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I walked up the front steps calmly, the wooden floorboards creaking the moment I shifted my weight onto the porch. Kakuzu was right behind me, waiting for me to open the door impatiently. I turned to make sure everyone was still there.
Me, Kakuzu, Hidan, Sasori, Deidara, the Tsu twins, and-
"Itachi, what are you doing back there?!" I gaped at my cousin, who was standing her place on the front lawn.
"I… I'm not going." She huffed, folding her arms across her chest.
"What the hell are you talking about? You're going in with us, and that's that." I growled.
Itachi merely shook her head.
"No. I'm staying right here." She gave me a look of all seriousness, and I growled darkly.
"Fine. I didn't need you in the first goddamn place, midget!" I stomped my foot down violently, before turning and opening the door.
I entered the house, the other six hot on my tail.
We all stood in the centre of the dark room, not really knowing what to do next, when- the door shut and locked itself.
"Have you young ladies ever heard of the Meredith-curse?" spoke a dark, feminine voice from next to me. We all jumped, and backed off.
"I am the ghost that haunts this house, awaiting trespassers."
"What's a trespasser?" Deidara asked slowly.
"Someone who passes on territory that's not theirs." The voice informed her.
"Terr- Terray-toriee?" Deidara attempted to pronounce.
"LAND!" The woman snapped, before I felt her brush past me. Next thing I knew, both of the Tsu twins were screaming. There was a slam, and a bang.
"Wh-What are you doing?!" Kakuzu demanded. The woman laughed.
"Just making sure you get the curse."
"To them! What are you doing to THEM?!" Kakuzu corrected, her voice shrill.
"Just fixing a broken egg." She spoke.
"You're gonna EAT them?!" Deidara gasped.
"Jeez, how old are you kids? I mean, I'm going to turn them back into one person, you dunces!"


"You monster!"
"They're mine now. You can't do anything about it."
I could hear voices…
What… happened?
"Tsu?" Whispered a voice… almost inside of my head.
"I'm scared…" I responded slowly, my voice weary.
"Yeah. I can feel you shaking."
I shifted my vision towards my right. Black-Tsu was unusually close to me.
"Sis? What…?" I whispered, watching as Black-Tsu raised her hand and pointed towards our reflection in a mirror. I felt my throat parch…. Right before I screamed.


"You remind me of Sempai in a way!"
"Shut up Tobi."
"He's prettier than you though."
I twitched.
"Shut up, Tobi."
"And even he has a bigger chest than you."
I whirled around and went to kick his masked head, but he just moved to the side before I could connect.
"And your temper is far worse."
"AGHHHHHHHH!" I turned on my heel and stormed forward. He followed cheerfully.
"I swear to god, Tobi, you are SO annoying!"
"This coming from whom, now?"
I tried my best to ignore him, and kept walking.
"Hmmm… When are we having lunch?"
"When you shut your goddamn hole!"
"But then I won't be able to see! Besides, masks don't work like that!"
I paused and glared at him. Smug bastard acting like a smartass. Out of all the people, how'd I get stuck running an errand with Tobi?! I mean, it was pretty damn plain to see that he was Tobiko's male equal. Which means that he's probably insanely powerful, unlike myself. I'm gonna keep my eye on that little creep. He's a disaster waiting to happen.
"A dango shop!" Tobi called, pointing towards a tiny shop in the distance.
"Yeah, that means we're close to the medical centre." I said slowly.
"I'm hungry… Can't we just stop in for a little bite?!" I could tell he was pouting behind that mask.
"No way."
"I'm goddamn serious! Quit bugging me!" I snapped at him.
"But… Deidara-Sempai always-"
"Go away." I snapped, walking faster, to try and shake him off. After a good five minutes or so, I heard him shout behind me.
"We're under attack!" He sounded ridiculously gleeful. I blinked, and turned to where he was pointing. A group of about 20 armed shinobi were bolting toward us. I smirked.
"Fine, you creeps! Bring it!" I encouraged, making a dramatic reach toward my scythe. When I couldn't feel it there, I went pale. I'd forgotten it.
"Uhh…" I started, "Tobi, we're going to run away now."
"I told you, you should have taken it, Hidan-chan~" I could just PICTURE the triumphant grin on his face. It pissed me off. It pissed me off so much, I needed to punch some hoes.
"Shut the hell up!" I snapped, dodging as one of them swung a blade at me. I scowled at Tobi who had just used Kamui, so the attacks simply passed through him. That so wasn't fair.
I swung my leg around to nail one of them in the side of the head. Afterwards, I flung back my arm, elbowing a young blonde woman in the face. Tobi wasn't attacking at all. I grunted, trying to dance through the attacks.
"You slacker, Tobi! Move your ass and do something!" Do you know how hard it is to tell someone off while you're fighting like- 12 people at once? HARD. I swear, If I had my scythe, all of these bitches would be in pieces right now. INCLUDING TOBI. After a minute or so, of intense fighting, all of them were on the ground, writhing and groaning in the dirt. The masked dunce was NO help, so I ended up taking on all 20 by myself.
"I wonder. Why are they still alive?" Tobi spoke, tapping at one of the enemies with his foot. I blinked, watching the people murmur senseless things.
"Maybe you're too weak." He suggested, turning his head toward me. I scowled.
"It's like you pride yourself on being annoying." I muttered. Tobi flinched.
"Did you say something?" He asked.
I shook my head and turned.
"Come on. Let's get going."

So, we continued our amazing journey to the medical centre… We really didn't know how bad this situation would become.


Deidara was barely conscious, her eyes rolling back slightly. Sasuke had just placed her down in the clearing, against a tree. We were in the middle of a forest of some sort, Naruko could barely walk on her own, completely worn out and beaten up. Ino was panicking over Deidara, Deidara-M was talking to Sakura, who was nodding in agreement at whatever the hell he was saying. Kabuto stared at me for a moment, before moving to pull the senbon out of Deidara.
"Is she gonna be okay?" Ino asked him, worry passing over his features. Kabuto chuckled and examined the wounds, wiping away blood with Deidara's shirt.
"I'm going to ask you some questions. Either nod or shake your head." He told Deidara.
"It's snake venom." She slurred. Kabuto blinked.
"Are you sure?"
He sighed, and got to his feet, emptying Ino's backpack, and throwing it to me.
"You're coming with me back into the village to get some things." He decided, giving me a smirk.
I screwed up my face, and made some strange version of a pout. Kabuto rolled his eyes, and adjusted his glasses. With a groan of defeat, I flung the empty backpack over my shoulders and started moving.
Why the hell does this guy even care if Deidara lives or dies?

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