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(At Black Star's house)
"TSUBAKI!" Black Star screamed crashing through the roof of the house right above the living room. Tsubaki ran from the kitchen, dropping the pan she was drying, to the living room and coughed from the amount of dust that flew around the room.

"Black Star? What happened? Why did you-" Just then Black Star ran out of the dust and kissed Tsubaki cutting her off mid-sentence. Before Tsubaki could react Black Star pulled back.

"Sorry, but your great God missed you so much." Black Star, said cupping her cheek.

"You just went out to get milk. You act like you left Death City for a whole year" Soul said entering the living room looking at the roof.

"Whatever Soul, if you had a girlfriend you loved so much you would know how I feel when I don't see my Tsubaki for 10 minutes." Black Star yelled at him. Tsubaki's face turned a bright shade of pink and looked down, playing with her fingers. Black Star continued yelling, then somewhere along the way started saying that he would overpower God and become very strong.

Soul bent down to grab a piece of wood to throw at Black Star, when something shiny flew past his head and hit Black Star square in the face. Black Star fell back and a small pool of blood appeared.

"Black Star!" Tsubaki yelled, kneeling next to Black Star and caressing his head.

"Sorry Tsubaki. See he started to annoy me. Please forgive me." Kid suddenly appeared with Patty on one side and Crona holding Kid's hand. Tsubaki looked up at Kid and smiled, forgiving him.

"Ohh~ Look Kid! You threw sis a little too hard~!" Patty exclaimed leaning in to get a closer look. Soul stood up and chuckled under his breath "M-Maybe you shouldn't have thrown her to hard..." Crona mumbled.

"Oh honestly Crona, it isn't that bad. I actually enjoyed myself making Black Star bleed." Liz said transforming from gun form to human. Soul looked at Liz. He used to have a crush on her and thought about confessing but now he was silently thanking Shinigami-san he didn't. Soul then got a huge pain in his chest.

Soul looked over to Kid who by now was having panic attacks about the 'unsymmetrical' living room. Black Star started mumbling coming back into consciousness. Crona was mumbling something to Ragnarok. Soul started hyperventilating. Soul walked calmly to the door, but suddenly started running. Soul ran out and close his eyes.

~Soul's POV~

"I need to get out..." I thought. Suddenly, the woman invaded my thoughts. "Help my Maka... My baby..." I ran faster. "Please! My Maka..." the voice grew louder in my head. I stopped running and fell to my knees. "How am I supposed to find her? You never told me her last name, or how she looked like, or her age?" I screamed. I hit the ground with my fist and screamed more till my voice grew raw. I laid on the ground and looked around. I saw what looked like a cliff ahead and some water. I decided to ignore it but then I found myself looking again. I got up and walked toward the cliff. As I got closer I saw the ocean.

"Maybe.. Just maybe... There's something else outside of Death City..." I thought. I looked around and saw a small bit of green. As I leaned over a little more, careful not to fall I saw a what looked like a tree. I sat on the ground and started climbing down. Once I was sure I could land fine, I jumped off. I landed on my feet and looked around. I took in the beautiful scene before me and smelled the fresh air.

I turned to look at the tree and walked over to it. "Kid told me about a tree similar to this... But what was the name?" I reached the tree, pulled back the leaves, and walked toward the trunk. Compared to the hot sun outside, in the shade of the tree it was cool. I found a low branch and sat there. I looked at the leaves and sat back relaxing.

"I really need to find this Maka chick..." I couldn't really understand why I wanted to find her, but I know I needed to. I closed my eyes and slowly drifted into a small nap.

~Maka's POV~
I made my way to the cliff carrying a manga I just bought from the book store. My father called earlier asking if I was still joining the DWMA. I told him I still wasn't sure. I know that if I joined I would be a meister, but I didn't want a random stranger to be my weapon. I want someone cool and who is fun to be around. I reached the desert and smiled as I slowly reached my favorite place in the world.

Once at the cliff I threw the book down making sure it would land on the grass and not the water. I slowly climbed down, making sure I don't fall, and picked up the book once I reached the ground safely. I walked to the willow tree, beginning to read the book.

Without looking away from the book I pulled the leaves back and sat against the tree. The book was pretty interesting but for some reason I got really sleepy. I fought the urge to sleep for what felt like forever until I gave in.


