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Forged By Fire

Chapter IX: Shamed

The girls were dressed in matching gowns of deep violet. The dresses were Hero's design and as they walked together she took pride on how everyone stared. They were modest in cut and loose so that they were allowed freedom of movement. Of course she should have known that the goodness was bound not to last. The two girls were to spend the day with their friends. The plans had been made almost a month ago and the boys were waiting. Unfortunately so was there father.

He was drunk, as was his habit on this very day; the day his wife had died bearing his twin daughters. He stumbled into the room, his eyes sharp an angry on what should have been a happy day. "Going out?" he asked, not entirely coherent.

"Yes," Sif said calmly while Hero clenched her fists and remained silent. The one person Hero could consistently be known to be sharp with was their father. The man who had helped with their conception loathed them beyond anything else he had ever known for the death of his precious wife. Perhaps that was why the two girls had grown so wild. Unable to make him proud of them, they went the other direction and did everything to could to gain his disapproval.

"With those boys," he slurred and Sif flushed brighter red. Hero had a strange sense of dread, as if seeing a disaster and knowing she was going to be too far away and too late to stop it. "Opening your legs already like the little sluts you are?"

They both heard the sharp intake of breath in the next room from the boys. Sif's face turned pale. Normally so brave, Hero's brash twin was struck dumb, her face milk pale. Hero, normally the more mild mannered of the pair, was bright red, her eyes blazing with fury. "How dare you?" she snarled, stalking around the table. She didn't realize that her eyes glowed violet as she moved. All she knew was that their father was stumbling back, fear plain on his face. She felt in control for once in her life and it felt amazing.

The power was almost intoxicating. "How dare you judge us when you care nothing for us? How dare you call us horrid names on the day we were born? How dare you dishonor our mother by acting this disgraceful on the day of her death?"

"Don't speak of her!" Their father managed to get his courage up enough to bellow that. "You killed her! Both of you!"

"We did not," Sif said shakily.

"Listen to me," Hero snarled firmly. "How dare you blame us for something out of control? You will never speak to us that way again. Do you understand?" Their father glared shakily at her and Hero felt the power rolling in her gut, the anger rising up again. "I said," she hissed. "Do you understand?" Their father managed a quick nod, quivering from head to foot. Then he fled the room.

The power still coiled inside Hero's chest, twisting her stomach like milk gone sour. Bile rose in her throat and she gagged, eyes still brilliantly violet. She turned and fled the room. Thor and the Warriors Three darted out of the way, eyes terrified, but Loki brushed off the power and raced after her. Hero heard him calling out but she couldn't stop. She ran until she was gasping and pounding on Kelda's door.

The young woman said nothing as she opened the door and admitted Hero. She spoke not a word as she wrapped the trembling young woman in a blanket and settled her in a chair by the fire. Hero calmed slowly, drinking the tea Kelda gave her and watching the fire until she drifted off, the cup still cradled in her hands. Hero was now seventeen, but even as she slept she no longer felt like celebrating.