Mitch looked at her with a smile on his face

"Life is so complicated here in Tree Hill" he said with a laugh

Sawyer slid across from them behind the bar "Rudy Judy is looking at you like you killed his puppy and have a tight grip on his junk!"


"Go talk to him Lydi-Loo"

"Yeah go talk to him!" Mitch chimed in "He can't talk to you if you're not talking to him"

"Fine" she said before giving Sawyer her drink, walking over to Jude and dragging him out the back door.

"That boy is in trouble"

"Oh believe me you have no idea" Sawyer said a bit worried for her friend Jude but really worried about her best friend Lydia.


"Dude, I don't get it you kissed me! YOU I didn't ask you to do it, that's not what I wanted! For you to kiss me and then ignore me for the rest of my life, You aren't a good enough of a kiss to kiss a girl once and she will be satisfied with that for the rest of her life cause it was just so FANTASTIC! We are meant to be at least friends and we can't do that if you keep acting like a complete and total DOUCHE BAG! Tell me the truth; did you kiss me because I was wearing that STUPID cheerleader's outfit?" She said with tears in her eyes taking a deep breath, not looking at Jude at all. Before she knew it her head was placed in Jude's hands, cupping Lydia's face so that she was looking up at him.

"Lydia you're crazy, gorgeous, smart, funny and incredible….."


"But I don't know how to deal with you! With this, with my feelings towards you and while your cheerleading outfit was a blessing for all involved, including my eyes! It is not the reason why I'm falling in love with you" she looked up at that part "I just don't know how to deal with my feelings, I'm not exactly an expert at this" he stopped and looked her in the eyes

"What now?" she asked looking back into his

"I'm thinking about kissing you"

Lydia smiled "Then what?"

"I want you to be my girlfriend" he said before kissing her up against the wall at the top of the TRIC stairs.


Lydia walked back into the club five minutes after Jude went in, Sawyer gave her a wink across from the bar as Lydia smiled and walked across to her family, wrapping her arms around her older brother. Tom walked away from the bar up towards his wife who was standing talking away to one of the guest, he walked up beside her and scooped her up, carrying her bridal style onto the dance floor. Nathan walked up to his daughter Lydia and grabbed her hand

"May I have this dance?" he asked with a smile as she graciously took his hand and headed to the dance floor. They swayed, her shoes made it possible for the first time to rest her chin on his shoulder, he smiled.

"You been kissing boys Lydia?" Nathan joked as Lydia felt herself go bright red

The end!

The song played within the ceremony was by Michelle Featherstone and is called we are Man and Wife, it was played at Haley and Nathan's wedding too. I love it and I felt as though it fit with the story … hope you enjoyed it, send me some feedback!