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The Nemesis was by far the biggest vessel Breakdown ever had the chance to ride in, and the fact that said vessel was Megatron's very own ship, it was overwhelming every time he thought about it. The hallways were long, often barren of Cybertranian life unless duty switches. It was a maze in which he often found himself lost in countless times, but he never let it to bother him. He was Breakdown, one of the biggest and dangerous 'Cons on the base.

Breakdown strolled down the umpteen corridor of that night, treading at a leisurely pace. He recently ended his shift in the medbay with Knock Out, and as much as he enjoyed spending time with the doctor, Breakdown wanted more than anything to return to his quarters and wind down. His joints in his servos were still stiff, and his back struts felt like they were being compressed to a point of being painful. He grimaced, silently cursing Bulkhead as he recalled their last tangle in battle.

Yes, a nice full energon cube and some recharge never looked so alluring.

Breakdown rounded another corridor, fantasizing about his comfortable recharging berth when he caught sight of something out of the corner of his functioning optic. A silvery metallic fibre hovered in the nonexistence breeze before floating back down again to rest at bottom of the corridor, right beside the wall on Breakdown's left side. Curious, Breakdown knelt and took the delicate filament into his hands. At first observation, he could tell it was intricately woven in different layers of metallic silk. The base layer of the thread, its "body structure" Breakdown guessed, were composed of six threads running along horizontally, all individually identical in length and evenly spread between the gaps. The top layer, which the base supported, were two tightly wound metallic strings that weaved between the layers of the base, each crossing in an 'x' junction. When his optics zoomed out again to look at it fully, he could tell that the top layer of thread came together to form a diamond like formation, with each corners of the junctions and the diamonds being held to the base layer by webbing so it wouldn't unravel.

It was very light in his hands, and as he tried prying on it, incredibly durable. He stood and cocked his head to the side, and saw that the threading had followed the base of the wall, and around the corner at the end of the hallway, away from the direction of his quarters.

What is she up to? Breakdown frowned, uneasiness spreading throughout his circuits. He was personally acquainted with Airachnid's webbing, disgusting and uncomfortable, in his opinion, but he had never seen it in a form so exquisite.

Utter inquisitiveness possessed his feet to move again, gathering and rolling the threading into a ball as he ate up the inches. The side of him that was not so secretly addicted to danger and adventure was simply giddy with the prospect of Airachnid summoning him in the way she was doing so right now, but the other side that treasured self preservation (often ignored) told him this was a very bad idea. His hands moved, rolling the thread neatly in on itself, and he found himself being lead down corridor after dark corridor.

He completely forgot his original plans for energon and recharge by then. This was far more interesting, and the best thing about it was he had no idea what was going to happen. Airachnid was by far one of the most wicked, twisted and dangerous 'Cons on base, but dangerous in such a way to Breakdown that it was refreshing to see. She was frightening, foreign in design, but all together fascinating. Her odd violet optics was a testimony to her exoticness, and she had this air about her that Breakdown wanted to explore more of and peel back the layers to see the twisted femme that lay within. Of course, he wouldn't admit it to anyone else but himself, not even Knock Out.

There has been that one day he told one of the Vehicons he was intrigued by Airachnid. He wasn't worried about it being spread throughout the Nemesis like some sort of scandalous new rumour. It was the truth really, and it actually felt sort of good to tell someone about his...opinion on her.

Breakdown's surroundings seemed to dissipate and dissolve as he followed the thread almost blindly, not paying attention to anything else. Anticipation hung over his shoulder like a spectre, whispering to him scenarios that might meet him upon coming to the end of the thread like rope. His spark pulsed and twisted in equal parts excitement and anxiousness, and once he regained his bearings he found himself almost galloping down the hallway as he followed the trail.

When he found himself before great chambers did he notice he was in a part of the Nemesis he had not discovered. The rope he clutched in hand was coming from inside the chamber, actually fed through a small crack in between the doors. Breakdown stayed put, but distantly he heard sounds coming in from the room...

It sounded like long pieces of metal clinking against each other. As Breakdown listened carefully, he detected that the sounds were following a sort of rhythm, as if it was being done with purpose. The taunt grip he had on the rope slackened unexpectedly then, and Breakdown tensed.

The rope was pulled twice from the other end and then fell away completely.

Breakdown shifted from foot to foot, and he felt he was at a crossroads. He could turn back right now, forget the stupid metallic rope, and head to his quarters and enjoy energon and recharge. Or he could go inside...and meet with her.

It was only Airachnid.

What could she do to him that she hasn't done already? They brawled, she trapped him with her web, they brawled again and ended with her being stuck to his back.

Then why was he feeling so anxious? Uncertain?

I am no coward Breakdown though. He narrowed his optic.

Throwing caution to the wind (like he often does) Breakdown gave the double doors a mighty shove. They swing open silently, and Breakdown stepped forward, meeting darkness.

A low chuckle emitted somewhere above him.

"Well hello, Muscles! What a pleasant surprise."

Dunn, dunnn, dunnn

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