Maka opened her eyes and saw herself surrounded in a red pool floating. She could breath and move but it seemed weird to her.

"I'm probably dreaming..." Maka thought. From the corner of her eye she spotted a bright white light. She tried swimming to it but didn't succeed. She gave up and let the slow current drag her to the light. As she got closer the light got brighter. She covered her eyes and waited. When nothing happened she slowly opened one eye. She found herself in a huge stage but it wasn't bright... It was dim. Maka looked around and saw that no one was watching.

She was alone in the theater. The dim lights faded and it was pitch black for a few seconds when a single spotlight illuminated a black piano in the middle of the stage. Maka took a few steps forward and stopped when a boy, which looked around her age appeared from behind the piano. Maka froze in her steps but she never took her eyes off the snow white haired boy.

Soul walked around the piano and looked at the keys. He took a breath and sat down. He had the feeling he wasn't alone but he ignored it. Soul reached out to stroke the keys and started playing. It was a song that expressed what Soul felt inside. He needed to get it out.

Maka watched as the boy with the snow white hair took a seat. As he stroked the keys, Maka slowly made her way off the stage and into a seat in the front row. The boy started playing a song that was powerful. Maka closed her eyes and felt... was it... pain? No it wasn't pain... He needed help. Help! But.. for what? Maka opened her eyes and watched the boy playing.

Soul played until his heart couldn't take it. His fingers gave out and the song ended abruptly. Soul hyperventilated a little and pounded the keys. He heard a small gasp and turned to look at the seats.

"Who's there?" Soul said.

Maka sank down into her seat afraid of what the boy with the white hair might do.

"I said 'who's there'!" Soul said a little louder. Maka jumped up and squealed, frighten by his voice. Soul could barely make out her figure in the dark but he saw her alright. "Come here." Soul said a little softer. Maka took two steps toward the stairs and breathed a couple time before she climbed them. Maka stopped at the top and looked down.

"I can't really see you. I won't hurt you, just come here." Soul said comforting. Maka took a few more steps forward, before she could step in the light, it turned off. The dim lights returned almost immediately and Soul looked at the girl.

Maka looked up at the boy with the white hair. His blood red eyes looking at her. He wore red jeans with a black and yellow track jacket. In his snow white hair he had a head band with the word 'SOUL" and a mouth surrounded with the word 'EAT'.

Soul looked at her blond hair. She tied them in two pigtails and her green eyes looked at his. She wore a faded red skirt with a black short-sleeved shirt and had small boots with white buckles. Soul felt something deep inside. Relief? Has he seen this girl before? No, he would've remembered her green eyes before. Soul took a breath before he spoke.

"Who are you?" Soul whispered. Maka opened her mouth but didn't say anything.

"Where are we?" Maka said looking at the ground. Soul looked at her and chuckled, revealing his shark teeth. Maka looked at them and leaned closer. Soul saw and froze. Maka took a step back and bowed.

"I'm sorry..." she whispered before standing straight. Soul looked around at the theater.

"In my soul." He said quietly. Maka nodded and something in her head clicked.

"How can we both be in your soul?" Maka asked, startling Soul. Soul stared at her and shook his head. The theater started to melt and Soul and Maka were separated by a strong force. Soul reached for Maka but he didn't reach her in time. Maka was floating in the red pool again and was being pulled into another white light. She covered her eyes and waited.

Maka opened her eyes to find she was back to reality. Behind the Willow the sky was dark. Maka got up and the memories started to flow in. A low thud was heard behind her and she turned around startled. Soul stood there looking at Maka. Relief showed in his eyes and he walked over to her.

"You're real?" Soul said touching a pigtail. Maka nodded, entranced by his red eyes. Soul smiled and Maka leaned in again to see his teeth. "You never answered me." Soul whispered.

"Hmm..?" Maka said pulling back. Confusion showing in her eyes. Soul chuckled again.

"What's your name?" Soul said looking at her hair. Maka didn't take her eyes off of Soul and whispered, "My name is Maka."

Soul froze... "M-Maka? Maka! MAKA!" Soul screamed in his head. "Maka? Did you say Maka?"

Maka took a step back. Soul looked at her. "Your mom told me to help you! I've been looking for you for the past year and a half!" Soul said grabbing Maka's shoulders. Maka shook her head and pushed Soul away.

"My mother died in a multi-car crash. She died instantly... How could she tell you that?" Maka said. _

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