CHAPTER . 1 Introductions and all that boring shit.

My name's Konan.
I'm just an average 17 year old student at Sakura-girls academy.
I live with my male friend Nagato in a small house.
I'm not rich. I'm ANYTHING but rich.
I just have absolutely NO idea how I ended up in a snobby private all-girls school anyway.
Whatever- You're probably bored to death already by my stupid introductions.

It was the first day of term and I already couldn't wait to go home.
Surprisingly, I made it to school half an hour early, AND I was the second of my friends to arrive.
The first being Sasori.
She's ALWAYS here super early.
She wore her shoulder length bright red hair down and she was actually wearing the summer uniform for year nine. This was red.
I smirked when I'd realised she hadn't grown an inch since I saw her last.
"Wow, you're actually early for once- should I call the school nurse?" Sasori asked me smugly.
"No, but you can give me a hug, shorty." I smirked back, suffocating her with my bear hug O'DOOM!
"Oh my Jashin! Sasori's being sexually harassed by someone OTHER than her boyfriend! Time for blackmail!" I heard the obnoxious call of Hidan from behind me.
I turned to her sheepishly, holding my arms out for a hug.
"Ugh, alright. ONE hug- but you better not touch my hair though. I spent three hours on it."
Hidan groaned, allowing me to hug her half to death.

Hidan was in year 10, meaning she wore the brown summer uniform. She had her fringe tied back in a ponytail and the rest of her silver hair was left out, reaching her waist.

Following her was none other than Kakuzu. The dependant, smartest and the tallest girl of the group. She's the oldest of us all, being in year 12. Meaning her uniform was green.

Trudging in tiredly next to her was Deidara.
She's pretty much our bitch because she's the youngest.
I actually think she has a crush on Sasori. Mainly because she gets all giggly and shy.

"Look! It's my Smartie and my Blondie! Group hug?" I suggested, holding my arms out again.
Kakuzu ignored me with a smug look, and Deidara cowered behind Sasori.
I rolled my eyes.
"Fine! It's not like I have FEELINGS or anything! All I wanted was a hug!" I faked sounding hurt.
Then I let a scream pass my lips as 50 kg's of cuddly Uchiha clung to me.
"KONAN-CHAAANN~ I MISSED YOU!" A voice sung, as the person latched on to me for dear life.
Meet Itachi.
She's in Hidan's year and she's one of the loudest, dumbest, funniest people you could ever meet.
She totally fangirls over Deidara, and she's EXTREMELY affectionate.

"DEIDARA-CHAAANNN!" She cried, launching herself at the blonde STILL cowering behind Sasori.

The only person left here is Kisame.
Itachi's cousin who was now holding Itachi back while Deidara looked for a more effective hiding spot.
Kisame is an extremely shy, and super sweet girl. She's always looking out for Itachi.
Also, she turns 17 this year- so she's in 11th grade. Like me.

"Who has sport first?" I asked, patting my skirt down.
"I have a free, so I'll just hang in your class." Kakuzu shrugged.
"Itachi and I do too, and is Kisame in your PE class?" Hidan asked me.
I shrugged and looked at Kisame questioningly.
Kisame blushed and nodded.

So the bell went sooner than I would have liked, and Itachi, Hidan, Kisame, Kakuzu and I were in the change rooms.
"Hey, Hidan- that's a nasty bruise." I commented, looking at the massive bruise on her leg.
Hidan burst into laughter for some odd reason.
"Yeah I got it at the dojo yesterday."
I glanced at Kakuzu.
"HEY! Watch where you walk!" Itachi shouted at the girl who shoved Kisame out of the way.
She turned around, and I recognised her as Neji Hyuuga. That snobby know it all.
"Maybe your friend should think about where she stands before she invades my personal space." Neji bit back.
"Come here, I'm gonna wipe that smirk off your goddamn face!" Itachi yelled perilously.
Neji opened her water bottle and splashed its contents at us.
"Bye, losers." She called, walking out.
"Bye, bitch." I muttered, turning back to Hidan who was in horror- patting her hair down furiously.
"NO! MY HAIR!" She sobbed.
"Drama queen." Kakuzu muttered as both her, Kisame AND me walked into the gym.
"That bruise. It's not from training, is it." I said flatly.
Kakuzu sighed.
"Yeah, the abuse is pretty bad at the moment. I offered to have her stay at the Dojo- but she keeps refusing. I'm starting to get a little worried." She admitted as we sat down.
"Listen up maggots! Our class today will be doing kendo revision! We'll test out how much you remember on the year 10 class." Anko-sensei called.
I groaned with the rest of the class.
"Well, Konan- You're name is first on the roll. I'm picking that brown haired chick who's glaring at you." Anko decided, pointing at Neji.

We both walked into the middle of the gym with our foam kendo sticks, as everyone cheered obnoxiously.
"Hey sweetie, can't wait to win." Neji cooed.
I balled my fists and moved before she could tap me with her Kendo stick.
"Well, you know where you stand a lot better than that stupid, kid with the ugly skin tone." Neji smirked, gesturing to Kisame.

I lost.
Apparently actually INJURING the opponent is against the rules.
I wish someone told me that BEFORE I punched this hoe in the face.
Pfft. Bitch please.

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