Mark's POV

Hi I'm Mark, you probably know me as being the handsome one in world famous band Blink 182. It's true I am. I pride myself in my good looks. The world knows of mine and Tom's "special relationship" but nobody knows of how that started. Well, here I go….

Anne, my sister (you should all know her, she is important to this story) , brought Tom to my house one day. He stepped through the front door in what seemed like slow motion. He was so beautiful and I knew in an instant that I had to be with him. He was taller than me. Quite skinny, I like them skinny. His hair blew in the wind. I just stared in amazement at this beautiful statuesque figure standing in front of me. Of course, to me it was love at first sight. Tom's eyes, his nose, that hair! But I was almost four year older than him. It's was sort of creepy. I had to forget about my crush. We started jamming and formed a band, when Tom sang I had to hide the boner forming in my pants. Despite our lyrics being "crude" and the fact that Tom was screaming, it was still beautiful to listen to him. Sometimes I'd get so caught up in the sound of his singing that I stopped playing. When him and Scott noticed that I had stopped and was staring in Tom's direction, I would pretend to have an itch on my neck of something. I'm pretty sure they thought I had a disease of some sort!

Tom liked to skateboard. I didn't know how but I learned just for him. I wanted to impress him but every time I tried to do a trick, I would get lost in his dark brown eyes and fall flat on my ass. Tom would let out a sweet little giggle and reach out his hand to pull me up. I love that about him. He was so helpful. I just wanted to scream to the world, "I'm in love with Thomas DeLonge!" But the world would never understand. Tom would never understand. I kept my crush secret from then on but I always wondered what it would have been like if Tom and I got together when we were in High School.

I started arranging my classes so I could meet up with him whenever he was leaving class. I would sneak up behind him, though he knew I was coming and smack his little ass. We would joke around like that, feel each others asses and stuff. I always wanted to go further but I was afraid of what Tom would think of he knew. I felt half a man when Tom wasn't with me. I just wasn't complete. His lips always looked so soft and moist, I could have died happy if I could have kissed them once. I wished Tom felt the same way as me. At night, I fantisized about Tom, our hot sweaty bodies rubbing together and making sweet passionate love for the first time.

Our band was going great. Tom was writing some great songs. His beautiful voice always made my day. I wrote songs too. But I could never share them with Tom and Scott. All my songs were love songs about my secret crush on Tom. I wouldn't have been able to bare rejection from the only person I have ever truly loved. Most of the songs I have wrote and we recorded are secretly about Tom though, the chorus of Feeling This, "Fate fell short this time," is for every time I got a chnace to kiss Tom but fate stood in the way. I will always wonder did he write Always for me…. "Come on let me hold you, touch you, feel you, always"

We kinda had this special connection, we would look at each other and know the other was thinking the same thing. We would laugh at each other joke whether it was funny or not. We could almost feel each other's pain. When Tom cried, I cried with him. I know it's cheesy but it's true. Yep, Mark Hoppus and Tom DeLonge are a Disney Movie!